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Vietnamese Tasty Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver BC – Au Petit Cafe

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Downtown Vancouver BC
Vietnamese Tasty Restaurant
Au Petit Cafe

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In Vancouver, there are many cultures are mixed together, so there are also many kinds of food from around the world. Like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Turkey,,,etc. Any of the foods are highly tasty, because of many competitors. So it would be nice time if you go to any restaurants in Vancouver.
BUT I have a big recommendation one restaurant to go and eat!
The name of restaurant is “Au Petit Cafe”.
If you are not interested in Vietnamese food, the food will your one the favorite foods.

Vietnamese Tasty Restaurant Au Petit Cafe

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It is on the Main Street, so easy to find.
The restaurant is looks small, and just an ordinary restaurant, but it is usually busy, and there is a line of people who wait for eating. (It means must be good one!)
If you go inside, you feel like you are in Asia country.
And Hot Nice Smell Tea will welcome you. (as free!)

Recommendation Food Order For The Restaurant

The cost is reasonable, but the taste is great.
The Great Recommendation food to know this restaurant’s quality is,,,

★ French Bread Sub With Home Made Hum, House Meat Ball, Vegetable & Hot Peppers

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・ Firstly, The Bread is so goooood.
Only the bread is already good. Crispy outside, and soft and sticky in inside.
・ Secondly, the taste of Meat Ball is great.
Feel like I want to bring the 100 meat balls to my home.
・ And, the vegetables have a perfect accent.
The vegetable has sweet and sour taste, and they make the perfect balance of the taste.
The cost is just $5.65
So why not try to eat it! Have fun for your meal.

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Access Map / How To Get Be The Restaurant “Au Petit Cafe“? in Vancouver

※Click the pin on the map / 2. Click “Directions to”
Then google map will tell you how you can go there.

If you go to the offical website, you can see the menu too!
The Official Website:
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