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Yellowstone National Park Photo (1) / Huge Colorful Paint Palette “Norris Geyser Basin”

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Huge Paint Palette / Norris Geyser Basin
Yellowstone National Park

The USA / View & Visit Point

 icon-eye Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 1


 icon-picture-o The sight was hard to understand that is happened on the Earth.

There are steam, colorful geysers, and wild big animals in Yellowstone National Park. This park is the giant volcano itself and has the most amount of geysers around the world. If it has an eruption, most of lands in the USA will be gone, even the Earth will be difficult place to live as for all creatures. The spectacular powerful nature will show you the great sight that you have never seen before in your life. 

Park Entry Fee: $30 ~ 40 for a car

~ I’ve started the USA adventure with one of my best friends “Kosuke” who came from Japan for the travel with me. (I took a flight from Vancouver) We met up at Slat Lake City, and got a rental car & camping stuffs(a stove, dishes, a pan..etc). When we got the rental car we added almost all the many kinds of insurance in case, then the cost was increased again and again,,,“oh,, oh,” and the total was almost $1000 for 10 days + return the car at different place(Las Vegas). That was so much more expensive than we thought, for sure we were shocked. It always happened at rental car shops… We’re got the tired from long-flight, but we need to go now. I stepped on the accelerator for heading to “Yellowstone National Park”. I also felt that my curiosity was burning in inside.

Bison & Deers / Yellowstone National Park


 icon-camera The wild big animal bisons are often showed you up.

There are many wild animals living in this national park, Yellow Stone, such as bison, bear, dear, elk, moose, wolf, coyote, eagle, raven and so on…! Especially, bisons are showed up often, there are so many of them. It’s easy to find them, just be careful when there are many or some cars are stopped on the road. The people usually try to take photo of them.

 icon-exclamation-triangle Be careful! They are huge strong animal, don’t get too close to them.

~ We stayed at a cheap motel in Idaho Falls for the first night. Next day we’ve moved at a wooden classic motel “The Historic Madison Hotel Motel” in West Yellowstone as for a base place for exploring Yellowstone. We love the hotel so much, the atmosphere, looks, smell and free coffee are so good… When we started exploring in the park, we encountered the bisons and deers soon… Many cars were stopped, and people were taking photos of them. I simply felt the animals are beautiful.


There are big deers too, if you are careful to see inside the forest you will find the other wild animals that can make you be impressed. 

~ Suddenly 3 big deers are appeared from the forest, and were heading into bisons company with caring us. I thought they were friends.


Bisons & Deers 1


Bisons & Deers 2

~ It seems they were not friends, but they just do not care about themselves each other. Blue sky, green mountains, a mirror lake, and the big animals… I’ve never seen the combination before. The big uniq many animals’ sight made me remembered the film “Jurassic Park”. 


Bisons & Deers 3

Colorful Water Magic / Norris Geyser Basin


 icon-bullseye The mysterious nature art color.

What you will see is the super colorful ground(geyser) is making steam into the blue sky constantly. The speculator sight is absolutely shocking one for your life. There are many geysers, but this one Norris Geyser Basin is the biggest one. It costs a lot to see it (airplane, rental car, and accommodation stuff) but the sight will make you that you paid for the great value…

 icon-map-marker Yellowstone National Park, WY, 82190, America

~ After watching bisons, we were arrived at the first place to visit. The sight was very colorful mysteriously and spectacular. I and “Kosuke”  were just saying “wow…wow.. wow..”. Yes the sight made us poor vocabulary speakers. 

On The Way


Steamy Lake

On the way to “Norris Geyser Basin”, there are some geysers that big enough to see! They are making steam all the time, and the sight was very uniq one too.

~ We stopped the car, and hopped out to see the sight. We still did not know that we were going to see the much bigger great sight at the moment. 


Hot River

At The Point


There are good trails to see the colorful geysers. It’s easy to walk, but do not forget to bring your water. It can be long walk with the hot sunlight from sky and hot steam from the geysers.


Blue Circle

The reason why the water is very colorful is “bacteria and plants”. In the geysers, the temperature is very different on each spots, and then the kinds of bacteria and plants are different as the temperature too. Some of them are yellow, orange, green, red and so on. Those facts make the mysterious colorful sight.


Green & Orange

Nowadays, human’s chemistry is developed a lot, so we know the reason why there is steam, hot geysers, and colorful sight. However, long time ago the first nation people (Indian People) believed that Yellowstone is the spirit death zone, and were afraid of being there, so no body go there.


Blue Earth Mirror


Ocean Blue in The Forest


Hot Clay

~  Everything what I saw was never seen before in my life. I know the logic of being colorful & big sight with steam,,, but I still cannot believe & “understand” that is really happened on the Earth… I was thinking like that with heading to the next point “The Great View Point” when the sky was getting sunset.

 icon-rocket Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 2 Is Coming Soon..!