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Scary? Xochimilco, Mexico Boats Tour / 3 Steps Access For Island Of The Dolls

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Boats Tour In The Beautiful Water City
3 Steps Access For The Island Of The Dolls

  Mexican Adventure / Part.4



 icon-book About The Island Of Dolls & Beautiful Side Of Xochimilco! 

When you take public transportations for 30 minutes from central, you are going to have an opportunity to be on a boat for slow adventure of the beautiful historic interesting water city, Xochimilco. 

It is water city like Venice (more wildness), and people use boats to go around as a transportation. People live in houses which are beside the lands of river. You can take a boat tour, and it’ll be so good just seeing the lives going of people, animals, birds and more. Just relax, and take your time. 

However, Many people are afraid to go there actually because there is a really “weird spot”. It’s called “The Island Of The Dolls”. If you take a longer tour (4 hours), you are going to be the wired place. It’s all up to you…! You can avoid the wired place, and can enjoy for only beautiful side.

~ One day, I knew what there is a mystery interesting wired place in Mexico City. The place is called “Xochimilco”. Some people are afraid to go there actually, because there is a very weird island “The Island Of The Dolls”. I really wanted to visit the wired place since I knew it, and luckily I could have a group of 6 Japanese travelers to go there. 

The History & Access For Boats Tour Of The Island Of Dolls

thumb_IMG_5046_1024 copy

Used Be

 icon-bookmark History

Long time ago, before Spanish conquered Mexico there were many big lakes and rivers on the land. People used bridges and boats as transportations. However after Spanish conquered Mexico, Spanish filled stuffs into the water to make a ground, and built their Spanish style architectures, roads and cultures on it. Mexico City was a water city as you see the image above. Nowadays, Mexico City has been changed a lot! 

Xochimilco has not been effected much by Spanish for the land scape, (the native people were killed a lot tho) the city has still the similar land scape since long time ago. 

 icon-exclamation-circle The city is more poor and less developed than Mexico City, so be careful for your belongings. 

 icon-arrow-right Directions

  1. Take a subway to “TASQUENA Station”. (It’s the final stop)
  2. Then take a tram to “Xochimilco Station”.
  3. From Xochimilco Station, you can walk to the direction Pier Fernando Celada.” (There is a big gate and many colorful boats)

 icon-exclamation-triangle Be careful, on the road between Xochimilco station and Pier Fernando Celada there are some guys try to take tourists people to their illegally expensive boats. 

The right price is on the photo below. It says per hour 350(Mexican Peso). You can take the tour with your friends. As much as your company has persons, the price will be cheaper by sharing. You also might be able to negotiate with the guide.


Pier Fernando Celada
Reviews & Photos For The Beautiful River Boats Tour 


The Boats

If you take 2 hours or 3 hours tour, you are going to see only beautiful nature part with local people’s lives going. On the water, you sometimes can buy beer, food, and even music live from other boats. Take your time, and be chill!

If you take 4 hours tour, you are going to the wired place “The Island Of The Dolls” too. If you are ok for scary things, you can go. It will be a cool experience.

~ We were lost little bit on the way tho, made to come “Pier Fernando Celada” for the boat tour. Someone who can speak Spanish bit tried to talked with a guid man for the prices. Maybe it was a good enough deal (I wasn’t sure), we chose for 4 hours tour to see “The Island Of The Dolls” of course. 



We jumped on the 5 or 6 boats to get his boat..! haha  On the land a dog was looking us like wanted to get a tour with us too.


Mirror River

The tour has begun slowly, I was excited to see the all things.


People On A Boat

Our boat has started to move forward slowly. The water was waving slowly too.

In front of us, the local people used bigger boats to across from the left side to right side. They are living in this place…

IMGP4995The Living

~ People made fire and were eating lunch with chatting, when they noticed our boat they waved their hands to us with smiling. I remembered the attraction “Jungle Cruze” at Disney Land. 


The Boat


Dog Boat 1



Dog Boat 2

AH! many dogs..!! why?


Dog Boat 3

As going ahead we’ve met many people, animals, birds and plants what made me smile. Dogs are always cute. 



Everything and everyone was beautiful with green and water.


Red Mask






Swimming Snake

Even there was a snake..!


Water Ave


Purple Bird

Then it’s started to rain step by step… 

The sight was changed to another beautiful way.


White Bird

Thankfully we had roof for our boat, so we could just have fun with raining sight and sounds.


Raining River

Little by little, the rain was harder and harder. 




Strong Rain


After Rain

And then suddenly it has stopped…

We’ve restarted to hear was just sounds of sailing.

IMGP5008Happy Plants

The all plants were seemed happy for the rain.


Paper Tree

This interesting shape plants are material for paper! (someone told me so)

The Island Of The Doll
A lot Of Wired Mysterious Dolls in Xochimilco



In the Next Page there are many photos of the island of the dolls.

If you are OK for the photos go ahead!

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