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Regina Sightseeing Royal Saskatchewan Museum & University / My Fate Place

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Regina – My Fate Place


Going back to school time bit while,,,

I was 19 years old and going to a university and studying English literature in Japan, basically I love art and to know other culture & world, so I loved to study it and tried to study it hard as much as I can at the time. And there was an exchange program with University Of Regina, Canada with my university, Japan and I really would love to take the program! and I applied it, tried to join that. I did some interviews, took an English test,,, etc

AND I was dreaming to be there,,, being speaking English with many foreigners fluently.. 

BUT I failed ! lol

(only 3 students could join it from my university).

Anyway, I had a chance to apply for next year one, so I have been waiting for it for a while… and in next year, here we go again. But the situation was changed little bit, there were 2 options for exchange program this time, one is for Regina University and the other one was Armidale University Of New England in Australia. And I felt some sympathy to Australia one, felt like I was leaded to go there that’s why I failed for Regina University last year…

SO I choose Australia,

AND I passed it !!

Being there for 9 months, that was still the great time in my life. 

SO this time, I got the chance to go to The Regina University that is kind of my fate place to visit..! I opened my eager eyes to see the things going on, and I wondered what I would feel to be there.


First day, I’m arrived at the bus terminal by greyhound bus in the early morning, chilly air, still bit dark outside. This time I stayed at a host place for couch-surfing too, and I was waiting for the host to pick me up for a while.

Then the host Maria came out my sight with her car with saying “good morning! get in my car!” She was going to on the way to long marathon. When she was driving we quick did introduce each other, and she made sure that my iPhone’s GPS is working or not.

After for a while, she left the car with the key of car somewhere on the road to not be late to join the long marathon with saying “I need to go now, be safe & get in my place!”. Alone in a car whose I just met a few mins ago with the key somewhere on a road in overseas…

Dude!!! What is this situation!? lol

I was so surprised! The new experience, new situation and her way to trust me.

Anyway it was very thoughtful, I could drive to the place to stay safely, and fall in sleep in a couch like an old dog sleeps. I appreciate her very much! She is super nice and funny that I knew soon after she finished to have the long marathon.

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  Royal Saskatchewan Museum


First day, I went to a museum that is called Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Maria’s friend who joined the marathon needed to long drive to her home back gave me a lift, because the museum was on the way.

I thanked her in her mother tongue “Danke schÖn”, and I entered into the museum.

The entry fee is donation, and there was a small donation box at the entrance, I just passed it thorough…

Poor traveller should be fine for this, they always need to save money to keep travels, to stay alive, and to study more. If there is an opportunity to study more deeply about the country they travel in as free they just should do that.

Alive Snakes Booth



How snakes see the world.


Dinosaurs Ancient Animals Booth 


In Canada there are many fossils can be found, which means there are many dinosaurs and ancient animals were alive in this huge land, Canada. It is always so good to know the history where I am in. The sight would be different after I knew the history.



First Nation People Booth


This booth was most interesting for me, I am very interested in first nation people, the culture, life style, history.. etc

One day, I really would like to live in some their village for a while, and do the same life style, and I wonder what I will feel through the experiences…




I didn’t know that dogs are used as language for human.

I sometimes feel that DOGS and HORSES are born for living with human. The combination is perfect like it was planed to be in earth together.



Current Animals Booth


I could see many stuffed animals that live in Canada currently. I do not like stuffed animals that made me sad sometimes, but maybe we need some to study about them more and deeply.

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『Regina Sightseeing Royal Saskatchewan Museum & University / My Fate Place』へのコメント

  1. 名前:kosky 投稿日:2016/10/06(Thu) 03:22:08 ID:589fc6ab0 Reply

    when people aren’t satisfied with their own current life, they always think back about their decisions they made in the past. And fantasise like if I were thing, it apparently be waste thing or some might say so. But I think it’s not, because people always learn from the past, and use the experience for a next situation to make it better. and frankly speaking, if people had a chance to go back to their past, some would make different choice than before.
    by the way, it seems to be puffing your chest out makes you more confident, so try it.
    and by the way, the university we went to is University of New England, remember UNE.
    Oi !!!

    • 名前:KOTA 投稿日:2016/10/06(Thu) 15:01:39 ID:d3bf9888e Reply

      Hello Kosky, Thank you for your comment! yes your right, we only learn from experiences and past. and I think it is important to think back sometimes if people ARE satisfied with their current lives, because that is the life footprints that is the evidence of walking on a road (life), and sometimes we can get good ideas from it.
      UNE! thanx, I wrote wrong, but I fixed it now. haha