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Upper Antelope Canyon Report / Capture The Sun Beam

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Upper or Lower?
Antelope Canyon
Navajo Tribal Park / In The USA

 icon-road Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 7


Sun Beam 1

 icon-camera-retro Mysterious Beautiful Landscape + Light Magic

ABOUT Upper Antelope Canyon!

Upper Antelope Canyon is such a great place to visit for “grand circle road trip” in America. The uniq shape rock walls make super mysterious beautiful light magic happens as nature show to people. The sight must take your breath when you see the view…

Only tours will take you into the inside. There are 4 tour companies around there.

~ Yes it is amazing place to be as you will see the photos… Before I visit Antelope Canyon, what I remembered strongly about the place was Britney Spears’ music video “I’m not a girl, not yet woman”. Long time ago, first time when I saw that video I felt how beautiful place is… (and the girl). Now I came there. Now the girl turned to be a woman.

About Antelope Canyon / History & Environment


Upper Antelope Canyon 1

 icon-picture-o Great Landscape Loved By Photographers All Over The World.

Because of the amazingly beautiful sight, a lot of photographers and media productions had taken shots here as their works (magazines, music videos, films, advertisement and so on). So many travelers and tourists have been visiting and impressing by the cool view here. 

This place is also in Navajo Tribal Park, which means this is Navajo’s holly land as same as Monument Valley. (that’s the reason why visitors need to pay Navajo Tax as extra cost for entry) 


Upper Antelope Blue 1

There are 2 places to visit as Antelope Canyon. One is Upper, and the other is Lower. Both of them are placed a few km away each other, and each of them has own uniq sight and beauties. People can go only by tours tho, there are a lot of visitors everyday.

~ Look at the wood on the right side of the photo. It’s difficult to know the hight, but it’s very high (like 3m up from ground). Which means that is the water level when it gets flash flood. 

Upper Antelope Canyon / Capture The Sun Beam


Rock Entrance

The tour restricts the number of people for each time. If you want to see “Sun Beam”, the best time for visiting is around the noon. The tour will take you at the front of Upper Antelope Canyon by a off-road bus on desert for 15 minutes. A guide will take the group of people (about 10 ~ 15) into the inside. As leading the guide, the adventure is begun. 

~ It is expensive as backpacking travelers, but I’d believed the tour will be precious for entire of my life… with hoping that, my body was shook and bumped up & down by desert drive all the time. 


Rock Roof

~ At the entrance, I was excited by the view.. Upon the inside, the walls were stood highly and covered up the sky, but it left the rock waving sky line. The sky line light up the whole inside, and the light reflect on the smooth beautiful rock surface each other. “cool..!”


Upper Antelope Yellow

Anywhere is amazing indeed, so beautiful and artistic.

Anywhere can be a great spot as photography.


Upper Antelope Black&White

The smoothly surface has made by wind & rain. The sun light bounces on the surface, and make uniq beautiful different faces in each moments, on each spots. Have fun photography changing different effect!


Upper Antelope Blue 2

Feel like falling into the sky…


Upper Antelope Fade


Upper Antelope Blue 3


Upper Antelope Red


Dragon Eye

The guide told us it looks “Dragon Eye”… Yes it is.


Sun Beam 2

 icon-camera-retro When the sun is upon the canyon, it will be happen.

This happen is only in Upper. Around noon, the sun light comes through a narrow holes which is on top of Upper Antelope Canyon. The nature light show make people are amazed. Almost the people who visit Upper one’s reason why is for the BEAM. Get a tour around the noon when it is sunny, and wish to look that.

~ I wanted to see the beam very much, I was seeking the happen but I could’t meet the moment for a while. At almost in the end of the tour, it was happen. Many professional photographers were on their position with aiming to the sun beam. A guide who has holding sand said “3, 2, 1,,, NOW!” he sprinkled the sand into the beam. What I’ve heard was sounds of a lot of releasing the shutters of photos. What I’ve seen was the sun light magic show.


Sand Falls

The guide threw a lot of sand to the wall quickly with sweating, then after that he said “NOW!!”. People took photos of that. The sight was bit funny one. haha


Exit Of Upper Antelope

The beautiful amazing nature art tour was an awesomely cool experience. I guess it has good enough value as the cost (expensive for back-packers). The uniq shapes, smooth surface of rocks made people not stopping taking photos all the time. Luckily I could meet the sun beam, and it made me be super happy & amazed.

 icon-rocket For More Info: Upper Antelope Canyon / By Trip Advisor

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