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Teotihuacan Remains Mexico City / Huge Pyramid Of Sun & Moon

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Huge Pyramid Of Sun & Moon
Mexico City

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part.2


Pyramid Of Sun

 icon-camera The big mysterious pyramids wait for you… 

At Teotihuacan, the 2 huge pyramids have been standing there since ages ago. (2nd century BC)

One is called “Pyramid Of Sun”, and the other one is “Pyramid Of Moon”.

They are not only “huge things”, but also the accurately architecture works with improving the highly astronomy skills will be impressive you. We still do not sure why the pyramids are there, exactly when, and how. Archaeologists mentioned there were about 20 million people living, but they were suddenly disappeared… WHY?

Those historic and mysterious remains have been fascinating people around the world. 

One day, a young Japanese man “Ryohei” arrived at the hostel that I stayed. He said, he has been working at north city of Mexico, and took some holidays for Mexico City.

We got beer together in the night. He was excited to visit Teotihuacan for the pyramids. I did not know about the pyramids stuffs at all at the moment. As he explained me how good the place with his shining eyes, I got feeling to go there with him step by step… OK I’ll join you.

Pyramid Of Sun


Pyramid Of Sun 2

It’s easy to be there from Mexico City by one bus from the North bus terminal. (In Spanish: Norte Bus Terminal) In total for go and back will be less than US $10. 

 icon-exclamation-triangle It will be very hot and strong sun light after noon, so I recommend you visit in the early morning with wearing some cap or hat.

Entry tickets are sold at the ticket centre in Teotihuacan before the gate. The gate and ticket center is bit far away, so don’t forget to buy the tickets.

We planed to wake up very early morning, but it did not work for us. We ate some free bread at the hostel at 7 AM, and headed to the bus terminal by subway. We lost little bit on the way to bus terminal, but we made to come there. 

When we arrived at Teotihuacan, it was around 11 AM. It was getting hotter more then we expected. After we entered the entry, in front of us the huge pyramid of Sun was waiting for us.


To The Top

We headed to the top of the pyramid tho, there were so many people on the steps, and it made “stuck in traffic” like. Everyone seemed like “I don’t want to stay under the super strong sun light on this pyramid’s steps!”.

For me, I was remembering very crowded train in Tokyo. I was in a crowd in trains in Tokyo, but now I’m in a crowd on the pyramid. hmm… the situation was changed very much. 


From The Top

From the top, I knew I came up to very high level. The stronger wind blowing helped us to feel chill. People on the ground were so small. The people were constantly coming up to this top of pyramid. The sight was like ants climb to huge candy.



On the top of pyramid of Sun, people raise their hands in the air and praying mysteriously. I remembered that some people believe on the top of the pyramid, they can get power from Sun. I was watching them curiously for a while, and then I raise my hand in the air too little bit.



Some people pray, and some people love.


Pyramid Of Moon From Sun

From the top, I also could see the other big pyramid “Pyramid Of Moon”. 



Ryohei took photo of me was taking photo of pyramid of moon.



Pyramid Of Moon


Pyramid Of Moon

Pyramid Of Moon is bit lower than Sun tho, it has beautiful appearance and way with many accurately remains besides. The way is called “the Avenue of the Dead”. When you get the top of the pyramid, you will see the beautiful avenue.  

In 2nd Century BC, The 20 million Teotihuacan people were disappeared suddenly mysteriously. Then when the other civilization Aztec people found this remains, they shocked and believed this place was city of gods, because they couldn’t build such a big & accurate architecture city. 


Pyramid Of Moon 2

As I remembered the knowledges of Teotihuacan, I tried to see the sight with imagining the “time” of Teotihuacan people and Aztec people, but it was difficult to do it. I still cannot believe the stories yet, and the super hot weather made me want to escape the place little by little. 



People believed jaguar was one of their gods. 


Pyramid Of Moon 3

The steps were much more sharp than pyramid of sun.

People were very carefully to go up & down. 


Ancient Steps


The Avenue Of The Dead

From the top of pyramid of moon, the sight is amazing. In front of me, there were the all of the historic remains besides the avenue of the dead. 



I was staring the avenue, pyramid and people for a while. 

Luckily when we headed to the next pyramid, we encountered a ceremony by native Mexican people..! (Next Page)

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