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Oaxaca, Mexico, The Widest Tree Árbol del Tule / Travel Photography Journal

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The Giant Mysterious Tree
The Widest Tree in T
he American Continent
Árbol del Tule 

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part. 11


Árbol del Tule 

There is the widest tree in the world in Mexico. The width is 57.9m which is 30 adult people still cannot make a circle when they hold their hands each other. Many tourists and travelers have been visiting there to see it, feel it to get spiritual energy.

The Way To Go To Arbol de Tule From Oaxaca / Bus



People usually visit there by a local bus or tour from Oaxaca.

 icon-asterisk Taking a tour is the easiest way to go there, also the tour company will take you other couple of great places for sightseeing, such as Hierve el Auga. Taking a tour will be the best idea to see around when you do not much have time. In city of Oaxaca there are some tour companies (usually at some hotels) which is easy to find.

 icon-bold Taking a bus is the cheapest and adventurous way. There is the buses which take people to the tree from 9 gate at the second class bus terminal. (nearby the local market) There is a letter “TULE” at the front glass of the bus. It will be cost about 10 peso. It takes 20 minutes.

Bus Terminal Map

Árbol del Tule / Travel Photography Journal


The Width

  • Kind : “Taxodiummucronatum”.
  • Old: over 2000 years old
  • Hight: 41.85m
  • Witdth: 57.9m
  • Weight: 636.107ton



I came here from Hireve el Agua adventure directly by a colectivo (shared taxi).

I could see the huge tree from far away, it was loos the giant broccoli.


Birds’ Space

Upon the branches which grow up to the sky, there are many small birds. Their singing made me be comfortable, and took deep breath.



It grew up as the widest tree, and it needs tons of water for everyday to keep surviving. Nowadays, it cannot live by own himself, he needs people’s water supply. In Mexico, the water is valuable, and people need it to live. I hope there are no people suffering for hydration because of the tree.


The Skin

Humans, animals, trees, fish, insects,,,etc. We are all the same as living in the Earth, but most of the time we forget about that, and sometimes do not respect the lives sadly. The tree is the widest one, then people take care of it very carefully. But there is no difference between other trees as living tree.

Only human make the worth on it, and make the specialties…



The giant tree has a lot of shapes of branches and burls. People told me each of them for some reasons look like some animals.

Like this burl is looks like an elephant..!



This one is a giraffe,,, something like that. I found many animals, (a crocodile, dolphin, ant eater, lion and so on!) and they are really look like the animals mysteriously. It was very interesting to find them.



I actually had been having sickness for a week and still bit hurt on my stomach sometimes when I visited there. But I felt like I got power from the mystery places and the tree. We might have some mysterious powers that we cannot see by our eyes..!



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