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Queretaro Mexico Travel Advisory With Photos

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Queretaro Mexico Travel Advisory With Photos

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part. 6



This is my travel report review with photography in Queretaro.

In between Mexico City and Guanajuato, there is a cute small city “Queretaro”It’s nice to be in beautiful architectures and bricks roads but not much tourism stuffs. The quiet and pretty atmosphere made people feel chill. Actually Queretaro is an interesting historic world heritage city by UNESCO. We can see and walk in the historic beautiful architectures. It will be nice to take a short trip into this city. 

Buses / Mexico City to Queretaro



 icon-bullhorn Mexico City → Queretaro

  • The price: is about 300 Pesos.
  • The time: will be for 3 hours.

Queretaro is not so far away from Mexico City, you can go there by bus from either South Bus Terminal or North Bus Terminal for 3 hours drive, and it costs like 310 peso. There are buses like each 1 hour, so if you miss your bus you’ll get the other one in the day. 

There are many bus companies next each other at the bus terminal, and you are going to take one of the companies to go to Queretaro. Depends on the companies, the prices and times are different, then the quality of buses would be different too. Some of the buses have toilets, wide space seats for each persons, TVs, light foods and snacks, and even free wifi. 

 icon-exclamation-triangle In the bus, sometimes it happens for inspections on the way to Queretaro. They will ask you to show them your passport and departure card.

Hotels / Queretaro, Mexico



There are many hotels between cheap one to exclusive one in Qeretaro. If you want to save your money, you can stay at dormitory type hostels. You will be use the room with some other travelers probably tho, to meet other travelers are interesting and good experience too. Airbnb is one of the cheap options too. You can stay with local people with saving your money.

I booked a cheap but cool hostel on If you have the App on your phone, it will be helpful for your journey. 

Also this city is good for Couch-Surfing. It is a community of local people who let travelers stay in their homes as free. I actually stayed for 1 night at a great host’s home.

Queretaro Sightseeing Reviews & Photographs
Street Food + Parks + Colorful Houses + UNESCO


Night Street

It’s interesting in Queretaro what is not much dangers and risks like Mexico City. As usual things, people walk in the street in the night too. Maybe one of the reasons why is in the history. Long time ago, when Spanish controlled Mexico the each cities had hard situations for native people tho, in this area Queretaro was better condition. The balance between Spanish people and native people was ok one. 

~ I finally left Mexico City and came to this small city Queretaro, because one traveler told me the city is good to go really. I jumped into a night bus with heavy backpacks and was looking forward to have something new, something good in the new place. 


A Sight

I slept at a cheap hostel, and next day luckily I got an acceptation from a great host of couch-surfing.  “I got a place to stay from tomorrow night… as free also!”

Just a simple thing made my day.

Even I actually got some problems at the hostel for paying, I stepped out into the shiny outside for sightseeing with being excited.

IMGP5269A Street

There are lot of narrow streets with colorful houses.

Under the strong sun light, I was looking for some food to fill my empty stomach.


Street Food

There were some street food shops on the streets. (actually in the center of city there are a lot of food shops) The smell made me hungry more, but I didn’t buy food here. I just kept walking in the colorful street alone for something better food for me like as a food hunter.


Colorful Houses 1

Yes it is beautiful to see the colorful houses, but as the history side all of the houses were colonial one by Spanish. They broke down all native things, and built the European style beautiful architectures… hmm


Colorful Houses 2

Since I knew the truth of back ground, the sight made me think about many things more. 


A Shop 1

Each of the shops had uniq and different styles in inside.

Some of them are very local, and some of them are very new style. 


A Shop 2

What alway made me curious was local ones anywhere.

They have the only uniq atmosphere that made me feel being in different place.


A Cafe


Morning Park 1

There were some parks which are well cleaned in the city. Even the trees were cut well like brand new hair style. It’s much different comparing with Mexico City, it seems very safer too.


Morning Park 2


Morning Park 3


A Show

Then a show was started by students of military.

As the teacher led the team, and they made sounds of loud music strongly. 


A Street 3

I started to walk again for food and something new. 

Sometimes hunger made me feel “what the hell am I doing here alone..?”.

I travel for traveling, that’s it. When the time of alone is increased, I had times to think about much things.


A Man 1


A Man 2


Food With Cola

Finally I got a food at street shop! I ate them in a wider space with coke. Eating Mexican food with coke is always perfect harmony. “Ah I’m so happy.”

El Acueducto De Queretaro
Historic Adventure + UNESCO The Huge Arches



Those huge arches “El Acueducto De Queretaro” are used to be used as a waterway since long time ago. Around the area was not rich for water, and people were suffered from it. Then surprisedly they made this huge 74 arches and 1280m long architecture!

 icon-map-marker Calz. de los Arcos Bosques del Acueducto 76020 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro. Mexico



I knew this one before I came to Queretaro, then I came here to see it thorough my eyes. It’s yes so big and long.. Sure I was impressed tho, the sun light was too strong for me. AH Mexico..! 

Templo y ex-convento de la Santa Cruz de los Milagros
The Historic Church



You can take a tour (30mins or so) and go whole inside of the church “Templo y ex-convento de la Santa Cruz de los Milagros”. There are still “the times” historic things. Some walls are broken, and the kitchen, bedroom make people imagine the times. 


The Garden

It’s nice to see the historic buildings and things, but the problems for me was the guide explained only in Spanish… I have to learn Spanish. 


The Kitchen

I imagined the people long time ago, were cooking here. They just used fire from wood, no gas, no electricity, and no internet.  





At outside, there are some street shops sell local things, refreshments, food and so on in a wide space. 



It was my first time to see the local ethnic crafts, and I just simply felt beautiful. If I can go back to my home directly I would buy them, but I’m gonna keeping my travel, so bye for now.

After Words


Sun Light

Queretaro is a really peaceful slow quiet place, and nice to be. I actually spent only for 1 day for sightseeing, and it was enough to see around the small historic pretty city.

In the 2nd days I just stayed at a home and chilled. 



In the 2nd day noon, the great host of couch-surfing picked me up from a street. He accepted me to stay at his house as free. He drove me his home, and let me use a clean house and even my own a private room too. He left the house because of his job, and he let me be free. I could go anywhere tho, I just stayed in my room for rest…

“I just met him for the first time,,, how nice people are still existed in the Earth!” I thought so, and I slept like an old dog.


A Dog

Traveling is really hard. It gives people a lot of benefits tho, also take them energy much too. I talked with the host much in the night. He is super nice and his eyes are calm, but I felt something loneliness from him for some reasons.

Everyone has own situations, problems, happiness, and something want to do… Yes that’s why we need to treat strangers very carefully, cuz we do not know each other at all.



In the last day morning, I ate cactus at a cheep restaurant as new experience with him in the city. The taste was actually good and people told me it’s good for health.

I talked with him again, and I left the city Queretaro to move to new place. I really appreciated him, and the opportunity. I guess I came to this city the reason why was to meet him.

I had stayed in Queretaro only for 3 days. Maybe I should stay there more, but I felt strongly “the time is limited, maybe I die tomorrow”, so I have to keep going. 


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