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Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park / Night & Morning Photo Point

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 icon-moon-o Night & Morning Photography / Spirit Of Navajo
Monument Valley
Navajo Tribal Park

  Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 4


The Night View Of Monument Valley With Full Moon 1

 icon-heart Feel The Spirit & The Earth

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park will make you feel something very spiritual deeply… So please just feel it, view it and be part of it. The spectacular sight & spiritual atmosphere make people who have visited this place be impressed surprisedly. I will mention about The History, Navajo People & Photo Spots with the maps.

 icon-film It is in South part of Utah & Arizona in America. “The typical western sight” have been locating for American famous films a lot. Such as “Back To The Future 3”, “Forest Gamp” and so on. The view has been on posters, magazines, media and art. The ages ago (about 2 million 7 thousands years), here was under the big river. The erosion and weathering have been making this uniq shape huge rocks and the sight spending for ages, and it is still keeping changing by weathering & raining now.

We offer General Admission for Four Corners and Monument Valley, photography, filming/motion picture, and back-country permits for a variety of locations, and a...ツ

~ Having an adventure in Mesa Verde National Park, we headed to Monument Valley. This was my dream place to come, where I most wanted to come around the world since long time ago. Now this place is one of the best places to visit thorough my traveling.

The History Of Navajo & Monument Valley


A Tree At Monument Valley

About The Land

Thoughts are like arrows. Once released they strike their marks. Guard them well or one day you may be your own victim.

– Navajo Proverb

 icon-flag This place is originally First Nation People’s (Native American) land, in this area there were about 30 million people. In 1300, for some reason the all people were disappeared once mysteriously. Then in 1800 Navajo has started to live in this area. However they have been suffered of a lot of plunder & persecution by western people (white people) for a long time, and NOW it is still their home place for living. Many of the people are still living as their traditional style (for example: no electricity & no water pipes).


About The People

Go Forth In Peace. Be Still Within Yourself, And Know That The Trail Is Beautiful. May The Winds Be Gentle Upon Your Face, And Your Direction Be Straight And True As The Flight Of The Eagle. Walk In Beauty And Harmony With God And All People.  
– Navajo

 icon-heart-o Navajo is one of the peaceful tribe & people. In the past, there were many tribe & people fought against western people’s force of arms, but Navajo did not try to “fight” with them, but tried to “talk” with them. Nowadays, the area is an independent country “Navajo Tribal Park”. There are still many problems, and it sometimes happens some troubles tho, the people are keeping living strongly with the Earth. The visitors have to respect the people who live in there.

 icon-play When we know the history and facts, we can understand the people (behavior, attitude, thoughts..etc), culture and place bit deeper…

The Sunset & Night Photos Of Monument Valley


When It Is Appeared

At the area, you will see suddenly the huge uniq monument valley rocks at the horizon. The magnificent rock make the specious view. This point is called “Forest Gamp Point”, was the location of the film “Forest Gamp”. Once the sun is going down it’s so fast to be darker, so if you want to take photos of the beauties, the time is only at the moment, you should take photos of the sight when you feel it is beautiful. 

 37.070858, -110.033564 (Roughly around here)

~ When the night was coming, and getting darker, I started to view the sight with driving. I parked the car at the side of road, stepped out, and was seeing it without speaking for a while.


Night Camp At Monument Valley 1

 icon-home Camping at Monument Valley

It should be a good idea to do camping at a campsite. It will be cheaper than the expensive hotels, and you can have precious time under the full of stars. You will have fun with seeing the great view, doing BBQ, talking, camp fire, and so on (but no alcohol in the all area). There are a few camping sites, it will be better to book. There are some good camping sites on Airbnb too, also is discount coupon. → Airbnb Discount Coupon 

The Night Has Come…
~ Before we head to Monument Valley, we bought a cheap tent, mattress, and sleeping bags at a Walmart, because the cost was too much to stay at hostels in the area of Monument Valley ~ Grand Canyon (such a sightseeing places). We borrowed a cell phone from a reception lady (who was working at RV camp grand of Monument Valley), and contacted with the owner of Airbnb. We followed his wife’s er car on the dirt road to his house.


Night Camp At Monument Valley 2

~ We were going to sleep in a tent at the owner’s garden. It was very windy and the sky was getting darker, we were hurried to make our tent. We also tried to cook “tasty cheese pasta” by our small camping cooking stuffs, but it was the worst one!! the wind was too strong, and it made the fire weaker, the almost peaces of onions & garlics were still raw, super spicy and strong taste. I was almost puke. At least the simple soup was ok…


The Night View Of Monument Valley With Full Moon 1

There is a remarkable big hotel The View Hotel which is in the charged area, and the view from the property is amazing (the most famous one). You can go inside of the property even you are not the customer for the hotel. You just need to buy the ticket of “Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park for entrance. It would be cost bit to stay in the hotel, but it should be very valuable with the views. If you have enough savings and wanna sleep in a comfortable bed, this is the one of the good options.

 icon-map-marker : 36.983336, -110.112083

~ After the horrible dinner in the night, we tried to see the famous great view. There was a gate that was opened for entrance “Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, but no stuffs,,, so we just passed the gate, and entered inside. (actually it’s often happens at many national parks…).

 icon-asterisk Next day we bought the ticket for Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park”.


The Night View Of Monument Valley With Full Moon 2

~ They are beautiful, indeed. I tried to take photos as much as I could at the point of great view… but the clouds started to cover the whole sky, and hide the stars unluckily. Ahhhh if there is no clouds…! it should be super good photo.


Cloudy Night

~ hmm,,, no more stars, too much clouds, also too bright because of the full moon. We went back to our campsite, and slept for tomorrow…

Morning & Animal Photos Of Monument Valley


At Campsite In The Early Morning 1

 icon-sun-o In The Morning,

~  the darkness has been disappearing, and the sky has been starting brighter step by step silently in the chill air… As the sky has been brighter, I felt my heart has been brighter too. We & the Earth are connected.


At Campsite In The Early Morning 2

~ Brighter, and brighter… the sky told us the morning has come. 


In The Early Morning


In The Morning


White Horse

~ The animals are always great objects for photography in wildness. At the campsite, there were horses, dogs and cats in the garden. The people(Navajo) are still live together with animals in the great nature.


A Dog

~ One of the most friendly dogs at the garden. 


The Dog

~ I came back into the tent to take a nap bit with taking a yawn. The outside was chill, but in the tent was warmer, which it made me sleepy more.


A Puppy

~ I woke up by noise of “something” attacking our tent soon. I thought “the dog” was playing with our tent… It seem the playing had never be ending, it just made me keep waking up… I got bit mad of the noise. I opened the door to say “stop!” to the dog, but in front of the door there was a small super cute puppy. The madness has gone immediately. I was like “STOooo…p.. kawaii! haha”.


The Mum & Son 1

~ They are family..! both of them are so friendly to people and pretty. When I was cooking the breakfast & coffee, they were playing each other all the time. I couldn’t stop to watch the lovely moment. Oh dogs I love you.


The Mum & Son 2


The Love

There are many places to take photos in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. It will be better to plan the places you want to go before you visit to save your time. Have fun, respect Navajo, and feel the spirit & the Earth!

 icon-bullhorn For more info: Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

~ The long day has begun for my dream place Monument Valley with the dogs. We headed to “Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park” to be closer them, and to feel more…!

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