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Vancouver China Town Sightseeing! Cheap Shopping! With Artistic Street Photography

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 icon-info-circle China Town, Vancouver, BC Canada


 icon-play I feel like I am in China! Awesome!

I will mention about good information for sightseeing, living and cheap shopping in Vancouver’s China Town with artistic photos that taken by me.

I have been living in a China town in Vancouver for 2 weeks now. Many old classic Chinese buildings, uniq shops, restaurants, people, culture, cheep food and cool distinctive smell & atmosphere. Cheeper rent than other places, can meet new people & new culture! I always wanted to live in China for a while, so this place is amazing for me.

The Thinest BuildingIn China Town (Guinness World Record)


In Vancouver’s China town, there is the thinest building as world Guinness record book. The darker green “part” is the one. It built in 1913. It looks less than 2m for width. Yes thin as a building.

Some people call it the narrowest building or the skinniest building.

(The building is used by an insurance company “Jack Chow Insurance”.)


WEll,,, It should have a certification as one independent building.


 icon-frown-o Honestly I was disappointed! I felt it is cheating!

The building is looks like a part of other building, then how can it say the thinest building around the world? hmm… mystery.

On the other hand,

 icon-smile-o I admire that it is a smart idea as for business.

I guess the owner of this building insisted to Guinness that it is the thinest building with the certification for getting a good advertisement to have customers and tourists people. Once it got the record, many people will know it automatically even the owner does nothing for it. The building even offers a tour to tourists for the building. No need to pay for advertisement, No need to pay for purchasing something. It is a good smart business, indeed!

And I could not admire this building as the thinest one, but I simply liked the appearance and architecture. Very classic Chinese building style. It should be nice to see it if you like architecture, China, Chinese culture. At least you can say you visited “the thinest building” to your friends.


It’s nearby this big China gate.


The golden fish live in “the thinest building”.

Sunrise / Cheap Greengrocer Shop In China Town


This greengrocery store, “Sunrise” is the cheap king for vegetables and fruits! I can walk to this store, so I usually go there to get cheap food.

In China town, the food shop is cheaper than the other shops. THIS store is especially cheaper! like 2 or 3 times cheaper than usual cheap super market! But you need to be picky to get the food, because some of the foods are bit damaged. (The almost of them are fine and taste good.)


Thank you Sunrise! You are the best!

Quest Food Exchange / The cheapest food shop in Vancouver


This shop “Quest” is a “not-for-profit organization”.

The almost all food are expired for “Best Before Date”. The cost of each food is usually less than $1..! You need to chose the each food by checking carefully. I sometimes come here to get some cheap snacks. 🙂

For Example; For bread 1 day expired = $0.85 / 2 days expired $0.10

Carnegie Community Centre / Cheap & Free Heaven!

 icon-building This is the BC community center building.


There are so many kinds of stuff as free or very low cost.

 icon-dashboard Free Facility


There are free wifi, space with chairs & tables, books(a small public library is in inside), some films are always screened, and if you register at the counter you also can use free computer, table tennis, pull and more! Many citizens are gathered here for chatting, having communications.

 icon-crosshairs Free Events


Also there are always some free invents,

like free class for art, yoga, dancing class… etc!

I’ve joined a free art class, and I liked it. They can supply us everything what we need for art (free papers & tools). The papers & tools are donated ones.

 icon-cutlery Cheap Tasty Food


There is a cafeteria on second floor.

Very cheap and good taste, indeed!

For lunch = $2.25, coffee = $0.5, dinner = $2.25 !


This one was lunch ($2.25)! Teriyaki chicken, fried rice and coleslaw salad.

the food menu is changed day by day.


There are some sweet pastries too.

 icon-leaf No worries, be gentle and peaceful.


Because of the low cost & free things, there are always many poor people & homeless people come into the building too. The percentage is like 70% is poor people, 20% is normal and 10% is stuff.

Almost all the time, all of them are peaceful and harmless. But sometimes, some people are “really high” due to having drugs and move strange and yell out… (Just do not be close to them! Save yourself)

icon-info-circle Sadly, there are so many poor people who have heavy problems live in China Town area, actually. I will make an article about the fact sometimes soon…)

Asahi Baseball Team / ex Japan Town Area


In 1914 – 1941, there was a Japan’s baseball legend team “Asahi”.

 icon-book Just next to the China town, (near from Sunrise grocery store), there is a well known park “Oppenheimer park” as “Asahi”. The baseball team was born from Japanese community, and it was very weak at the beginning, like never known for winning… 

(At the time, there was strong racial discrimination to Japanese people. The salary was about half compared as Canadian. They were avoided to do anything very clearly by Canadian. Also they were more hated step by step, because even the bad situation they worked hard as much as they can without complaining. They got jobs more than Canadian citizens.)

However, “Asahi” created their uniq play style, it is called “brain baseball” and then they turned to be the strongest & most popular team.  They turned to be absolutely a hero for Japanese people.

Today 2003, “Asahi” was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, due to the achievements of racial bridge. 


Around the area is ex Japan town area but all of the Japan town’s things were evacuated by Canadian government because of Pacific War. (At the time 1941, Japan did “Pearl Harbor attack” to America. = The war is one of the World War 2)

The Japanese people were sent to a concentration camp. After the war was over, they were emancipated, but Japan town was never be back there again, Asahi baseball team as well.


For more info

China Town Artistic Street Photo


The photos are taken in China Town in Vancouver by me.

Even Not in China, but the things, sights, shops, restaurants and all kind stuffs are very China like. One of the coolest place in Vancouver, I bet.

I hope you can feel the atmosphere bit.

Something bit distinctive smell made me feel like I’m in different world that I’ve never been before.


Old classic style buildings that have many Chinese characters on the dirty walls, streets and signboards…


Very randomly and dirty, but something artistic = beautiful.



Chinese tasty cheep food was named in English & Chinese letters.


I wish I can cook real Chinese food well.


Western culture + Asian culture


The sight can tell me what this is the place of Western culture + Asian culture are mixed together for a long time with each own historical stories.


Feel like I’m in China, but also can feel western culture, (almost everyone can speak English as communication tool) and great mountain views in back when it’s a good weather.

I realized that I found me who started to like this uniq city Vancouver step by step…!