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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park / Blue Sky Amazing Photo Points

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 icon-sun-o Under Blue Sky Photos / Spirit Of Navajo
Monument Valley
Navajo Tribal Park

  Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 5


Monument Valley 1

 icon-camera Spiritual Beautiful Land Of Navajo

In this article, I will show you the amazing photography spots with maps, which means you will know the great view spots in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. 

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is amazing & pretty interesting place. It’s famous and popular for tourists, travelers and films around the world. You may know some films that filmed here as the location (such as Back To The Future 3, Forest Gamp and so on) Many people have been here with viewing the amazing sights and feeling the spirit. This Place is also very historical place of Navajo with America. 


THE MAP Of “Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park”

~ BEAUTIFUL..! This place is one of the best places to visit through my whole traveling. I couldn’t stop to be impressed, staring the sight, and feeling the spirit. Under the strong sun light, I had been taking photographs eagerly and respectfully again and again…

The View / Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park


Monument Valley 2

 icon-camera This is your start point to have the spiritual adventure in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. The amazing sight will welcome you into the park. It’s the one of the most beautiful spots to take photos & to view. Taste the each moment, it will be gone so fast, and feel the spirit of Navajo & the Earth with the remembering the history. When you know the history of the land & people the time will be better deeply.

About The History & Navajo With Night Photo:

The photo spot of night view of Monument Valley with maps. The beautiful Navajo land with stars will make you be amazed, impressed and spiritual.

icon-map-marker : 36.983409, -110.112183

There should be a small board saying “Taylor Rock” at the point. Anyway you will find the spot easily.

~ As the sun has risen, the temperature got higher too. It’s warm,,, hmm no it’s hot! We spent too much time to eat & play with dogs where we stayed, we bit hurried and headed to the park. The sight was totally different from the place where we saw last night. It’s so amazing.


The Left Side


The Right Side


The Other Side

The 3 Spiritual Rocks / Gazing Up Spot


Gazing The 3 Rocks Up

 icon-heart-o The Pressure Time will be part of your life.

First when you get into the trail, you will see those 3 rocks that you overlooked from the start point. This time the rocks will be closer and you are going to gaze the massive rocks up.

You can go into the trail by your cars or by tours. The road is not provided well for any cars, the dirt up & down roads have some holes. Driving by yourself is the most freedom option tho, please consider to have an adventure to take your car.

 icon-map-marker 36.984810, -110.111132

(*Roughly Around Here)


By The Other Angle


Merrick Butte With A Tree


Rocks Of Spirit

Three Sisters & John Ford’s Point / With Animals


Three Sisters

There is a group of remarkable strange shape rocks, is called “Three Sisters”. You can see them on the way, also from a point is called “John Ford’s Point”. At John Ford’s Point, there are shops of Navajo hand made crafts, food, coffee, and some horse for taking photos with riding on them.  It should be nice to take a break there, just view the sight with some refreshment, or shopping of the Navajo’s crafts.

 icon-map-marker 36.953647, -110.087358


An Young Horse

At “John Ford’s Point”. The service of taking photos with rinding a horse should be good memorial one. 


Taking Nap

~ I’ve seen some shops, cafe & the horse, then I found the dog under the table of a shop. It seems he is highly relaxed in the environment,,, and I suddenly realized that he and the people who sell their crafts are living “here”. I wondered there was a “house” behind a cafe, and I knew what the house is their “home”. I am wondering how’s the life going here. If the people still keep living their traditional life style, there is no water pipes & electricity. hmm… so different, and wow I love to think & imagine about it.

Rain God Mesa / Behind The Mesa


Giant Rock Hand

The big rock (mesa), “Rain God Mesa” is laying on the land majestically. Behind the mesa the sight is uniq, beautiful and mystery. Some huge rocks are looked like huge hands of giants. At the bottom of it there is a “home” of Navajo with many horses. They offer horse riding tour service to visitors. It costs bit, but for sure it will be great memorial one.

 icon-map-marker 36.942088, -110.064006

(*Roughly Around Here)


Timid Doggy

~ The people’s pet dog. Kosuke was padding him, but when I closed to him, he ran away from me suddenly, why..? then I ran after him bit..! hey! why..? 

Artist Point Overlook / The Great Wilderness


Artist Point Overlook 1

At this place “Artist Point Overlook”, you can see the great view. It’s on the way you going back to the start point. The view is really amazing. The sight will make you feel how human is small, and how big the Earth is. Take some time here, have a deep breath, stare the sight and feel whatever you feel before you leave this beautiful place.

 icon-map-marker 36.957268, -110.059389

~ I kinda understood the Navajo’s belief: The land is “mother”, The sun is “father”, and all of us (included animals, plants, bugs, rivers, mountains…etc/everything) are just the children. Which means we are one big family.


Artist Point Overlook 2

~ I imagined long time ago (about 200 years ago) Navajo people have started to live here, at the time they live with the traditional style, hunting wild animals for eating, dancing for ceremony around a fire pit with singing & wearing the traditional cloths, lying & placing his head on the land and listening to the voice of the Earth… 


Navajo Crafts 

There are also some shops of Navajo art crafts. They are so suit with the sight of Monument Valley. Each art has special shape and has own meaning, it is interesting to know the each meaning. (Almost of them mean material of nature.) The friendly stuff would love to tell you the meaning if you ask them about it.

After Words Comment / About Visiting



 icon-pagelines The Rain & Wind

have been changing the shape of rocks little by little still now. The people’s life style have been changed too as the world have been too. Wearing T-shirt & jeans, and having cell-phones with them & electricity in the home. It’s so natural and nothing wrong. Yes.. it should be nothing wrong. It is the destiny.

 icon-male On The Other Hand,

some of Navajo people have been still living at the bottoms of the spectacular amazing huge rocks as traditional style strongly. Many of them are following their belief with the Earth respectably. The appearance were changed, but the heart is still as the same as “before”. It will be not just having fun of visiting, but it will make you be impressed deeply, getting something emotional strongly, and feeling the spirit just as naturally.

 icon-rocket For More Info:

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park / Trip Adviser

~ I made it,,, I made to come to my dream place where I most wanted to visit all around the world… and I was so right to come over here, I felt, saw, listened, met, leant so much. I appreciate to the Earth for what I am staying alive with a good condition, now be able to travel, and meeting new amazing people, things, sight, animals & culture, then be able to learn from them… “I am alive.” That’s so miracle.

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