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Rocky Mountain Yoho National Park & Johnston Canyon Own Tour

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Rocky Mountain Nature Photos Adventure 4th Day


In Yoho National Park.

When I woke up the great headache was gone what I got last night. That was surprisedly very powerful, like someone was holding my brain by his hand tightly.

Anyway, last night when I got the headache I promised to myself to eat something warm today. I grabbed hot coffee and a muffin (with using a microwave) in only one small grocery store in the small town, I headed to the next place to visit alone by a small red car.


In the morning sight 

 icon-list-ul Contents

 icon-location-arrow Emerald Lake

 icon-road Natural Bridge

 icon-fighter-jet Castle Mountain

 icon-leaf Johnston Canyon


  Emerald Lake


With the hot coffee & muffin, I came to “Emerald Lake”. I’ve heard that there are not many people like “Lake Louise”, because the it is bit harder to get there, but what I got my sight was many people again with disappointed little bit.

I felt like I was in China, because most of them were Chinese people who were speaking their language very loud. Maybe some Chinese tour bus was just arrived here as the almost same timing as me,,, it’s okay, but well why do they usually speak so loud anywhere? does the culture related to the loud voices? I still like Chinese tho, so much volume and power of sounds that I feel sometimes.


I wanted to be in quiet chill place to eat the warm coffee and muffin, so I just tried to go to further on the trail around the lake like to leave from the crowd of people.


Step by step, the sounds of human voices are smaller,,, and the sounds of nature was getting bigger & closer, such as birds singing, wind blowing, canoeing in the lake and so on.

Yeah, this is what I wanted..!


Keep traveling is pretty tough, but sometimes so good like this moment.

Because I had no choice, the muffin was actually ugly shape, but the taste was surprisedly good with a cap of coffee in the forest.


Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Animals, Plants, Trees, and Me…



One tree has born, grown, and been back to the earth.



I have been here “Emerald Lake” for a few hours, I didn’t plan to stay here such a for a long time, but I really liked the place.


Not so many people, quiet, not so huge, but a lot of nature that is beautiful.


Blue Water




I took a deep breath once, and I left here.

I headed to “Natural Bridge” that was on the way to this lake as next place.

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  1. 名前:Hana 投稿日:2017/08/02(Wed) 08:07:57 ID:f042cdcfa Reply

    The presence of big groups of people in the wild can have serious consequences, for example, in Kenya – october 2007 – 10000(about 1 % of their species population) of wildebeests died drowning while crossing the river during their migration. The experts came to the conclusion that they crossed the river in another spot than usual. What made them change it? the big number of eco-tourists ( I wonder why they call them eco) waiting with their big cars and photographing on the other side of the river. How many people on this earth are aware of the effects of their acts? and how many they care about the environment /nature?