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Yellowstone National Park Photo (4) / Old Faithful Great Splash

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Ultra Colorful
Yellowstone National Park
The USA / Visit & View Point

  Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 4


Yellow Circle

 icon-picture-o  So Much Beautiful Colorful Geysers

In Yellowstone National Park, there are so much colorful sight (geysers, sky, mountains, rocks, rivers & falls) and huge splash with a lot of steam. You even will delay to believe the things are happen on the Earth. This Article will tell you about Old Faithful that make huge splash and a lot of Colorful Geysers.

~ I and my friend Kosuke were so impressed by “Grand Prismatic Spring”. We were thinking to go through Yellowstone National Park from North to South for saving our limited time, but there was a fat chain saying “road-stop” because of road works on the way. The staff lady told me the road will be opened on next week. What we could do was only “going back to the way”, so we decided to go to other spot “Old Faithful” that we skipped to visit 30 minuets ago. Maybe it was the destiny to go there.

Huge Hot Geyser Splash / The Old Faithful Geyser


The Old Faithful Splash

 icon-clock-o At “The Old Faithful Geyser”, you will see huge powerful splash with a lot of steam & roaring noise. The geyser was use to be “faithful” = make huge splash in certain time (splash in about each 90 minutes) for a long time. However, these days the geyser’s clock was broken for some reason, we cannot expect when the splash will be happen. The good thing is people still can see the great splash, they just do not know when it will be happen.

~ Traveling is always unexpected, we came there with hungry stomachs eventually. We cooked & ate some food in the camp area (forest with still covered by snow). After that we came to the spot for watching splash.

 icon-map-marker GPS: 44.460369, -110.828128


Waiting For Splash

Many people had been waiting for the moment of splash. If you were lucky you will see it soon! but life is not so easy…

~ We felt that is coming soon, because so many people had been waiting for it (which means some time has been past already), so we planed to be one of them for the splash.


A Waiting Squirrel

~ Even a squirrel was waiting for it at just nearby the geyser… The geyser was making noise, and splashed little bit again and again. In each time of the little splash people tried to aim their good cameras and expected the great one. It did not come as we thought. When finally we saw the great splash, people made some noise by clap their hands and yelling “yayyy!”. I and Kosuke realized and shocked that we spent over 40 minuets for the splash under the strong sun light. We started to go for a walk trails of colorful geysers where are next by “Old Faithful Geyser”.

So Much Colorful Geysers / Upper Geyser Basin 


Big Spray 1

 icon-gittip Everyone is different, and everyone is beautiful.

You can access to the trails from “Old Faithful Geysers” by foot. Each of them are looked like some great artist created them. The color, shine, swaying of water,,, the every element is art. Some of them is big and make splash with steam aggressively, and the other is small but has remarkable blue with yellow edge. You can find your favorite geyser.

  GPS: 44.464258,-110.830699


Castle Geyser 1

This is the remarkable geyser called “Castle Geyser” on the trail. The castle like beautiful shape rocks has a geyser that make some splash and a lot of steam. 

~ We’ve met this geyser first on the trail. It is a cool geyser tho, we saw too many great big geysers before, and we were turned to be people who are not surprised much to geysers… We were like “hmm,,, ok, let’s go next..”


Castel Geyser 2


Bull Bison

There are many wild bisons too, and it seems they do not care about people and cars. Some of them is just next to trails and some of is walk in the parking lot like a king. If you find a bison on the way you walk, you have to go the other way to avoid the massive animal’s attack..!

~ I was too close to take a photo of one the bull big bisons that was just next to the trail where I was walking. Then the national park ranger guy scold me “Too close!! you are in danger!! Move!!” very seriously. Thank you for saving me life. Sometimes photographers forget about their dangerous situation when they focus on only cameras..!

IMGP3546Steamy River

~ Have you every seen a hot river that make steam constantly?


Blue One


Colorful Ear


Geyser Twins


Fire Bird


Arty Hot Spring


The Details

The details of inside of a yellow green geyser. As you see so much rich plants were covered the geyser, which means it has nutritious water for the plants. 

After Words / Yellowstone National Park

IMGP3568Big Spray 2

 icon-camera-retro It was a great colorful adventure!

~ I made 4 articles about Yellowstone National Park in total, which means there are really many great places & things to see & feel. The each spectacular sights were unforgettable, and it’s funny but I still cannot understand that the things are happen and exist on the Earth. It was the first time to say “spectacular..!” in my life (when a traveler who was heading to Yellowstone asked me how was Yellowstone).

I still sometimes remember the bisons family that are living at the spectacular place that has a lot of colorful geysers, hot great splash from the ground and huge “yellow stones”. I love to spend my time of remembering the moment. I believe the time of remembering the moment can make my life more rich little bit than before.

  Wild Colorful Adventure Series

Part 1 : Huge Colorful Paint Palette / Norris Geyser Basin

The biggest active volcano, Yellowstone National Park has super colorful, uniq & outstanding sight. The geysers are like huge water color paint palettes. It is hard to believe that is happened on the Earth.

Part 2 : Great View Point & Bisons Photography

The photo & information of the GREAT VIEW that is origin of name “Yellowstone” and big WILD BISONS. The YELLOW sight can make you speechless.

Part 3 : Grand Prismatic Spring

You will see the nature magic color world. Finally, we came to the place that Google always show us when we search “Yellowstone”. The amazing sight was ultra colorful king like!

~ I and Kosuke left Yellowstone, and headed to South for the next adventure..! 

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