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7 Things To Do In Mexico City

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7 Things To Do In Mexico City

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part.5


Biblioteca Vasconcelos

 icon-camera-retro Introducing the 7 things in Mexico City with photography.

The city is getting popular for visiting, sightseeing and traveling for these days. It’s still called dangerous and risky to go by media, but there are really amazing cool places to see and feel. The Mexican food is of course super good, that would be one the reasons to visit there for many people. As the historic side is great interesting too. Now what I write in this article is 7 things that you should do for having good times Mexico City, if you have a chance to come Mexico City. 🙂

1. The Coolest Library “Biblioteca Vasconcelos”
in Mexico City



It’s called “Biblioteca Vasconcelos” and the best library in Mexico. The rare cool designed shelves make visitors feel next level of human architecture. It’s free to access (of course it’s a library) and not far away from central Mexico City. You can have a break here, read books, PC works, taking photographs and whatever you like with keeping being quiet. 

 icon-map-marker Buenavista Eje 1 Norte | Buenavista, Metro CuauhtémocMexico City, Mexico


Hall Way

Everywhere can be great photo spot tho, sadly for photographers what librarians decline people to take photographs by a “Camera” for some reasons. But you can take photos by your phones. I wish I had iPhone 7 at the moment.




From A Shelf






2. The Biggest Museum “National Museum of Anthropology”
in Mexico City (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)



It’s the national museum in Mexico, is called “National Museum of Anthropology”. There are many important collections for Mexican history. For people like history stuff, here is the place to go for sure. For people are not interested in history much, also it will be a good place to visit too because of the outstanding big collections. 

 icon-map-marker Avenida Paseo de la Reforma | Chapultepec PolancoMexico City 11560, Mexico




National Treasure


A Man


A Big Face

IMGP5186 copy-iloveimg-compressedPregnancy Monkey

3. Mexican National Exciting Sport “Lucha Libre”
in Mexico City 


Lucha Libre

“Lucha Libre” it is national Mexican sport, and to see it is probably the most common thing to do in Mexico City. It’s a marshal arts but more like a show, and people playing fight for audience. The heat from the stage makes audience very excited..!

There is a big association of “Lucha Libre”, is “CMLL”. There are 2 big arenas. The one is “Arena Coliseo” which is opened on every Sunday night, and  the other one is “Arena Mexicowhich is opened on every Tuesday and Friday night. The great seat will be about 400 Pesos, but the cheap one will be just about 50 Pesos. You can get the tickets at the arenas.



The show is opened in the night around 20:00, and it will be bit risky to use metro in the night in Mexico City. UBER is one the options to go and back for safe transportations. By the way, it’s prohibit to bring your camera into the arenas, so don’t bring your heavy big camera stuffs.

4. The Huge Pyramids Teotihuacan Remains


The Avenue Of The Dead

At Teotihuacan, the 2 huge pyramids have been standing there since ages ago. (2nd century BC)

One is called “Pyramid Of Sun”, and the other one is “Pyramid Of Moon”. They are not only “huge things”, but also the accurately architecture works with improving the highly astronomy skills will be impressive you. We still do not sure why the pyramids are there, exactly when, and how. Archaeologists mentioned there were about 20 million people living, but they were suddenly disappeared… WHY? Those historic and mysterious remains have been fascinating people around the world. 

More Information Below:

Teotihuacan Remains Mexico City / Huge Pyramid Of Sun & Moon

5. The Historical Central “Zocalo”


Colonial Houses

In the area of Zocalo in Mexico City, you can see Spanish style architectures & roads. The colorful and beautiful architectures make people feel like in Europe. Here is not only just beautiful place, but also there is a lot of historic stories behind. If you know the history little bit, and came this place you are gonna feel something special….

More Information Below:

How To Walk in Zocalo With Mexican History / Mexico City

6. Visiting Cool Uniq Atmosphere “Local”
Cheap Tasty Mexican “Local Market”“Street Food”



There are many local markets anywhere in Mexico City. If you travel in Mexico City you should try to go inside of some local markets. The different cool food culture will welcome to you. (with cheap price) The atmosphere will make you feel “you are in MEXICO!”.


Chicken Legs

There are also many street food shops in the city, like everywhere! Thankfully they are tasty and very cheap. It will be a good food adventure when you seek and try to find a good local street food shop. Especially Tacos is very popular and famous in Mexico City, so try it once at least..! (tacos with coke is super awesome)

More Information Below

Traveling For Local Mexico City / Tasty Cheep Mexican Street Food

7. Wired Weird Mysterious “The Island Of The Dolls”



When you take public transportations for 30 minutes from central, you are going to have an opportunity to be on a boat for slow adventure of the beautiful historic interesting water city, Xochimilco.

It is a water city like Venice (more wildness), and people use boats to go around as a transportation. People live in houses which are beside the lands of river. You can take a boat tour, and it’ll be so good just seeing the lives going of people, animals, birds and more. Just relax, and take your time.

However, Many people are afraid to go there actually because there is a really “wired weird spot”. It’s called “The Island Of The Dolls”. If you take a longer tour (4 hours), you are going to be the wired place. It’s all up to you…! You can avoid the wired place, and can enjoy for only beautiful side.

More Information Below

Scary? Xochimilco, Mexico Boats Tour / 3 Steps Access For Island Of The Dolls

After Words

The 7 things were I had done by myself in Mexico City, and I really loved them all.  I hope this article will help you for traveling in Mexico, and those things and places will be unforgettable good memory for your Mexican adventure one day. Just be careful what forgetting being in Mexico City, the place is still not such a safe place. Have fun & enjoy.

Thank you for reading, bye! 

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