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Elk Falls Provincial Park in Vancouver Island / Peaceful Trail & Great Falls

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Exploring in The Forest
Elk Falls Park

Vancouver Island, BC

 icon-anchor Last Trip in Vancouver Island / Part 3

Elk Falls Park is a nice trail that is friendly for hiking beginners. It’s a great to walk as for having refresh. The powerful water make you feel alive when you get close to it. You can access Elk Falls by driving for 1 hour and 40 mins from Nanaimo.

~ My great friends “Kumiko & Sean” who live in part of Vancouver island took me and my best friend “Yu” to the falls when we’ve stayed at their place. The epic sight made us excited to explorer together in the forest. 

Mysterious Old Market / Goats On Roof


 icon-eye Goats On Roof

There is a sightseeing point on the way to go to Elk Falls. It is an old style market and is called “Goats On Roof”. Yes if you are lucky you will see some goats on the roof of shops. The most of products are local one, it should be good for getting souvenir.

~ At the moment, we could not see the goats on the roof, but we’ve met them at a park nearby the shops. We got cups of organic coffee and fresh bakeries, and felt o good in the fresh air.

 icon-map-marker 2326 Alberni Hwy, Coombs, BC V0R 1M0 Canada

 Nice Trail & Powerful Water Falls / Elk Falls


 icon-camera-retro This is Elk Falls! it’s a quiet powerful fall. 

It’s opened from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. There is also a camp ground, so if you have some time and camping goods, it would be nice to stay in the nature. There is the great nature with strong water sounds. You can access Elk Falls by driving for 1 hour and 40 mins from Nanaimo. If you are lucky you might meet wild elks.

~ Finally we were arrived at Elk Falls Park, and started exploring in the forest. We walked for about 500m? to get be at the falls. We stared the falls for a while in the chilly moisture under the warm sunlight.


Next by the falls, there is the suspension bridge for free to walk of course.


 icon-map-marker Elk Falls Provincial Park, Millennium Trail, Campbell River, BC, Canada

Forest & River Photography / Elk Falls


A Moss Planet

Here is for the nature snap photos of the forest in Elk Falls Park. Those photos will tell you how peaceful, quiet and beautiful place, but also strong nature power. What I’ve heard was just birds singing and powerful water from bit far away.


One Day In A Forest


A Stream


Moss Curtains

For some reasons, there are moss curtains like on many branches of trees in this forest. They are very soft touches like real wool.


Green Antennas


Water Mirror World


Before Being Falls

 icon-exclamation-triangle Be Careful For Slippy Rocks!

You can reach to the strong stream, also can overlook the falls. The view and sounds are outstanding, but very very be careful! There is no fences to keep you safe. Also if the rocks are wet, the rocks would be super slippy. If you fall down to the water or falls, you are gonna be in super dangerous for sure.


A Travler & Stream

If you have a chance to go the park, you are going to have a good time, but be careful!

~ We had enjoyed for the so much nature exploring together. I really appreciate “Kumiko & Sean” for the great experience, time and letting us staying at their lovely place. I felt so lucky to meet them, and being their friend in my life. The world is unbelievably huge, but I’ve met them in my past travel (almost 1 year ago), and met each other again this time, still great friends… I left their place, and am on my new travel in Central America now. I am wondering to meet great people again like “Kumiko & Sean” some day somewhere in this travel too.

 icon-angle-double-right Last Trip in Vancouver Island / Part 1

The 2 places make your trip to Victoria epic. Great sight, wild seals and sooo good tasty burgers at the ocean side.

 icon-angle-double-right Last Trip in Vancouver Island / Part 2

Short trip in Gabriola Island. There are 2 places great to visit. 1st is the great ocean view point for sunset & 2nd is Artistic uniq curb rocks view point.

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