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Vancouver, BC – Night Rainy Photography in Downtown & Stanley Park

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Night Owl Photography! in Vancouver Part.3

  Taste The Moment In The Darkness


ALWAYS IT RAINS, RAINS & RAINS!! in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In this article, you will see some fancy photos of rain night photography in Vancouver Downtown and Stanley Park.

~ Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. ~

by Bob Marley

Which kind of person you are? Most of the people do not like to go outside when it rains tho, as for the photography will be very interesting one because of the reflection on the all streets. It’s hard to take photos but so much fun. I feel the the rain..!

Vancouver Downtown – Fancy Streets Lights Out


 icon-star Granville Street

There are Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Sex shops and so on… On Friday night, many cars and young people are crossing on the fancy lights roads. They are just hurried to the place where they want to go with laughing, chatting and yelling. I was just watching the sights to taste the moment for a while.


Even I was tired, I often came to this road just to see it after work in downtown over mid-night, and drunk a cup of chai late.


The lights are always good in the rain night anywhere…


Robson Street

Portrait People In Downtown


Young People in Downtown

Those young guys were probably drunk, very happy and high when they came to talk to me. They asked me to be took some photo by me, so I just took them. Then they are looked satisfied and suddenly disappeared. I don’t know who they are but if you are one the guys, this photo is for you! looks good, right? haha


Guitarist In The Rain Night

The guitarist played acoustic guitar very randomly in the rain! Just made some good noise with his emotion. At the moment, I had long hair & no beard, then he said “I’m happy to be taken photo by a beautiful girl”.

Well,,, if he is happy that’s good.


Keep it up!

 icon-map-marker MAP

Stanley Park – City & Ocean Night Photography


When it is darker, the sight what we can see from Stanley Park is epic one! You can see the city lights with ocean (= a big mirror) with many boats. 

 icon-asterisk It is definitely great to see them, but please be careful and don’t be there alone in the night. I even recommend you to be there by a car, because there are often criminal happen such as rape.



The sight made me taking a deep breath slowly.


I tried to use a “fish eye lens”.


Blue effect made the sight modern city like.


Look at the surface of the water. For some reason, some of the water are so shiny, but the others are matt style. Nature mystery.


A Traveler

When it gets a person in the photo, the impression is turned to be very different, because the main character is going be the person for the photo. We see the person first.


After Words / Leaving Vancouver & Start New Travel


I had been in Vancouver for 4 months, and I am going to leave this city, Vancouver so soon, and will have new travel to America, Mexico and Cuba, so keep check my photo blog “WHATiC.SPACE”! Another adventure is waiting for me, my new life’s waiting for begin…

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 icon-eye The most of the days were rainy or snowy. I had been often frustrated to not be able to go to outside easily, but I realized there are always beautiful sight only when it rains. Since I tried to capture the sight, rain days were turned to be fun days for me. Maybe the things what we think “shit” can be positive one if we see or think in different way…

 icon-flash Honestly I hated Vancouver badly when I first came into the city tho, now I love this city and very comfortable to be living here. I feel the main reason was I could meet many great ppl who I have huge respect. I really didn’t expect what I am freaking emotional for leaving here… The biggest treasure of traveling is not sights, foods, or photos but probably is “meeting people ”. I am really glad to meet you guys, thank you so much. I’ll see you one day.


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