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Blog For Working Holiday Visa In Canada

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Vancouver Canada Jun.2016

I came to Vancouver, Canada as working holiday visa 2 weeks ago!

Finally, I am not jet lag and used to the new environment now! ✈︎ So, I will write the reason why working holiday, why I came here, and what I prepared for this journey.

What Is “Working Holiday Visa?”

Working Holiday =

“A working holiday visa is a residence permit allowing travellers to undertake employment (and sometimes study) in the country issuing the visa to supplement their travel funds.


Vancouver Canada Jun.2016
When you have working holiday visa you can stay at the country for at least 1 year.
If you need & want to work, you can work there. If you need & want to go to school to study the language, you can go to school. (limited term/depends on the countries)
So Working Holiday visa can make you be able to stay in other country for a long term, also it will be cheaper than just going to travel and study abroad, because you can work there(it will be good experiences), and no need to pay for school or so! I recommend to have “Working Holiday visa” to people who want to be in other country for a long term.

Why Did I Decide To Go To Canada?

There are a few reasons why I choose Canada…
 Sydney Australia Jun.2011
1. Canada Has Working Holiday System.
There are some countries that have working holiday system, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, The UK, Germany, France, Korea, Japan and etc…


 Sydney Australia Jun.2011

2. English Speaking Country That I’ve Never Been. 

I wanted to improved my English skills. Canadian English is very good to learn if you want to learn English, because it is very clear sounds. I did not want to be in countries that I’ve been ever before, because I wanted to be in new environment and see different world. I had been in Australia and The UK before. Just Canada was completely new country for me.

 Vancouver Canada Jun.2016
3. Canada is Good For Living.
There is beautiful nature and city together! If you are in Vancouver, you can buy anything and eat any food in downtown, if you want to be in nature(ocean, beaches, mountains) you can go there like 10 mins by cars. Because Canada has many people, people try to speak us who are not English speakers kindly, patiently, and gently. They are friendly and kind.

 Armidale Australia Aug.2011

4. I Followed My Heart & Inspiration.

I guess it is the most important reason to go there. To follow your heart and inspirations are the most strongest power, and could be the best way.

So, what do you think of Working Holiday ?
If you want to go to working holiday, first decide the country, and make a reason why you want to go there list!
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