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Milwaukee University – Going Back To School & Cool Mexican Night

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After Chicago, next direction was Milwaukee, it is not far away from Chicago, just 3 hours by greyhound bus. You might think why Milwaukee. I had been in such a big cities New York and Chicago, and now Milwaukee. Milwaukee does not have something special to visit like NYC & Chicago. Only the reason why was to visit my great friends, Jason & Selena who I met in Gabriola island, BC, Canada when I was doing farm stay. 🙂

It is a pretty B&B in Gabriola Island, but also they are accepted people who come all around the world as farm stay (WWOOF). I've stayed Hummingbird B&B as farm...ツ

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  Going Back To School

MY great friends, Jason & Selena are exchange students from Korea, and going to university in Milwaukee, and Jason let me stay in his room witch has extra bed (student dormitory).

IN A BED, I slept in a bed..! For a few weeks I was sleeping in not bed, but mostly on a couch, sometimes on a seat in bus and on a wooden floor… etc HOW COMFY & HOW HAPPY to sleep in a bed. I was CRAZY, it was comfy, soft, warm, and had a space for rolling over! I didn’t realize the big happiness when I was living in Japan. I could be more crazy if I imagine to sleep in a bed every night in the future. AND I put into my list like “To Sleep In A Bed or Futon” that I would love & excited to do when I come back to home.

Feel like I'm back to a student again..! A great time with great people. #milwaukee #america #university #cardinalstritchuniversity #backpacker #backpacking #backpack #photo #photography #photographer #party #corona #student

I had good times at the school with the students. I ate school cafe’s foods, took a shower at the school, and I joined a small farewell party for one of the students who is leaving from next day. (I wrote a message to her on the message card that everyone wrote some, I’ve never met her before tho. haha) Those activities and experiences remembered me when I was a student too… I had been in Australia as an exchange student too about 6 years ago? OH time flies…! The time was still amazing & shining.

At the party they were having fun and laughing, chatting, eating pizzas and snacks, drinking, watching a horror film and vocalized “Oy My God!” again & again in the darker common room… etc I was sitting and seeing the sights from bit further away from it, and was remembering keenly my school memories, and I felt I am bit older now.

In the past, I always tried to do anything hard as much as I could,,, I think I’ve been coming right way as my life going, but I sometimes think like maybe I should go the other way, but impossible to change it. I have to believe myself and go forward.


The other day, they cooked a great great Korean foods for me. So spicy but so good taste and warm, honestly it was the best foods ever I had since I left Japan. Thank you, mates! 😀

AND the great thing was the moments, going to a super market to get some foods and juice together, cooking in a school kitchen together, ate the foods with the great friends together.. I tried to hold and taste the each moments, not miss even one of them, and to keep them in my mind’s shelf forever.

I think we live for such a great moments in our lives. We feel life is sucks for most of the times, but there are still great moments, happens, that’s why we can live. And we have to open our eyes and mind to receive it, to get it, to not miss it. 

  Mexican Night


Next day, they let me join into one of their friends’ brother’s Mexican birthday party. The sights and atmosphere were completely deferent from others, I have never been into the Mexican world before, and it was very cool that I simply felt.

So many people came into the backyard party, it looks most of them are Mexican, and speaking Spanish. So good & spicy Mexican Foods on the tables. AND of course the great beer Corona too.


Sweet ones


The main person who got his birthday!

Every one is very welcoming, warm, kind and funny.




This is Mexican traditional play “Piñata” to do at the party for kids. People smash by the wood stick to the things that made by paper has snacks & candies in inside, and tried to break it to get the inside stuffs. The other people sing, and 2 guys swing the thing to be more fun.


Adults do this too, and I tried to do it too! it was fun and new experience.


When it is broken, and snacks were fell into the ground like a rain, then the kids picked them up so quickly. The sight was very fun and interesting to see.



And they love to dance, they brought a DJ for music and dancing in the back garage. The music was very loud, and people were dancing nobody shy for dancing. Small kids, old people, young students,,, just everyone was dancing.

Cool and Fun culture!



Those great moments made me want to travel in Mexico strongly now. It would be great journey too.  One day, I will absolutely do it. 🙂 I love Mexican culture!

Thank you Jason & Selena for inviting me into the party,

and thank you Vince & Castro who let me joined the party.

It was so good, warm and fun time.



Trough this experiences, I realized one big thing again that as having good times, the important thing is who I spend the time together with.

Of course, there are the other important things to have good times too, like the places and activities. (where I am, things what I do… etc) BUT when the people are great, the places can be great one too. For the doing could be great one too.

I can say to any situations for human lives, like works, travels, schools, games, and whatever. The places & activities are still very important, but if the people are bad, then the time will be difficult too. Very difficult to have the balance in human lives. We always have the trouble on it.

I just felt so strongly at this time.


It was cold out side little bit, and getting darker. The company was so warm and comfy, it was hard to leave… But I need to keep my travel, and go forward on my way.

I got my backpacks, and left the place with something great emotion. In the travels, we say “Hello” and next day we say “Goodbye”, again and again.

I go alone again, to meet new people, things, and to see the other world and sights. What will be in front of me tomorrow? what’s next ?

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