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Kicks On Route 66 / Road Trip Nostalgic Photography

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Kicks On Route 66
Route 66
Arizona The USA

  Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 10



 icon-road Route 66:

Route 66 is one of the most well known roads all around the world. You may heard the name “Route 66” once before. The reason why is it has a very interesting history, and nowadays focused by media, music, and films (for example: “Cars” by Disney) as the main theme. It has many big fans for riders an drivers also. The road must have a powerful mysterious magic and fascinate people all the time. 

~ We’ve left Grand Canyon, and came to “Seligman” to feel the famous road “Route 66” that many riders and drivers dream to drive on. I was hoping to see the old typical American country side atmosphere tho, what I feel was…!

About Route 66 / History and Present Situation


The Column

Route 66 was built in 1926 as a national high way between Los Angels and Chicago in America. At the time California was turned to be American’s from Mexico’s as international convention, then people found a lot of gold in the land. So many people came and moved into the area of gold for getting the gold with dreaming being rich. People call this happen “Gold Lush”. At the same time, human invented a great transportation “cars”. Route 66 made people go to the area of gold lush California easier.


A Store

As the number of people using Route 66 there were many new opened shops, cafes, motels and bars beside the road for business. The small cities and towns have been getting bigger and bigger. Where people are money would be there too. At the time the uniq pop colorful appearance (the typical old American style) was popular for buildings and boards. 



However the population of Route 66 was going to be lower as the new better and more convenient high way was built. The shiny colorful shops, restaurants, bars, motels and so on were getting closed & disappeared step by step. But some of those buildings were still stood there with nobody, just like the time has stopped… 


Old American Car

Nowadays, Route 66 had been ended as a national highway tho, people still love the road. They call it “Historic Route 66” and many visitors come & drive on the road for sightseeing. There are the old road, buildings, and wildness. Those something rusted atmosphere make people nostalgic silently.

Route 66 Cheap Hostel / Romney Motel Seligman


Romeny Motel Seligman

“Romney Motel Seligman” is a motel which is acceptable price for travelers and a good location for sightseeing of Historic Route 66. The owners are good people. The room is clean well and comfortable also.

~ When we came into Seligman, first what we did was trying to get a cheap place to stay for one 1 night. We found 2 cheap motels in the town, one is “Romney Motel Seligman” and the other one. We visited the both cheap motels for comparing. We asked to the both owners the availability, cost and service. Then I told them “I am comparing with the other motel, I’ll be back if I want to stay here.” Romney Motel’s owner was having good atmosphere, offered us free coffee with her smile and made the room cheaper for us. The other motel’s owner was so upset with red face, and said “I don’t care! whichever!” for some reason. Clearly I felt what is one of the most important things for business.

Seligman Old America Photos / Heroes Of Route 66


A Broken Car

Seligman is a good town for a place for sightseeing of Route 66. There are many old broken cars, American shops, restaurants and motels. Many tourists walk in the main street with having fun for the uniq & something bit nostalgic atmosphere. Seligman is also the model of Disney film “Cars”, so there are many items of “Cars” in the town.

~ After we dropped our belongings in our room, it was around at 4 pm. We took a rest little bit, and then headed into the small town for sightseeing and get some food. 

 icon-cut Angel & Vilma’s Barber Shop


Angel & Vilma’s Barber Shop

 icon-film This shop’s owner Angel is hero for “Historic Route 66”. The story the model of “Cars”. 

As the history: Route 66 was built as high way long time ago tho, since new high way was built Route 66 was going to be almost ended as road. Then the barber Angel stoop up with his friend ice cream man. They tried to do reconstruction support aggressively for Route 66. Then the 2 guys from the small town Seligman succeeded for doing it. Nowadays, Route 66 was reborn as “Historic Route 66”. Many tourists, travelers and fans of Route 66 visit to this town because of them.



In inside, there is a board of Angle and a chair which was used as a barber before. People take photos here for the memory. If you are lucky, you’ll meet the real Angel..!

~ We could come into this shop before it’s closed. The uniq old atmosphere made me bit excited to see around the shop. I imagined so many people had visited here.



~ Just little bit outside of the main street, there are nothing special. There are some dirty houses (some of them are empty), some trees on sandy ground and a long rail for trains… On the main street there are many shops for tourists and items & objects of “Cars”. I can clearly to see that the small town must need to do something special, something cool that can gather many visitors. Otherwise the town is going to be smaller and then disappeared one day. The big contrast between main street and the others make me think about the town and Route 66 very much. 


Red Flowers

~ Flowers are beautiful wherever and whenever…

In the night it rained a lot tho, we slept at the motel well. How nice to have a room which has a bed that makes me sleep well / ceiling & wall that protect me from blowing wind, dust and rain / light, electricity and water (bathroom & shower) that make me more comfortable to be,,, ahh awesome.

Historic Route 66 Nostalgic Atmosphere Photos

 icon-camera Grand Canyon Caverns Inn



It tells us “There was the old good times”.

On the Historic Route 66, there is a remarkable old hostel “Grand Canyon Caverns Inn”. This hostel is still opened as hostel actually. There are uniq big dinosaurs objects outside, in inside a small museum, shop and restaurant too. People stop by here and take a rest for a while from driving or riding. The American old atmosphere would make people very nostalgic.


Sun Visor

~ Next morning we started to drive on Historic Route 66 with listening to some cool country music..! How good feeling when the music is suit with the situation. We found the hostel and parked at the parking, but not for staying. We just wanted to see around and feel nostalgic, because “the time” was obviously stopped.


Used be



~ Oh, I love this messy room..!



~ The small museum showed me old American good times. 





IMGP4594 copy


~ There were no body, it just kept silent,,, I imagined many people were eating, drinking coffee and laughing for their holidays long time ago. I think I love to be in the world of the imagination. Feel like I was watching a good old movie.



~ Kosuke was drinking his soda which he bought at the small shop in this hostel with seeing some bikers under the blue sky. 

 icon-camera-retro Hackberry General Store


Hackberry General Store

Many items of Route 66.

Just bit drive away from “Grand Canyon Caverns & Inn”, there is a cool old American shop “Hackberry General Store” for Historic Route 66. There are many items and collections of Route 66 what people can buy in this shop. Also there are some uniq objects, broken classic cars and so on. This place is good for taking rest too.



~ We stopped by this shop. So lovely to see the objects and broken American classic cars under strong sun light. Each of them was working and had shine times with people, and now they are just being exhibitions. What I can do is taking photos of them, showing them people, and imagine their shine times in the past.


Gas Station


Good Year


Music Hall




School Zone

In inside, there are so many Route 66’s items. Fans of Route 66 should get some items here..! The American pop design is cute.


Money Ceiling




~ When we were satisfied to see around the shop, the cool band has began their old style rock (country likely?) outside of the shop. 



~ We were sitting one of the chairs, and watching & listening to their live music. In the shade, the little bit chill air made me be comfortable. I felt we could stay there for ever if our time is not limited. I wish I could be in the past golden time by a time machine…

We started to head to Las Vegas which is our final destination of Grand Circle Road Trip. We saw many amazing nature view, native American life & history, wild animals, old American culture, and then what will we see next in the big city? 

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