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Oaxaca Mexico Travel Tips! Mystery Stone Waterfall Hierve el Agua

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Oaxaca Mexico Travel Tips!
Mystery Stone Waterfall
Hierve el Agua

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part. 10


A Tree

This article is about the mystery stone-waterfall “Hierve el Agua” in Oaxaca, Mexico thorough my travel experiences and photography. There are many photographs of mystery beautiful giant nature arts of Oaxaca in this article.

Oaxaca is a pretty city in Mexico. This city is famous for tasty food. The cheese and chocolate are very good quality with great taste. You can buy and eat them at a local market for sure. Tequila is also popular, because there are many factories and gardens with grow plants (mezcal) that will be material of tequila. If you take a ride for about 1 hour, there are great landscapes, remains, other small ethnic villages. Many travelers stay in Oaxaca longer than the other cities in Mexico. I was one of them too.

How to go to Oaxaca from Mexico City?
Great Long-Distance Bus


Hairy Dog

There are some bus companies which have buses to go to Oaxaca from Mexico City Bus East Terminal “Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente”. “ADO” is one of the choices.

 icon-money The cost will be 750 peso ~ 1000 peso for each person, and depends on the companies, qualities and times would be changed. In the first class bus is the most safe one (but most costs). There are bathroom, wifi, some snacks and juice.

I highly people recommend to get the first class bus.

There are some much cheaper! bus companies in Mexico City. (Like 300 peso for going to Oaxaca) However there are risks! for robbery, unexpected happenings and so on. I got bad terrible accidents when I took a cheaper long distance-bus in Mexico…

Great Mysterious Landscape Stone-Waterfall
Uniq Nature Art + Pool

Hierve el Agua

IMGP5810Stone Waterfall

At Hierve el Agua. When you take a ride for 2 hours through mountains and from Oaxaca. There are big uniq nature arts in the jungle, such as giant stone waterfalls, nature beautiful green pool and great Mexican trekking which has a lot of cactuses. The sight is very mysterious and beautiful really. It’s still not super famous for sightseeing much, now is the kinda chance to go there with less people.

How to go to Hierve el Auga from Oaxaca.

IMGP5765A Dog

There are many tour companies have tours for Hierve el Agua. Most of them have tours for the other good places to visit, such as remains, factories for tequila, the biggest tree in the American continent…etc It will be nice to take the tour, you can save your time, and can see many cool things in a day.

You can go Hierve el Auga by bus and colectivo (=shared taxi with the other passengers). You get a bus from Oaxaca to Mitla, and get a colective going to Hierve el Auga. It will be cheaper and more adventurous happens, but colectivo won’t move until it gets the passengers enough. Usually people wait for the other passengers for 30 mins ~ 1 hour. You need to do the same when you come back too..! (I took this way, it was hard but very fun.)

Travel Photography Journal for Oaxaca
Part. 1 / Sickness


A Pile Of Coco

I took a long distance-bus from Guanajuato to Mexico City at noon, and took another long distance-bus to Oaxaca from Mexico City in the night. It was bit hard to be in the bus for a long time (in total more than 15 hours), but harder thing was my stomach-ache was stronger day by day. I got a free ice candy at a parade in Guanajuato, since then I got stomach-ache… It hurts, and I always wanted to stay in a bathroom..

I made me forward as much as I could, because the time is limited, I just kept walking and took the long distance-buses with sweating a lot. (Now I think I was too crazy.. haha)



In the next morning, when I arrived at the terminal in Oaxaca my body condition was terrible. I even could not walk well just like the mummies.. I took a taxi, and headed to a hostel which Japanese people manage. (Japanese Hostel “Tanabata”)

I finally went to a hospital with a Japanese traveler who can speak Spanish well at the hostel. The doctor told us there is some bacteria in my intestine, and have to reject them by 1 shot of antibiotic syringe for 5 days from today.



The needles were the fattest and longest I’ve ever got in my life. “Oh dear..” I lay down on a bed, and then the doctor stung one of them on my hip quickly. It was super hurts like I got a great kick on my hip by professional Thai kick-boxer (I’ve never got it tho). I even couldn’t move after the shot for a while, and I imagined what I need to get it for 4 times more…

I sweared I will never eat a free ice-candy on a street from strangers.


Warm Food

I was basically just laying down on my bed at the hostel for 5 days. I didn’t do anything special except the shots of antibiotic syringes. I took a rest as much as I could… Maybe I was super tired, and it’s time to rest.. The good things were the food and people were very very nice, kind and warm. I appreciate all.



When my body conditions are getting better, at the hostel 3 ~ 4 travelers were talking for going to adventure which is famous for nature arts. The place was actually sounds very excited. I was thinking and talking myself for a while, and I asked them to join the adventure.

In the next morning, I took the final antibiotic syringe needle on my hip, and I joined the group of travelers.

Travel Photography Journal for Oaxaca
Part. 2 / Hierve el Agua: Stone-waterfall & Natural Pool


View of Hierbe el Agua

We took a local bus, and got off at Mitla. (a small city next by Oaxaca) We waited for a few people for a shared taxi (it’s called “colectivo”) for 30 minutes or so. The taxi didn’t move until it gets the enough passengers.

It was a taxi,,, but not like you imagine, it was almost a small track. We got on the truck bed which had a roof, and took a cheap hard wooden seat. The road was very rough, and shook us a lot. We were grabbing some pipes to not falling down from the truck for 1 hour or more..! That was very adventurous like Indiana Jones.



When we arrived at “Hierbe el Auga” what we saw was a pool which made by nature, and people were swimming there.


Pool 2

Blue Green beautiful colors water, and nice mountain view…

Yellowstone was very mysterious place in the USA, well actually I’ve visited many uniq mysterious places, but here is definitely one of them.


A Tree


Stone Waterfall

Beyond the pool, there is outstanding sight with the uniq nature art. The waterfall on the picture is actually not water, but it’s made by stone! and you can see how big is when you find a people on it.

I was like what those things??


From it

As scientists, there are spring water which have a lot of “lime” (not the fruit) from the ground. As the lime water have moved for thousands or 2 thousands years, the uniq natural pool and stone-waterfall were formed.


A Spring

IMGP5788Sun IMGP5791Moon

Some of them have very strong colors in them.


On The Moon



A beetle was super beautiful, he was like a jewelry which has a motif of a galaxy.

IMGP5801The Sight

Some of the travelers swam in the pool, because it was very hot. They said it was very cold and great. I was looking at them, sky, and the sight with stroking my stomach by my hands.

Travel Photography Journal for Oaxaca
Part. 3 / Hierve el Agua: Trail Hiking



There is a trail way to the bottom of stone-waterfall. We got a huge recommendation to go the trail at the hostel, so we tried to hike the trail.

The trail was 1 hour or more for go & back.

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