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Artistic City Winnipeg Sightseeing – Short Trip & Art Photos

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Artistic City Winnipeg


I’m arrived in this city, Winnipeg in the night around 8pm by a rental car from Duluth, The USA. I was driving for 2 days and 10 hours in a day, so tired, needed to have a rest as soon as possible. But I needed to take a bus for 1 hour & 30 mins to the place where I would stay in. As always I do in my travel, I asked the bus driver to make sure that the bus can take me the place or not. Just a few passengers, me and my backpacks were did shake by bus’s moving & stopping.

This time I did couch-surfing too, and the host, Eugene was so great! made me very warmer from cold dark lonely driving. Thanx, Eugene!

I took a rest and slept as much as I wanted to,, and from next evening, I started to explore the artistic city by myself. Ahh, how important to have good sleeping for having good time, good life…!

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  Art Galleries 


When I went to downtown by bus, the air was bit chilly, but the sunlight was strong enough to made me feel warm. But I still wanted to be warmer, so I went to a Korean restaurant, and ate spicy kimchi soup! Good food as boost.

After put the hot energy into my stomach, I found many art stuffs and art galleries for free to enter everywhere. I felt the whole city is very artistic, and I like it! Art can make

people’s heart move a lot.



Wall arts are skillful..







Art galleries


I’ve heard there are many talented artists are living in this city, and live by the arts work. It is very difficult to do in big cities, such a NY or Toronto because of the so much expensive rent. But in Winnipeg, the rent is not so high as the big cities, so artists can live there by only arts works. In the winter so cold, like -40 degree, so people spend the time in own houses and make arts, and have activities or sell them in the summer time.

The sounds like my dream place..!

Living by arts works. wow! I got some idea like “Should I start to live here?” but I still do not know much,,, I just keep walking around with my curiosity eyes that want to see things as much as possible.

Some good art made me stop to see it and being into the uniq world for a while.







I loved the art.

Good art made me into the own world, and I like to be in the world.



It is funny and interesting that after watching many arts stuffs in art galleries, everything can be art like. Just every sights! Feel like wonderful world. 😀

Yay, art!

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