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WWOOF in Canada / How To Travel Cheaply Around The World?

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WWOOF Canada / Farm Stay Experience


Hello everyone and world! 😀

I moved to Gabriola Island from Vancouver about 2 weeks ago, so now I’ve been here for 2 weeks. And I am doing farm stay at A FARM in Gabriola Island, BC, Canada. Why am I doing that? Because, this is one of good ideas to travel around the world cheaply, also people can get something MORE!!

 What is WWOOF? Good For Traveler?


Since I came here, I am doing WWOOF. I will explain what WWOOF is…

  • WWOOF is a “great win-win system” for people who travel around the world, and farmers around the world.
  • Many countries have WWOOF.
  • People who use this system called WWOOFER. (So I am a WOOFER now!)
  • The system WWOOF let people travel around the world easily.

The video is good one to know what WWOOF is!

The Cost For Membership

Register fee will be cost $60 (Canadian) for one perosn for 1 year.

The Benefits Exchange Between WWOOFERS & Farmers

 icon-user For a WWOOFER (me)

WWOOFER help the farmers’ works as volunteer for like 5 hours in a day for 6 days in a week. (from Tuesday – Sunday) Instead of that,,,

HE or SHE gets…

  • Free An Accommodation
  • Fresh Foods
  • Great Experiences
  • And something more!

   icon-leaf For a Farmer

they can have

  • Cheap Workers
  • Other Countries & Culture People.

So, the relationship between a WWOOFER & a Farmer is win-win.

They exchange their benefits.

Many WWOOFERs (travelers) go travel around using the system “WWOOF”!

Because this system, let WWOOFER can stay at people’s houses, they can understand deeper about;

  • The Culture
  • The Life Style
  • The Language

★ Also it will be a great opportunity to meet new people who will gather around the world.

Who Is Suit WWOOF System? 


It will great for people who want to,,,

★ Stay at some place in overseas cheaply

★ Understand other culture, lifestyle, & language

★ Meet new people

★ Learn about organic farming

★ Be in nature

★ Have special experiences & memories

And more!

Official Website Of “WWOOF Canada”

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