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Oaxaca Mexico Travel Tips! Mystery Stone Waterfall Hierve el Agua

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Travel Photography Journal for Oaxaca
Part. 3 / Hierve el Agua: Trail Hiking



We took some rests, and moved to forward under the strong sun light.

There were many cactuses, strange plants, and some lizards.



We got up to a hill, and could look down the pool which some of us swam.

And we found the other uniq places which were made by lime water just like the stone-waterfalls.

IMGP5863 copyIMGP5862 copy

A Dancer

One of us was a great dancer. She danced on it naturally and beautifully. The body was feeling the nature, the Earth and moved as the nature move. Having some great skills are always cool and attract people.

 icon-bolt Be care full! it’s slippy on the water, and the hight from the ground is high enough to people die if they fall down.


Going Down

Then we started to go down to the bottom of the stone-waterfall.

The way was adventurous as you can see the photo!


Side of Stone-Waterfall

Then finally we arrived at the bottom! yay!

IMGP5877A Mammoth

It looks like a huge mammoth made by stones..!



We made it!

Well it’s not the long trail actually, but I was still sick at the moment. I praised me, and I thanked the people with me for the adventure. One of them could speak fluent Spanish, that’s why we could take the adventure. Each of us helped each other, and had fun for each other. I was lucky to come here with them.

Thank you for reading!


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