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Vancouver, BC – Night View River Walk Photography (Science World)

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Night Owl Photography! in Vancouver Part.2

  Fancy Night Lights On The Water


 icon-heart-o Night Light + Water

Water city, Vancouver has big water mirrors anywhere. Water & night city lights always make great sights..

It was not easy to stop taking photos of the fantastic sights, I was like “ok this is the last time,,, hmm no one more,,, ok just one more again,,,” without getting dinner. haha

Now let’s browse the shots!

False Creek Night View Walk


 icon-rocket The Other Planet Like

“False Creek” that laid on center of the city is the epic one to view in the night.

The fancy a lot of light were waving in the water.

So good enough just by walking at the river side..

One of the great things to live in Vancouver is there is always something cool in the night too, especially for me the “fancy sight”.


Some SF movie like..!


Quiet,, and chill..


There will never be dark night with those bright colorful gorgeous lights.




It should be great for dating and romantic stuffs.


The reason why the clouds are bright is there is a ski resort on over the mountain!

Science World at Telus World Of Science


The remarkable big light ball is “Science World at Telus World Science”.

The fancy lights are waving in the water.



Great object for photography. 🙂


There are often many pools after raining.

And it rains often in this city..!


Just behind the “ball”,

there is a “Main Street”, sky train station, people, and cars with city noise.


The wet road can make anywhere be great place for photography.


The coolest bike ever. haha

BC Place Stadium


It’s famous as an ice hockey stadium.

Uniq architecture and color of lights.


Both Science World and BC Place Stadium

IMGP2528 IMGP2526


They are neighbor each other across the creek!



 icon-moon-o After Work

I headed back to home lately. (it was after midnight)

I ate just a cup of instant noodle, it made me warm and the taste was something special after being in cold night outside air…

When I closed my eyes, I still could see the fancy sight in my mind until falling asleep.



Night Owl Photography! in Vancouver Part.1

Night Rainy city photography in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. The brick wet street made fancy magic world like by the reflection of street lights. The faces that have...ツ

If you like the photos, check it out too!

Thank you for being my photo world.

Have a good night. 🙂

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  1. 名前:Hana 投稿日:2017/07/05(Wed) 12:58:46 ID:1741a2644 Reply

    again, so many beautiful night views and good pictures! You are a good observer and have the eye of an artist. So much feelings you captured with just a picture of a dead leaf ! ^^
    why did you find that bike the coolest ever?! – just curious 😀