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Ottawa Canada – Sightseeing When It’s Good Weather (Streets, Rideau Canal & Museums)

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The Capital City Ottawa


The capital city “Ottawa”, I had been there for a short time, but I found places that are  good spots to take a photos.

This is what I saw in Ottawa.


 Rideau Canal / UNESCO mystery historical long river

IMG_0908 copy copy

This long river (202km) is the first one to be in the list of UNESCO world heritage for Ontario.

It is constructed between 1826 and 1832 by so many French Canadian & Irish people, and so many people had died here, because of disease and dynamite accidents. (If you dig holes here, you would find some human bones…!) Why Canada made this was for defending from American attacks at the time. The river would be for transportation of stuffs when American attacks happen. However, it has never happened before.

Nowadays, it is good for transportation of ships in the summer time by uniq style, and winter time it would be the great longest ice link (7.8km) as Guinness world record. People skate the river for having fun, also for going to school & works.


Because the the river has big height from ocean level, people made steps like from the river to ocean.

They separated the river parts to parts, and when a ship needs to go through the way is like this:

1. People open A gate, and wait till the water height level is the same with next zone. 2. The ship goes through A gate, then they close the A gate. 3. People open B gate, and wait till the water height level is the same next zone…. again and again and again!

It takes time to do it, but because of this water system, they can go and back through between ocean and river. It sounds very old technology but still working and people still open and close the gates by their hands.

This gate is opened to fill the next zone.


This zone is waiting for fill the water..


It’s very historical & interesting to see the way to ship sending to ocean. (also sending to the river from the ocean)


War Museum / History Of Canada / Free Open


It’s 15 mins walk away from downtown, but this museum is great to see.

AND it’s free after 4pm on every Thursday!

Not fun things (could be fun to see tanks), but it will tell you the history of war around the world, and Canadian war history. I travel in Canada, so this is good time to know about the country deeply from the background. When we know the truth, we will understand the things going.

It was very interesting, but also sad about the war is till keep going on the earth & human nature (fight each other, conquer others, die a lot).





Adolf Hitler’s car for parades.


Live fast, die young

“The average life of a pilot was three weeks. He had to learn quickly that this was damn serious business.

– Lieutenant C.M. McEwen


Hope the war will be disappeared from the earth as soon as possible.


 icon-map-marker Map

 icon-clock-o Time

9:30am – 6:00pm

Only Thursday open till 8:00pm

 icon-money Money

$15 for adults

Only Thursday after 4:00pm FREE!

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