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Deep Cove Hike in Vancouver Canada / The Best Relaxing Time With Ocean & Forest Trails.

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Deep Cove Hike
Vancouver Canada
The Best Relaxing Time With Ocean & Forest Trails


This article is about such a peaceful nature Deep Cove in North Vancouver.

You can be in the chill nature with being refreshed much. There are clean ocean with sky blue and also forest trails, both of them are very beautiful. It is a very quiet place. Not so much shops and tourism people. The local Canadian love to go there for walking, running and refreshing. There are some cafes and donuts shops, so you can take your book, some good food and coffee out, and have a break on the glass like a picnic just nearby the ocean and forest. It will be super relaxing!

Access MAP / How To Get Deep Cove Vancouver BC ?

※ 1. Click the pin on the map. / 2. Click “Directions to”.

Address: Gallant Ave North Vancouver BC V7G 1L2 Canada

If you are in down town, you can go there by one bus, no transfer. It would be easy.

Time 50 min
From(Bus Station) EB w Cordova St FS Homer St
To (Bus Station) SB Panorama Dr NS Naughton Ave

The Weather Information / Deep Cove Vancouver BC

Check it out before you go!

Get water quality info, the Weekend Beach forecast for Deep Cove, BC, CA

 Reviews With The Nature Photography / Deep Cove, Vancouver, BC


Beautiful and clean sea water, even the smell does not like ocean!

The mountains are just beyond the ocean.



There are often some people do kayak.


It is ocean but some ducks live in.



Even a branch was swimming.


For trail: To the top about 1 hour by walk. (go & back = about 2 hours)

If you have enough time and fine, I recommend you to go to the top. On the way to the top, there are small rivers, a lot of trees and some wild animals. you can be in nature.


It is the entrance for the trails!







You will see amazing sight from on the top (a huge rock).

Ocean, mountains, blue sky, ships, kayaks, and Deep Cove’s town. I bet you will be there for a while to stare the great sight…

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