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Things To Do At Gastown in Vancouver / Cool Art Galleries Shops

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Things To Do
At Gastown in Vancouver
Cool Art Galleries Shops

 icon-camera The place of origin for Vancouver, Canada.
There are pretty streets like Europe, many different kind of things are put together, such as cool fashionable shops, restaurants, bars, night clubs, film schools, expensive great houses. Also just nearby there is a China town AND kind a slum streets too.

 Things To Do / Self Walking Tour At Gastown

 icon-camera-retro Gassy Statue

He is a very important person for Vancouver, because NO him, NO Vancouver. He is the first person who lived the place. He was a British marine, and he started his bar at this place. And after he started to live there, the other people has started to live there. The bar was a place for people who take a break. “Gassy“(noisy) is His nickname, that’s why this town is called “Gas” “town”. 

 icon-clock-o The Steam Clock
A clock that works by steam power is only one around the world. This is kind of a symbol for Gastown. It makes steam from the top, and make sounds of steam in every 15 mins. Pretty clock. Usually many people try to take photo of that.

 icon-envelope-o First Nation Gallery Shop
The name of shop is “Hill’s Native Art Gallery Vancouver”

It is nice if you just to see them. If you are lucky, you can see how to make totem poles on 3rd floor. Also you can buy the arts if you want.

The shop owner.
The Offical Website;

 icon-exclamation-triangle Slum Streets / Hasting Street
There are many homeless people. They are usually sitting or sleeping on streets, chatting, selling something (stolen?) and smoking “something”.
Many of them ask people to get money. If you go there, you need to be careful to be stolen or something like that happen…
But the sights, atmosphere and smells are really “different” from my experiences, so actually honestly I felt simply good to walk there. like “oh, it’s a different world..”
I recommend you not look at the people eyes, otherwise, they will ask you money more times.

Nice art, I like it!

 You need to be careful to leave your bike here!
About More The Homeless People
Homeless People Portrait On East Hasting Street / Dark Side Of Vancouver, BC
The "REAL" of dark said of Vancouver with portrait homeless people. People are dying on the streets by overdose often a lot. We need to know this crazy current situation to make the world better.

Access Map / How To Get Be Gastown?

※Click the pin on the map / 2. Click “Directions to”
Then google map will tell you how you can go there.

 icon-moon-o When It Is Night & Rain
Vancouver, BC - Night Rainy Fancy Photography in Gastown
Night Rainy city photography in Gastown, Vancouver, BC. The brick wet street made fancy magic world like by the reflection of street lights. The city faces that have been kept changing each moment.

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