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Yellowstone National Park Photo (3) / Grand Prismatic Spring

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Ultra Colorful
Yellowstone National Park
The USA / Visit & View Point

  Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 3


Grand Prismatic Spring 1

 icon-camera-retro Amazing Colorful World / Yellowstone National Park

I will show you 1 of the most amazing (famous) points to visit in Yellowstone National Park. That is the super big ultra colorful geysers point. There are many kinds of colors geysers and some of them are making fountains & spray into the sky with steam even just right now. If you have a plan to come to Yellowstone National Park, you should visit this place indeed. I hope the photos will take you into the colorful world little bit.

~ Kosuke and I packed everything except some pickles, paprikas and butter in the fridge (we forgot to bring them!), and checked out the wooden hostel “The Historic Madison Hotel Motel” at West Yellowstone. I really really liked the free super sweet late at the hostel, so I got 2 cups of it, and headed into Yellowstone National Park for the last visit. We finally came to the point of Google always showed me this place’s photos when I searched about Yellowstone. It took some time to recognize the one, because it was much bigger than I imagined.

 Mystery Colorful Steamy Trails
Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail


Blue Hole

 icon-bullseye Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail

You are gong to see so much colorful sight from the trail. You will be in the mystery colorful world. Simply, just walk, and see around, take photos, and then you are going to have an epic time. You don’t have to talk much, just feel it..!

~ It just has a lot of colors in the same area like a magic world. We walked, were impressed of the sight, took some photos of it, and walked…(loop!)

 icon-map-marker GPS: 44.548461,-110.807188



Birds’ Tree House 1

~ We drove for about 1 hour from the town “West Yellowstone”, and passing some bisons just like the usual in the great nature, we were arrived at this place. The outside was so hot, it should be dry air tho, it was so humid by the steam. I’ve got my camera stuffs and water bottle. We started to walk on the trail. 


Birds’ Tree House 2

~ Just before the amazing colorful sight some birds with the pretty tree house were showed up us. Yes it is such a great famous sightseeing point, many people were there, and were trying to take photos of them by super expensive camera stuffs with tripods.


Birds’ Tree House 3

~ Especially there were many Chinese people who are absolutely rich! I envy their great expensive cameras stuffs. A few of them even had hanged down 3 great cameras from his necks. I was passing them with checking their photo works..! We re-started to forward to the colorful trail.


Ocean Blue In The White

~ On the trail, we found a steam place, but too much steam and cannot see it well. When some wind was blowing, the appearance was shown. It was beautiful ocean blue geyser.

IMGP3436A Part Of Blue Sky Was Fallen IMGP3468 White Painting Pallet With A Bit Of Blue


Brown Hairy Geyser

~ The other side was completely different color, also it has plants?(hair like) in the water. Hmm,,, it’s mystery.


Hot Grey Mud


Hot Chocolate


A Small Raven


Steam 1

Some of them make huge splash with a lot of steam into the sky. We don’t know when we can see the moment. If you are lucky you can see it, and it will be started suddenly unexpectedly.

 icon-exclamation-triangle Expect the unexpected. You might get the hot splash. It really doesn’t happen much, but just remember it for the unexpected.

IMGP3461Steam 2 IMGP3465Steam 3


Blue, Green & White

Ultra Colorful Nature
Grand Prismatic Spring


Huge Orange

 icon-camera Google often shows us the picture of this place “Grand Prismatic Spring” about how cool Yellowstone National Park is. There is a trail for the wonderful colorful sight as for free. You are going to be impressed by the mystery huge world in the steam. Don’t forget to bring your water! it’s so hot sunlight & steam everywhere. Also I recommend you to bring a raincoat in your backpack, the weather is really changed a lot, like it is so nice weather, then suddenly it rains, and next in 30 mins it hails, and it will be nice weather again in 30 mins.

 icon-map-marker GPS: 44.525410, -110.837913


Hot River

There is a bridge to approach the Grand Prismatic Spring. The river is hot with steam mysteriously which you will look down from the bridge.

~ We were excited even for this hot river. We still don’t realize how great colorful sight was waiting for us.


Steam From Yellow

~ We only could take photo when the wind was blowing and taking the steam away with them, and the moment was limited… But at the moment, we saw the amazing view.


Excelsior Geyser Crater


Way To Steam

~ We walked through steam on the trail to see geysers with a lot of steam. Hot sun light from the sky, hot steam from the ground, but we still needed to have a jacket because of chill air for some reason.


Strange Ground

~ it’s strange…


Turquoise Pool

~ it’s beautiful..!



~ it’s wired again… but it can be beautiful artistically. 


Grand Prismatic Spring 2

~ We finally came up here! the point! Grand Prismatic Spring was stood there a king like. We have been seeing many colorful geysers and sights tho, this geyser king was the best one..!  We could not find any good words, but just said “wow…” again and again like a broken radio. 


Grand Prismatic Spring 3


Bison’s Footprints On Grand Prismatic Spring

~ The footprints of a bison were looked very myth like. It’s so hot water. Only the wild animal could cross the water without a bridge.


Nature Magic

~ blue sky, green mountain with white snow, blue steam, green and yellow horizon, orange and brown geyser that reflect the things as a big mirror…
There is nowhere like this place on the Earth, only here is. There are so many places that only exist “there”. That’s why we travelers travel around and try to see them by their eyes.

 icon-rocket Wild Colorful Adventure Series

Part 1 : Huge Colorful Paint Palette / Norris Geyser Basin

Part 2 : Great View Point & Bisons Photography

Part 4 is coming soon..!

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