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Niagara Falls Sightseeing / Great Spot & Night Views For Short Trip

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Niagara Falls


After visiting Toronto, I headed to the town Niagara Falls by greyhound bus to see of course the widest water fall around the world “Niagara” with a great expectation and kind of an excited emotion. How would I feel when I see the real one through my eyes, hear the sounds by my ears, and feel the moisture by my body.. The great expectation and excited feeling though travels could be in transportations. We, travelers have fun in our heads, daydreaming, imaginations, before we go places where we go.
So I guess almost all travelers are daydreamer too.

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 icon-camera-retro Sightseeing Area

 icon-rocket Niagara Falls

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  Sightseeing Area


The sightseeing area for Niagara Falls, (Niagara Falls is the name of the city) the whole area is looks like a theme park, and I felt like I am in an old American town like some old American film. The area is very specific, obviously, specialized just for tourism. There are many places that children love to spend their time, and some places that adult people spend time. (such as casinos)

I could feel like this area is the most important as Niagara Falls for money & economy by so many tourists dropping.

Because of the specialized & uniq atmosphere and graciousness of tourism business, I felt like I am in different world, country very much, and I loved it even I did not spend money for any entertainments there tho.

So much colorful stuffs with blue sky.



Sooo many dinosaurs, this is just a gulf place tho.

Children must be excited to see them, and try to enter into the gulf place even they don’t know how to play it.





Oh yeah, bowling too of course.



A big game place.

It was looks like old movies. loved the atmosphere.





So many haunted houses…




Dark Side of this city;

actually, people can work only for warm season in this area, in the winter time too frozen cannot work, so they need to get money on warm seasons. The tourism is the biggest business as this city,,, and it is sad that because of the situation people work the area OR sell their body as pimps. If you go to other area, there would be some prostitutes people as their jobs…


  Niagara Falls

When I went through the sightseeing area, I’ve heard the sounds of tons of water falling, it was like I was heading to a thunder storming.

And finally I saw IT !!!

Sooo wide, big,,,

I was staring it with no words for a while…

and my fingsrs were working hard to take shots of the falls as much as they can…

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『Niagara Falls Sightseeing / Great Spot & Night Views For Short Trip』へのコメント

  1. 名前::D 投稿日:2016/09/06(Tue) 22:28:54 ID:750c42ccc Reply

    colourful niagara falls kirakira sutekine!
    i wish i were there…
    love korotan.<3