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The 2 Places, you have to Visit in Victoria, BC / Short Trip

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Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC
2 Absolutely Good Places To Visit!

 icon-anchor Last Trip In Vancouver Island / Part. 1


 icon-camera Those places, sight and food are unforgettable…

I stayed in Victoria for only one night tho, I felt so good and satisfied for visiting this city. It’s an absolutely peaceful and gorgeous place. You can visit Victoria from Vancouver by a Ferry (for 3hours) or Airplane (for 40mins).

~ I’ve been in Vancouver, Canada for almost a half year, but I left there and I’m actually on new travel right now. Before leaving Vancouver my best friend “Yu” visited me, and we took a short last trip to Vancouver island to taste the last Canadian precious moment.

Night View Point / Inner Harbor


 icon-asterisk Dreamy Fancy Night Sight

“Inner Harbor” is the center of Victoria. It’s a remarkable place and the night sight is unforgettable. It was bit chilly air, but the sight made me stayed there longer than I expected.

~  We headed to Victoria from Vancouver by public buses & a ferry on 1PM, and are arrived there around 5PM. When we are arrived at Victoria the sky was getting darker, and luckily the nice night view welcomed us.


Ocean with classic city lights are always great combination. The deep blue & yellow lights remember me Van Gogh’s works. It was nice to walk around there. I also felt like I was in Disney World because of the dreamy sight.


The Friend

British Columbia Legislature is a “king” like.

It’s in the Inner Harbor area, and you can find it soon. You always can go to close the building. In the day time, you also can go in inside with a free tour. The good this is No need for booking for the inside tour!


Daytime Tour Info:

Old city make people feel like in old British... This city is very historical, if you like history stuff, you will love it.

Meeting Wild Seals / Fisherman’s Wharf


 icon-anchor There are always wild SEALS! at Fisherman’s Wharf.

People can be really close to them and feed them. (need to buy law fish a nearby shop). They gaze people up from the ocean to get some food with cute black big their eyes. It should be rare & good experience to be close to wild seals. You can go there by bus for 15 mins form downtown, also can walk there for 30 ~ 40 mins.

~ Next day, we headed to Fisherman’s Wharf by a public bus in the morning. For some reason, the bus has stopped at strange spot, so we just walked in the warm shine sunlight with bag packs. In the travels, there are always unexpected happens. 


Actually they are big animals and “wild”, so be careful just in case.


Super Cute..!


Be careful for your camera!

Just one of them do drumming and make splash aggressively with some noise to get food more by people. You might get wet if you close to him.



At the moment, there were 5 seals..! It depends on the days and times how many seals there. I wish your luck.

~ They are strange animals, living in the ocean, asking to people for feeding them and bald head. For seals human is such a strange animal too. Human overlook them, supply “food” to them, laughing, chatting, and taking photos from shore. I guess there is a good relationship between them, because both of them are happy so far.

 icon-map-marker 2326 Alberni Hwy, Coombs, BC V0R 1M0 Canada


Little Many Residents in Green & Blue

If you try to see the ocean more carefully, you will find so many small fish.


Great Taste Burgers! at Barb’s Fish & Chips / Fisherman’s Wharf


 icon-cutlery “Barb’s Fish & Chips”

At Fisherman’s Wharf (just nearby the wild seals spot) there is a great burger shop that is called “Barb’s Fish & Chips”. I have a great recommendation to eat The Oyster Burger.($9.95) So fresh, So big, and So rich taste. When it’s sunny, eating a good food at ocean side is always nice.

Have a great trip for Victoria!

~ We left Victoria, and headed to Gabriola island to visit my great friends “Kumiko & Sean” by greyhound bus at around 3pm. It took 2 hours or so, then we took another ferry again to get on the small but beautiful island, “Gabriola island”. The sunset was coming soon at the moment. I was excited to see the great friends, and “Yu” was excited to explorer the island…

 icon-location-arrow Last Trip in Vacnvouer Island part 2 is coming up soon..!