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Rocky Mountain Self Tour / Peyto Lake, Crowfoot Glacier & Lake Louise

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Rocky Mountain Nature Photos Adventure 3rd Day 


On the day, it was raining, cold wet ground and leaves, absolutely it made me difficult to walk, but It was first time to get raining since I started this travel, so I felt kind of freshness. The smell of raining forest was not so bad.

And the weather has keep been changed a lot, rain, cloud, sun, rain again, sun, rain,,,etc

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 icon-tint Peyto Lake

 icon-bitbucket Bow Lake

 icon-asterisk Crowfoot Glacier

  Lake Louise

  Moraine Lake

 icon-certificate Takakkaw Falls

  Peyto Lake


In the car, I woke up in the sleeping-bag that I bought in Jasper yesterday. Not so much warmer than I expected but I slept much better than without sleeping-bag. The tooth paste was cold as ice again when I hold it. The outside has already brighter in the morning, I stepped outside and headed off to “Petto Lake” that is 15 mins walk away from I was sleeping in the parking area.

The lake sight was spread out in front of me. I simply felt “It is Nature Art”.


The cold rain made my fingers are shaking, and caring of my camera and lens, made me did not want to take photos much. I did not take photos of it as I alway do, but I stared it by my eyes and memorized in my head. Maybe sometimes better not to take photos much.

It is important to take the balance of “Feeling, Watching it by own eyes & Talking with myself,” AND “Taking Photos (keep the atmosphere & moments)”

  Bow Lake


Blue Green water again. Why any water in Rocky Mountain is Blue Green color..? Mystery water, mystery world, but that is so much beautiful…


I felt something strange on my ears like people get it when they take airplanes, because the sealers are changed a lot when I was driving. It was first time to drive with relieving ear pressure.



Because there are no high buildings, I always can see where the sun is. The sun goes up from behind a mountain, and goes down to the other mountain. There are no street lights, so around there are true darkness, and the moon goes up from a behind mountain and goes down too. The sky can tell me how the time is going, and made me asking myself “Where should I go”, “what should I do” in the limited precious 24 hours in a day.


  Crowfoot Glacier

Uniq huge ice on the mountain.

The glacier was used be looked like HUGE crowfoot with 3 big lines (fingers), but nowadays on of the line (finger) was disappeared. However it is still looks uniq and great to see, many people still come there to see it…
When I was remembering the knowledge with seeing the sight, a crow came into my sight. A crow is at the Crowfoot Glacier.
Then one tour small bus has stopped next by my car, and all of the people were Japanese people. It’ s been a while to hear a lot of Japanese words from many people. And they made “Peace Sign” when they are taken by photos again and again.“very Japanese,,,” and the sights and sounds remembered me Japan, and great Japanese things and people. “How nice that place is… ah if I could have ability of teleportation…”
When I was traveling in Japan in my head, the people has gone so quick to the next place. Did they even have approximately 1 minute to be there..?? so quick. It seems their goal is getting to be the each place on the exact time schedule, and not for feeling & staring at the beautiful nature. They even don’t have the time to taste the great moments… hmm

  Lake Louise

On the day, I was excited to go to the famous lake “Lake Louise”. On the internet, books, and media always show people the place to visit. I was wondering to see it very much…

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