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Rocky Mountain Self Adventure Tour / From Edmonton to Maligne Lake &Jasper

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Rocky Mountain,,,, I really wanted to be here since I decided to go to this long road trip. New York City, Rocky Mountains and Alaska are must places to go for this travel that I felt.

Rocky Mountain area is a lot of high huge mountains group on a long distance, people usually need a few days to see around, and it is hard to get hostel around there. SO I planed to go & see around there by rental car for 1 week, and sleep in the car for 7 days.

I searched rental cars shops on the internet from Calgary, and return to Edmonton, but the cost was huge… so I searched opposite rote, getting a car from Edmonton return to Calgary for 7 days,,, and it was much cheaper! so I booked it and headed to Edmonton by greyhound bus from Regina. ( I did not know at the moment what the cost will be SO expensive only when I return the car at the branch…! )

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  Ready To Go To The Adventures


In the early morning I was arrived at Edmonton, dark and cold outside. I needed to go to the place to stay by taxi, it did cost but NO choice at the time. I stayed at couch-surfing house again, the host David who I have met in Ottawa in my travel just a few weeks ago. He was traveling and stayed at the same couch-surfing place. It was nice to see a him again. And I realized that it is always nice to see people who I met somewhere around the world again in different place. I feel something very special happiness like…?

I’ve stayed there for a few days, but In Edmonton, most of the time I was online, I was facing to my laptop… because I needed to make the plan for Rocky Mountains, AND I got one big shocking NEWS about Alaska that Denali National Park was going to be closed in a week. The park was what I most wanted to go… BUT closed soon! The winter is coming there.

BUT at least people still can go into the park only BY their cars (or rental cars) if there is not much snow for cars…

SO I was thinking and thinking,,,

I was writing the each benefits for going there & not, also negative stuffs for going there or & not on a paper… etc (When I face to difficult choices, I often write my thinking on a paper, then I can see what my brain is thinking more clearly, and it works well for me)

“should I go to Alaska now? skipping Rocky Mt?” OR “I will not go to Alaska in this year?” OR “I just will go there and see the things after Rocky Mt?”…?

I was crazily thinking about it for more a few hours… (with struggling)

And I decided,

“I go to Rocky Mountain for 1 week soon, and after that I will fly to Alaska, and try to go to Denali National Park by rental car with hoping there is not snowing yet. So I will skip the places to visit in Canada to the way to Alaska.”


Traveling Alone, I Decide Everything To Do & To Go. That is great things to do, I mean so much freedom, but also it’s very tough to keep to do it for a long term. I realized that sometimes I wanna someone’s ideas, helps and supports so badly… Or maybe I just want somebody to listen to my opinions. 

Next Morning, I left the house, the sunshine made me ready to go to the adventure of Rocky Mountain. I got some public buses with asking some people which buses I should take on the streets, and got the car at a rental car shop.


I headed to Walmart to get foods about $30 to stay alive for 7 days, first. haha The super market is super big & cheap. (I bought breads, sausages, sweet peppers, ginger-ale cans, apple juice, ketchup, mayonnaise, chocolate cream, cookies, chips, bananas…etc)

The big nature adventure has began after that.

  Maligne Lake


The first direction was Maligne Lake that was not difficult to go from where I was driving.(For 4 hours drive tho.) When I was driving to Rocky Mountain Area I felt my heart beats stronger what was the same as I felt before I go to New York City. When I felt my heart beats before go somewhere, usually the place is gonna be so good one.

When I close to Jasper National Park, there was a “gate” like and I didn’t know that people need to pay some money just for being in Rocky Mountain Area by car. Each night $9. I was like “Oh what!? Do I need to pay? How much much for 6 nights??… what? $58!? That is SH*T !!! Ah..!!” (anyway I paid it, no choice) I got a ticket like that I need to stick at the inside front glass.


Finally I was arrived at Maligne Lake, yay! The long drive made me tired, sleepy and hungry, so I grabbed some foods that I bought at the Walmart, and headed to the lake by feet from the big parking area…


Cool air, strong sunlight AND the blue LAKE! the mountains are huge and beautiful. The lake is so much blue and clean. I walked around little bit and I ate the foods with looking the sights at an outside table that I found.

Alone picnic in Rocky Mountain.


SO nice view, the foods are taste cheap, (because they are cheap,) but the sight and air made me feel those foods were tasty.

But soon I felt so cold to be there without moving, and I also felt wanted to share the moment with someone,,, which could be called I felt “lonely”.

Super view, foods, and free but lonely.



I wanted to move to make me warm, I wanted to have something to do, otherwise I will catch a cold from coldness, also the loneliness going to be bigger. So I started to walk again to “Moose Lake” that my eyes just caught at a sigh board that was standing on the trail. I completely don’t know what the place is like, but sounds nice, I went there.


On The Way

Moose Lake


After walking in a dark trail for 40min or so, the elegant sight was spread out in front of me. There were just a few people without any sounds, JUST so quiet. No sounds. I sometimes heard sounds from squirrel walking from bushes, that is it.


One old French lady was staring something on the ground for a while, and I asked in whisper voice (to not break the quiet) her “Hi, it is so quiet here,,, By the way, what are you staring at? “She pointed out footprints by a moose that is seems pretty new on the mad. She said one moose was here just a few mins ago, and she is going to be waiting to see some moose is back there, and I knew it why this lake is called “Moose Lake”.

They come to this lake to drink water. 😀


I was waiting there for a while too. But it never come up there.


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