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Rocky Mountain Hiking Banff & Horse Riding Kananaskis

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Rocky Mountain Nature Photos Adventure 5th Day



Banff when I woke up in the small car, I was impressed the sights of the city. There are so much amazing mountains views everywhere. How cool life to live in there surrounded by great mountains. It should be hard to live by the great weather, but it is still fantastic to live in here. Good balance between City & Nature.

I got some warm soup and new warm breads and coffee at a grocery store, and headed off to “Vermilion Lake” that is not far from where I was. I’ve heard there are so many kinds of wild birds come, so I planed to eat the food as breakfast with watching the birds.


 icon-certificate Vermilion Lake

 icon-hand-o-up Hiking

 icon-moon-o Kananaskis 

 Vermilion Lake


There were some people and cars too, but so quiet area. I saw some ducks were swimming on the surface of the lake. I wanted to see some other birds that hard to see usually not like ducks, chickens, and pigeons. I keep driving to forward, more and more,,, But I don’t see any birds that I want to see, that I expected to see. hmm…



Finally I gave up to try to find some rare birds for me, because I got hunger more than the feeling what I want to see some birds. I stopped the car, and ate the soup. I still remember that the soup was surprisedly NOT tasty. It was cheap one, and I knew that the taste is not so great one, but the taste level was lower than my expectations..! haha



Very quiet… but the place was something different from what I wanted to be.

I want something that can move my heart more…

I think I have been seen so greater things & sights so much so far, and I was getting to used to see the great views.


Not here,,,

I actually felt like I saw almost everything what I wanted in Rocky Mountain Area… when I opened my Canada trip book that mentions there is a ghost town “Bankhead” nearby Banff. The sounds of “ghost town” is pretty for me,,,

ok I will follow this book for now. I started to go to Bankhead.



I tried to go to Bankhead, BUTTTT I could not find it…

In my travel, so far I often used Google map to get be anywhere, and this time I asked Google map too, and I drove to the direction, but when I reached it, there was no way, no road to Bankhead…

hmm… ok give up.

I got lost to any directions again to be…

Well, where should I go..? Then I knew the place I stopped car was the entrance of a mountain for hiking. I stepped out from the car, and I did not have a plan for hiking, but I started to walk toward to the trails for hiking.


I just was walking without any thinking in a mountain, even I did not know the name of mountain.

The time is limited, but I still could not find anything what I want to do, where I want be…

So I just walked.


On the way, there were some uniq strangers(objects, sights, animals).


Most of the people do not know what they want to do, where they want to be. and there are 2 kinds of people, one is trying to find something important and struggling, and the other one is not trying to find something but just trying to stay in the same place & situation.

I do not know which one is right or not.


I am the one who is trying to find something, and struggling. It’s sometimes very hard to keep it tho, I know that I should not stop my foot.


I walked for 1 hour or so, and I remembered that one of cool guys gave me a recommendation to go a place around Rocky Mountain Area. I’ve met him in a small island “Gabriola Island” in Canada, and the place was called “Kananaskis”.

Meeting someone, and got some recommendations to go, and try to be there… this is the real travel, not tourism. Maybe there is something,,,

I decided to go there, and went back to my car.



I was arrived at a place that is called “Kananaskis Village” in the evening.

I did not know, but the place is kind a famous, the G8 meeting had held at this place in 2002. So big hotel, buildings, and some shops…

I was not customer of the big hotel, but I just took a seat at the huge space entrance nearby warm fireplace, and used wifi for the internet. How nice the warmness, wifi, and comfy seats, like a one of their costumers  (ah,, I’ve should bring my laptop too.)

I wish I could be a customer for this hotel, but sadly I am just A traveler who sleeps in a small car. I went to back to my car, and ate some foods with seeing people who were having fun of eating warm food in inside of the warm comfy building together.

The contrast of the sight and my situation, coldness and darkness made me lonely more in the night…

I feel badly how darkness & coldness make people down. The power is very stronger than I was thinking. 

Honestly, I feel like want to quit my travel at the moment.

Rocky Mountain Nature Photos Adventure 6th Day


In the morning, when I opened my eyes I realized there was nature privacy guard sheets in the windows, it obviously there was snowing outside in the night.

Ah,,, cold! I need something can make me warm…

I went into a food shop to get warm food for my body.

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