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Rocky Mountain Self Adventure Tour / Robson Mt, Athabasca Falls, Columbia Icefield Glacier & Weeping Wall

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Rocky Mountain Nature Photos Adventure 2nd Day


In Japer, I slept in a car for the first night of Rocky Mountain Adventure. It was not comfy to sleep in there, my upper body was on the bended backseats, and my lower body was in the trunk, but I fell in sleep soon because of tiredness…

BUT in very early morning like 4 AM suddenly I woke up, because of the great coldness.

I was like “hmm,, cold,,, it is cold,,,,, AH!! it is so damn cold !!!”

When I touched my feet they were cold like ice. I was sleepy but I woke up, because I didn’t want to lose my feet fingers. When I touched a tube of tooth paste, it was very cold,,, and it told me how cold outside too. The outside was still dark like as in the night. But I’ve already woke up so I started to move my car off to “Robson Mountain” that is the highest mountain as Rocky Mountains that was 1 hour and half drives away from where I was.

I was thinking to buy a sleeping bag to have a better sleep & to stay alive OR trying to find hostels for each nights with driving into the cold darkness road.

 icon-list-ul Contents

 icon-picture-o Robson Mountain

 icon-pagelines Athabasca Falls

 icon-linux Columbia Icefield Glacier

 icon-filter Weeping Wall

  Robson Mountain


When I was arrived there the outside was still dark, and I even could not see Robson Mountain, but I found the visitor center for the mountain. I wanted to go to bathroom, but it was closed too… So I just tried to sleep for 1 hour again, this time in the driver seat that was maximally bended.

When I woke up outside was so bright, warmer, and there were many tourists people. Surprisedly I slept for 3 hours, and it was not so bad sleep. Good! I got a charge like.

AND the mountain was appeared too.

I finally know it the huge nature appearance.


So huge, So rocky.


The appearance was like a BOSS.

The cloud was lodged like at the top of mountain.


The other mountains are also huge and has a strong presence too.

Sharpe and Edgy.


I kinda satisfied to see the sight, and being there, and I went to back to Jasper again. I decided to go to some shops to see sleeping bags to get one. I was wishing that the bags are not so expensive…

 icon-map-marker How To Get There?


I didn’t know that the sight on the way was great one too when I was heading to Robson Mountain in the darkness. The strong sunlight illuminate everything around there.

The roads are so wide, the sky is clear & bright, and every mountains is so big and beautiful.


I finally got a sleeping bag at a shop in Jasper, after cheap lunch in the car. The bag was $130, and not too fat, not too heavy, good efficient, it can be suit in maximally -10 degrees, and I can use it in whole this travel.  I got relief little bit for sleeping. 🙂

  Athabasca Falls


My travel route was going down to South from Jasper, and see the things as much as I can on the way. The first place to visit was “Athabasca Falls”.

Following the great Google map GPS for 1 hour or so, my ears got the sounds of waterfalls on the way. Arrived!


The waterfalls were not so bigger than I expected, but absolutely nice view with the nature background.



I was wondering around there, and found a way that was between cool & uniq rocks walls to go down to the end of waterfalls.


Wow! Blue Green water!

Pretty view, the contrast of the classic huge rocks with the bright color water. It was like a paint by a great artist. Maybe this place was the best view so far my Rocky Mountain Adventure..!



Rocks’ Arts were everywhere. Human works with nature.


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