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The Beginning Of New Life! I Quit Work!

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I Quit Work in Tokyo! I Don’t Have A Job Now.


Melbourne Australia Sep.2011

After I graduated my university I was 23 years old. I did job hunting as most of everyone does and met one company that hired me. I’ve been working at the company in Tokyo for 3 years. It was satellite phones company, and I was at sals department. I think I did my best for work and did good performance there. and I got okay salary in every month. However, Honesty my heart was not so happy…

It was Typically Japanese Salaryman Style.   

Like, waking up early at the same time in the morning, wearing a suit, going to the job place by sooo crowded busy trains, work there, coming back to home late and just sleep soon. Also I did not like what I do as work…

And I was like,,,
バージョン 2

・What is my happiness?

・What is my life for?

・I born to do this?

・What does my heart want…?

I think it is really hard and sad to keep spending time a lot and doing what people do not want to do. Of course, it is not easy to quit the job and leave the situation soon if we just want to do, but we need to decide to keep it or stop it sometime.

Okinawa Japan Feb.2015

If You Choose A, You Cannot Choose B.

No Matter Other People Say, In The End You Choose.

There is 24 hours in a day. People’s life is like 8 hours for sleeping, another 8 hours is for eating, taking bath, doing hobbies…etc, and last 8 hours is for working. If one life is 75 years. he or she sleeps for 25 years, another 25 years is for eating, taking bath, doing hobbies…etc, and last for 25 years is for WORKING. so…

The point is;
Let’s have good bedding stuffs !! …No, sorry just kidding.haha (but it is true!)


The point is;

・What would you choose the job that you would spend your time over 20 years?

・In 1/3 of your life, you would feel bad and no fun? or happy and fun ?

・Where is my passion into?


Cambodia Aug.2012

I was having second thoughts about to keep it & stop it for a long time. Of course, I’m still worried about my future, because I have no earn now, but I decided to quit job in the end.

I asked myself like;

Will I regret if I don’t have a decision to stop it when I die??

……Yes I will.

Why Do People Have Journey? 


Cambodia Aug.2012

I decided to quit the job, and planed to go to journey. I still did not know what I want to do as next job, but I really wanted to have a journey in my life since long time ago, because I love to travel. There is also another big reason why I choose the way to go on a journey.

I have some experiences in my travels in the past. In travel I was free, and I tried many new things, to meet new people, and looked beyond what in front of me. At the moments I often saw some keys to understand myself and this world little bit, and could listen to my heart. Like what exactly the quote tells us!

“Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.” – Andrew Zimmern


Koh Tao Island Thailand Sep.2012

I met amazing things, people and sight a lot, for sure sometimes met bad ones too tho, in the end it is always good deeply…

If it is journey (living other countries in long term), what would I see?? Maybe I will find something important for my life. and maybe find a job what I want to do. I will never know, if I don’t go.

Time is limited. Time flies. 

So I felt…

It is time to go. Now Or Never.

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