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New York – Lower Manhattan Sightseeing (Statue of Liberty Free Ferry)

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New York


As you may know, Niagara Falls are just the border of The USA,

The great cool famous city New York was not so far from there, so,,,

I went there!

Niagara Falls was great, I will never forget the feeling of GREAT falls..! So powerful, beautiful,, The gift from Earth.

The previous article about Niagara Falls;

After visiting Toronto, I headed to the town Niagara Falls by greyhound bus to see of course the widest water fall around the world "Niagara" with a great expec...ツ

 icon-list-ul Contents

 icon-road Arrived in NYC

 icon-camera-retro Lower Manhattan
・Statue of Liberty (free ferry)
・Charging Bull
・Trinity Church
・Stock Exchange
・Brooklyn Bridge
・World Trade Center
・China Town & Little Italy
・Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
・Somewhere on Streets

 icon-road Arrived in NYC

There is a bridge between Canada and America, and people can across the border by their feet just paying a few money. (less than $15)

So I actually walked the bridge and across the border! Not so many people do this for going to America for a few weeks travels tho. It was nice to do it with big back packs, and walked just by myself alone,,, felt like I really am doing TRAVEL. (and took a bus to Buffalo train station, and took a train to NYC.)

The Administration guy was asking me too much than I thought, but I finally went into the land of the USA for the first time. 😀

Feel like “YES, HERE I AM !”

IMG_1010 copy

This time I used “Amtrak train”, it was my first time to use train in North America, but honestly it was amazingly great. Felt like I was in heaven, indeed. So much fun. There were tables, free wifi, wider seats, not so much shaking like buses do, and so beautiful sight from the windows. I just felt like I am falling love for train travels. So good, so comfy.

Just bit more expensive than buses, that is the only negative thing tho. It was about $100 (American).

IMG_1011 copy

There was a cafe too! good smell of coffee…!

IMG_1013 copy

And I was planning the travel in NYC, cus the time is very limited as I wanna see the places. Also I was working for this web site too, so most of the time I was facing to my laptop,,, but when I felt bit was tired if I see outside I could see so beautiful sight that heal me made me smiles. oh man, I love TRAIN!

IMG_1016 copy

When I was arrived in New York city with great expectations, it was in the night, but so many people were walking towards to each ways. So many different people, asian, white, black, old women, men, students like, jewish, homeless people like, polices, beautiful ladies who are models like,,, just so MANY MANY.

The fashion & hairstyle are completely free.

Even the smells are many different kinds, and all of them are something strong, like,,

Rotten bananas, pee, perfume, dust, cars, pizzas, pee again, sweat, and pee again. haha

SO MUCH information that I felt by my body. It did not take time much to simply falling in love this city New York city. How attractive even I just was arrived there about 30 mins ago…!

 icon-camera-retro Lower Manhattan

I was walking around in the area that is called “Lower Manhattan”. The tall buildings, architectures, streets are classic! EVERYWHERE is great for photograph! I actually am not interested in city sight, (because I am born and raised in Tokyo) but NYC is EXCEPTION, something special that I feel. so much fun just walking around and taking photos.

Statue of Liberty (free ferry)

On the day, I stayed at some guy’s house of air B&B.

I just slept so quick even it was a couch, I just slept…

Next day, I went outside to explore, to see how it is going in this city, and to visit some places that I wanted to.

This is the first shot of NYC on the road. haha

Even the rubbish looks arty, because of the atmosphere, maybe.


Nice weather welcomed me outside



The place that I stayed and slept was near from the big famous statue “Statue of Liberty”. So I headed to there for the first sightseeing. There are ferries that people can take some ferry to go to close or land on the island, so I went to the ferry terminals.

On the way, many stuffs of ship tour of Statue of Liberty asked me to buy the tickets, but I declined all…

The reasons why were;

・It costs much, like $25..

・It takes my time much, like 2, 3 hours.

・AND there is a free ferry that can take people close enough!

The free ferry is called “Staten Island Ferry”, this ferry is basically for people who go work or school from the island to the other islands. It was going to the statue enough close for me, and it took just 1 hour. Anyway, I was happy to see it as FREE. haha


NYC squirrel


Actually many people how were on board get the ferry to see the statue. haha

Everyone thinks the same things.

And, eventually I met her.



So big as you can see the people underneath her feet.

And she was green with has gold fire,,, beauty. 🙂



Great securities..!


Paulus Hook with Statue of Liberty


Paulus Hook


Manhattan Island


Mr. Cloud


 icon-map-marker How To Get There?

Many stuffs will try to sell the tickets for the ferries, but if you wanna see it as free don’t follow them, just follow your heart.

The paying ferry of course has positive sides, you can go to the statue closer, and can take your time more, and some ferry can let you land on the island. It’s all up to you!

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