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Traveling For Local Mexico City / Tasty Cheep Mexican Street Food

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Mexico City
Tasty Cheep Mexican Street Food

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part.1



 icon-eye Mexico City:

The capital city of Mexico. The biggest city in Mexico has always fun things to see, such as national museums, art museums, zocalo and remains. The local markets and street food shops make good Mexica food that make people hungry and happy. The Mexican atmosphere and air make us feel so good. However it is bit risky to travel, because there are still many robbers, thieves and gangs. Especially in the night it is more dangerous. Always have to be careful. Do not pretend clearly you are a traveler or visitor.

~ When around end of June I came to Mexico City from Las Vegas, America. It was at around 4 AM. I decided to come to this country suddenly alone with no plan, because I simply felt “Mexico was calling me” at the moment. People might think I’m crazy, but it doesn’t matter what people think and say.

Public Transportations / Mexico City
The Positive Side & Negative Side Of Subway

IMG_5043Mexico City Subway

First for public transportations, it is very important to know for traveling in Mexico City for your “safe”, so I will write about it down here.

 icon-play Postitive 

There are developed useful subway that will take you anywhere in Mexico City. Getting trains are “super cheap” (less than $1 to any station) “easy” and “fast”. Also it would be a good experience for you. If you get how to take subway in Mexico City, your time of Mexico City will be awesome. 

 icon-exclamation-triangle Negative

However Be Careful! At subway in Mexico City is “very risky” for tourists and travelers, because there are groups of skillful thief. Many people were stolen their wallets and mobile phones. The skill is really outstanding. Even people cannot recognize when they lost their belongings. Don’t put your phones and wallet into your pocket. Also in the night time will be very dangerous, there are some robbers with knives. They will threaten people for money.

→ These days Uber is one of a good options as transportation in Mexico City. It’s getting be popular, because it’s cheaper and more useful than taxi. Of course you can take a taxi too, but be careful to take a taxi that is driving on streets. Some taxi will ask you much money or the taxi driver is a robber. When you use taxi you should book or call to a safe taxi company.

IMG_4952 copy

I AM A Traveler

~ In the early morning, I was sitting on the floor at the airport with my many heavy bags. “…Where should I go now?”

Airport free wifi helped to find a Japanese cheap hostel which is 50 mins away from here by subway. At the moment, I also got a warm message from my Mexican friend “Pedro” who met me in NYC. He was staying at the same host’s place of couch-surfing, because he read my updated profile on couch-surfing. It was like this “I’m in Mexico City Airport alone at 4 AM, no cash, no place to go so far”. What he told me was “I can stay at his home place even he cannot be in the home. Instead of him, his family will treat me as his one of his family.”

I’m alone now, but I’m actually not… His home is far away from Mexico City, and I cannot go there tho, the message made me stood up and started to move. I went into the crowded subway with many bags to go to the hostel. (It’s actually risky to do tho)

 icon-building At A Hostel

I put my bags down. I took a shower, and I laid down on a bed for a while… I knew I was super tired from Grand Circle Road Trip in America. Mexico is much cheaper than America, so I wished I chill as much as I want to here…

I realized that I was sleeping when I woke up. My room was dormitory, it’s cheaper but I needed to share the space with 5 or 6 guys. There were 2 old Japanese guys talking with laughing. They said many jokes? but too old style. I couldn’t get them and laugh. I went to outside to put something into my empty stomach.

Tasty Cheap Mexican Street Food



 icon-cutlery Street Food

There are so many street food shops in the city, like everywhere! Also they are tasty and very cheap. It will be good food adventure when you seek and try to find a good local street food shop. Especially Tacos is very popular and famous in Mexico City, so try it once at least..! (tacos with coke is super awesome)

Just a few minutes walks away from the hostel, there were many food shops like a festival with many people. The new sight, atmosphere, smell and sounds for my life made me very excited to explore. I wondered in the Mexican wave of people. 

I felt something at a tacos shop. I tried to order some, but I was surprised how the everyone couldn’t speak English at the shop. They even didn’t know the words “Yes & No”. The owner and me tried to communicate each other by body languages. He pointed to some food like “you wanna this one?”.


Coke & Tacos

The taste was YES so good. Well “the taste” is OK actually, but the atmosphere made it super tasty. Eating tacos with drinking coke in Mexico City with Mexican who speak only Spanish which I don’t understand at all… I think the “atmosphere” is one of the most important spice for eating.


Chicken Legs

Since the first meal, I was always happy for every Mexican meal. I often went outside for meal hunting, and for every order I tried to communicate by only body language with people, and I tried to eat anything. The people were very helpful and kind even I really couldn’t say anything in Spanish.

The all food were so cheaper, and so tasty. “I was so happy to be here.” I really felt “I was very right to come to Mexico from America, to follow my inspiration”. As I wish I tried to chill well and stay at the hostel as much as I want, and eat the local food.

Local Mexican Market With Local People


Market 1

 icon-location-arrow Local Market

There are many local markets anywhere in Mexico City. If you travel in Mexico City you should try to go inside of some local markets. The different cool food culture will welcome to you. (with cheap price) The atmosphere will make you feel “you are in MEXICO!”.

 icon-exclamation-triangle Be Careful

However be careful at places with many people in Mexico City such as a market there is some groups of robbers too. Usually there is 5 people, and suddenly attack to a person without any noise from his or her back. And they will hold his or her both hands and legs and choke the neck until being swoon. You should sometimes look back when you walk in a crowd area.



The local markets made me so excited. There is always “the color” of the “place”, and I love to see it, feel it and think about it. The local people buy food, talk in Spanish, then I imagine their lives. The time was special and very precious for me. I started to think like I don’t need to go to sightseeing places as “traveling”, but I should go places where we can feel the real and local.


Market 2

They are so big pork’s fried skins. It’s first time to see the wired food, but the oily smell made me hungry. 


Market 3

In Mexico City, I took a rest well, ate many local food at street food shops, went some local markets, took photos a lot and wrote some articles for this blog…This is what I wanted to do.

“I’ve already loved Mexico” I felt so at the moment.

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