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Vancouver, BC – Night Rainy Fancy Photography in Gastown

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Night Owl Photography! in Vancouver

 icon-moon-o Capture The Lights In The Darkness


 icon-umbrella Rainy Days

Many people don’t like to walk outside when it’s rain. On the other hand, there are many beautiful sights because of rain. Vancouver is such a rain city, and when it rains in the night, the wet road can make fancy magic world like by the reflection with street lights.

I realized the own uniq beautiful rainy face. One night, I and my camera worn water proof ware, and then we headed into the dark raining city together to capture the lights in the darkness.

Gastown, Vancouver / Night Rain Photography


 icon-camera-retro Classic, Stylish, Historical…

Gastown is the one of my favorite places to be in this city. Many stylish modern uniq shops, restaurants, and bars are stood in the historical area. The brick architectures, streets, and orange street lights make classic European atmosphere.


It’s the same place, but the face has been kept changing each moment.

The moment is only in the moment, and it never be the same again.

icon-eye We always need to see things carefully to not miss the beautiful moment.




People Walk In The Rain


Stayed at the same place and tried to take photos of people on the street for a while.

Some one walk alone, Some people walk together.

Everyone went to different directions.


IMGP2392 IMGP2394


Steam Clock / The Symbol Of Gastown


It makes steam with remarkable steam sounds in the air in every 15 minutes or so. The steam was looked more fancy in the rain.


Snapshot / Night Rain Photography


 icon-camera Randomly, I took some snapshots.

After each taking a shot, I needed to clean the lens to get the water off. It was the first time to take photos in the rain in the night. That was honestly really difficult to get one what I wanted to capture, but also so much fun to get the new photos and skills.



CAUTION! Be Careful In The Night Street


  Gastown and the around the area is not so safe area.

I recommend you go to Gastown in the night with raining to see and feel the great atmosphere, but Please be careful in the night street. The people usually do not attack the other people tho, do not forget the area is not such a peaceful one.

  • Do not step into back lane.
  • Do not try to contact with people who looks abnormal.


 icon-map-marker MAP

 icon-sun-o When It is daylight

Gastown This place is the place of origin for Vancouver, Canada. There are pretty streets like Europe. And many different kind of things are put together,...

Thank you for being in my photo world!

Have a good night. 🙂

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『Vancouver, BC – Night Rainy Fancy Photography in Gastown』へのコメント

  1. 名前:Hana 投稿日:2017/07/05(Wed) 12:48:32 ID:1741a2644 Reply

    I also like to walk in the night under a peaceful rain, the coloured commercial signs and lights reflected in the water under my feet, the music of the rain and even the smell ( a mix of the flowers’ perfume, sometimes food or cigarettes when passing by a stranger, and petrichor ) all make me feel like I am moving in a picture of an impressionist painter.
    I enjoyed these photos tonight, thank you for this moment !
    I haven’t went out before and take pictures on a rainy night, but you made me wanna do it ^^