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The Beginning Of A Long Road Trip Story From Montreal, Canada To Alaska, America

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About Me (Traveler, Photographer and Writer)

Im in Quebec City, alone but with 1 big backpack, 1 small backpack and 1 small shoulder bag. It will be a looong way to Alaska from here. Im not sure it is possible or not. I will see it. I will stay alive. #travel #trip #journey #roadtrip #backpack #back

Hello, everyone, I’m Kota. 🙂
For people who don’t know me, nice to meet you.
For people who know me, Yo!
this is "world travel photo blog" for sharing people the real travel experience, information and photographs. I hope you can get some new idea, inspiration and knowledge through my travel blog. :)

I came to Canada from Japan 2 months and some weeks ago.
The reasons why I came here are;
Working Holiday visa can make us be able to stay in other country for a long term, also it will be cheaper than just going to travel and study abroad, because

What I Have Done So Far

For the 1st month,

What I had done in Canada so far are,,,
 icon-globe I could create this website “” from 0 !
 icon-rocket I visited places around Vancouver city.
I had been doing “home-stay” at a Canadian family in North Vancouver. Actually it was hard to be there for some reasons.

For the 2nd months
I moved to Gabriola Island, and I had done;
WWOOF (farm-stay), I had experienced 2 farms. It was a great time with nature & new things to do.

 icon-pagelines Deep Roots Farm

 icon-twitter Hummingbird B&B (Farm)

The Reason Why To Take A Long Road Trip

Pokemon Go with the hosts of "couch surfing" in Quebec City in the first night! Awesome nice people & pokemons :) (left one is me) #trip #travel #journey #photo #photographer #photography #canada #quebec #streetphotography #night #roadtrip #couchsurfing #With the awesome hosts of couch surfing in Quebec City in the night.

One day I felt like “I wanna try to have a long road trip..!” 
And I choose the way to Alaska from Montreal. 
The reason why is,,,
I wanna go to Alaska.
One day, when I woke up, suddenly I felt Alaska is the place where I wanna go.
Why from Montreal??
Because it’s more far, and more fun.
So, my goal is Alaska by road trip, but the real goal is having fun & experiences that I’ve never have before. I will try new things, meet new people as much as I can, and I will see beyond what’s in front of me.
Well,,, after I’m arrived in Alaska, I still don’t have plans yet.
I just try to go Alaska, that’s all.
I will stay alive, I follow my heart, and try to be there.
I will try to keep updating this website as possible as I can on the way…
I will see it.

I just try it !
I just do it !!

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