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Ottawa Canada Sightseeing – The Parliament Buildings Free Tour & Special Light Show (Projection Mapping)

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This is the capital city of Canada. Historical & government interesting city.

When people understand the background things, they will have more fun, be interested in it, understand it deeper, think about it by themselves.

Ottawa is just a city, (not so much special) but if you travel around in Canada or learn about Canada, this is the place for visiting, because this place will tell you the interesting Canadian history.

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 icon-thumbs-up The Report Of Parliament Buildings

  The Parliament Buildings

I headed to The capital city’s government building “the parliament buildings”!

I was like “Must see it!”

On the way, I’ve met many black squeals on streets. Looks cute & cool.


I often see brown one anywhere, but it was the first time to see black one.



Center of the downtown;

You will find the big recognizable architecture, that is “the parliament buildings”.

Actually it’s free to go inside by 1 hour tour. (need a ticket)


If you go there in the morning, you will see the armies marching in the garden.

Looks totally British style tho, it was uniq, and interesting to see for me.

Blue sky, red cloth on the green ground.


Why do they always have the big black hairy hat??

Looks very hot tho…?




Fire on the water


See this colourful pageantry, complete with a regimental band and pipers.

In The Night

I could see the lights art for 30mins from 9:30pm.

I was touched one, indeed.

If you have a chance to see it, I recommend you go there.

IMG_0920 copy copy

Official Website

Ticket Info

It’s all FREE!

This ticket center is in front of the parliament buildings.( just across a road)

You need to get a ticket to get inside for 1 free hour tour.


You will get a ticket that mentions the time to get enter inside.

Keep it until the time, and bring it to the entrance when the time is coming.

(If you have a bag, you need to leave it to the free storage at the ticket center!)


SO I suggest you go this ticket center first on the sightseeing day in Ottawa, and keep it. Until the time, you can walk around or go some places.


In inside, every architecture is beautiful here, especially the library was so classic.

Also this library is original one (that was survived from “big fire” long time ago, the all parliament buildings were actually burned except this library at the time)

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