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Yellowstone National Park Photo (2) / Great View Point & Bisons Photography

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The Origin Of Name 
Yellowstone National Park
The USA / Visit & View Point

  Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 2


Yellowstone River

 icon-bullseye Spectacular Yellow View & Tons Of Bisons

There is a place of name of origin in Yellowstone National Park, and the sight is outstanding for sure. The sight is SO YELLOW! just as the name. In the park, You are going to meet a thousands of bisons somewhere. Around in May you can see the super cute babies too.

~ After seeing “Norris Geyser Basin”, me and my friend “Kosuke” headed to “Artist Point”. It was almost at 18:00, the sunset was coming. The sky was getting darker with colorful gradation.

The Origin Of Name Of “Yellowstone” / Artist Point View


The Sunset Is Coming

 icon-camera-retro This Place Is Origin For The Name Of “Yellowstone National Park”.

You will see the “yellow” sight by huge huge yellow rocks, the great river and waterfall. Because the surface of rocks are yellow, this place is called Yellowstone now. You just can go there by driving easily, no need to walk much. The great view have been charming to people for a long time.

~ The spectacular sight caught my breath, and made me speechless. It just so giant, so yellow as the name,,, 

  icon-map-marker Artist Point, Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190 The USA


Yellow Cave

~ For some reasons, the almost whole rocks are yellow. I don’t know the reason why by scientifically. I was asking to myself, why? why? why so yellow? for a while, but I’ve stopped asking it, and started just having fun the sight. 


Yellowstone Waterfall

~ I searched the reason why the rocks are yellow, and the answer was this: “Yellowstone is the biggest volcano. The rocks includes some irons. Because of hot water works (from geysers by volcano) the irons have been discoloration spending for a long time…” hmm interesting mystery world… haha


Red & Yellow

Some part of rocks are red, orange, and of course green by trees and plants, the sky is blue, if you access there the sunset would be having many colors too. The ground was still covered by white snow. It seems this park is even the ground is colorful, not only the geysers.


Raven’s Way

~ It was actually mistaking photo of raven. I set my camera up as HDR (taking a few photo in once and synthesis them for 1 good color picture), and didn’t realize for the setting, but it looks something interesting.

Photography Of Wild Bisons / Yellowstone National Park


Young Bison 1

On the way to somewhere in Yellowstone National Park, you are going to encounter wild bisons for sure. There are tons of them! The massive body, slowly movement, and sounds of breath will make you be impressed. 

~ Next day, in the morning, we have encountered a group of tons of bisons on the way to next visit point. I was super excited to watch them, take photo of them and to get close them…


Bisons On The Road

Bisons across on the roads like they do not care about cars and humans at all. When the group is big one, there are so many cars that cannot be moved. 

 icon-warning Be careful, do not close too much to them!

You cannot be close to them too much. They are big heavy heavy wild animal, and so many people have gotten bisons’ attacks and injured. Especially when they have babies, they will be easy to be upset. 


Bisons 1

For MALE: The length is about 3m / wight is between 800 ~ 1000kg

For FEMALE: The length is between 1.8 ~2.4m / wight is between about 500 kg.

Both have the hones, and as for male, the long one can be 60cm. They looks heavy and massive, but they can run about 62km/hour. The winter fur has great protection of coldness what can keep snow not being melt.


Bisons 2

In the day time, most of them are chilling under the sun. They were doing nothing, just taking nap, relaxing, and being together as a group. It seems “love & peace” world.


Baby Bison In The Sun 1

You can see many babies ob bisons when it is between May ~ September.
On May is still bit cold, you even need to wear your jacket, but it is the good season to see the babies without too many tourists. 


Baby Bison In The Sun 2

When they are born to the hair is red like. After 2 month and half the hair is getting be brown, and after another 2 month the hair is turned to be dark brown just the same as adults bisons. When they are born the wight has been already 15 ~ 25kg. They are turned to be adults in 3 years.

~ He was very cute and I want to pad him if I could… The body size has been already a big dog like.


Baby Bison In The Sun 3


Young Bison 2


Young Bison 3


Itchy Cow Bison

Many bugs are surrounded each bisons, and some of them have more. They scratch their bodies by foot just like dogs do. When they scratch it is chance to know that is female or male. This bison is female as you can see the boobs for her kid.


Itchy Bull Bison

I believe this is a young bull(male) bison. Bisons make a polygamy group by 20 ~ 30 bisons. Which means when this bison is grew up more, he needs to leave the group and make his own group by fighting other bulls and nature.

~ I wished his luck..!

IMGP3402Itchy Bull Bison

~ It costs so much (flight, rental car, gas, food, accommodation…etc) for coming this park for me and my friend “Kosuke”, but the great sight & animals made me felt like we were really right to come here..!  

 icon-picture-o Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 1 is here

 icon-rocket Wild Colorful Adventure / Part. 3 is coming soon..!

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