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How To Walk in Zocalo With Mexican History / Mexico City

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Mexico City
How To Walk in Zocalo With Mexican History 

 icon-bullseye Mexican Adventure / Part.3


 icon-bookmark Historic Mexico!

I will write about the interesting history of Mexico (shortly), and useful information of sightseeing around Zocalo in Mexico City. When we know the history of places where we go, our travel will be much more interesting and deeper..! 

Mexico has a very very interesting long history and a lot of stories for over 2 million years. It’s too many stories, I cannot write the all here. Also scientists still cannot reveal the all history clearly. There are still many mysteries..! (That’s why people feel romantic tho) 😀

~ I’ve been still in the same hostel in Mexico City. When I came to Mexico I really did not know anything about Mexico, but step by step I got some places that I want to go in Mexico. 

A Short History Of Mexico / Conquer & Be Conquered


skulls 2

 icon-book Mexican History

The short summary is like this;

Long time ago,, (about 2 million years ago) There were many groups of native people with different culture & civilizations. The each groups developed their civilization highly and had trade each other. The skills of agriculture, architecture, astronomy and so on were very developed as the ages, but of course they were “human”, they had fight and conquer a lot. 

However suddenly the situation has changed totally.

Spanish people came into Mexico (1519). It’s interesting and tragedy. At the time, the native religion’s bible mentioned “one day, one of the god which has “white face” will be appeared”, so they welcomed Spanish people as they believed their god.

BUT actually Spanish people were not god for them, they conquered the all native people just for 2 years..! The big reason was Spanish brought accidentally a few kinds of “disease” that killed native people a lot. Also Spanish had more developed weapons. For native people since the day everything has changed.  


For A Heart

The land was started to be called “Mexico” as new big Spanish colony. Before the Spanish happen there were 2500 million of native people, but it reduced to 100 million in a few years..! Spanish broke down the native cultures, religions, architectures,,, well everything. Then brought & built Spanish things on it, on the land. Actually Spanish did the same thing to almost all South America area. As you know now the people speak Spanish there. (The human history is always horrible indeed…)

In 1810, the “Mexican” people stood and fought against Spanish. And then they made independent from the horrible situation. Nowadays, there is cool country Mexico. (it has still a lot of problems tho).

How To Walk in Zocalo / Mexico City


Colonial Houses

In the area of Zocalo in Mexico City, you can see Spanish style architectures & roads. The colorful and beautiful architectures make people feel like in Europe. Here is not only just beautiful place, but also there is a lot of historic stories behind. If you know the history little bit, and came this place you are gonna feel something special….

thumb_IMG_5046_1024 copy

Used be

 icon-bolt Mexica City was born as the colonial city.

The area of Mexico City was the capital “water city” of native people like Venice. But Spanish broke down all to pisces, and filled stuffs into the water and built their Spanish roads, buildings and churches, so the native cultures & things are buried deeply…

The native things are still sleeping under the ground. Area of Zocalo, there are still a lot of native things under the Spanish architectures. People have been still digging the ground to collect the lost cultures and history. 




Under The Ground

When you visit to Zocalo, in front of you there are huge beautiful Spanish architectures, but you will also see some glasses on the ground. That will show you the buried native things under the ground. 


The Church

I knew some of the history of Mexico and Mexico City before I came this place. When I came here and saw the native things under the beautiful Spanish architectures, I felt something strong.


A Little Blonde Guy

In inside of the church, there were beautiful architecture art and many Mexican people who were praying. I was wondering and thinking of the people. The praying people’s ancestors were praying for the other god in the past, but since the day Spanish conquered this land the native people needed to pray for Spanish religion (Christ)… Now the all Mexican people in the church were praying eagerly. 


“To conquer” is much bigger than what I imagined. It takes people’s “everything” including religion & belief. 


A Car For Garbage 1

Out of the church, the strong Mexican sunlight made me very thirsty. Water that’s what I needed most at the moment.


A Car For Garbage 2

Templo Mayor Museum / The Dug Up Native Things


Circle Lady

 icon-camera-retro Templo Mayor Museum

The museum is good for knowing and feeling Mexican history. You can see the dug up native things from the ground in this museum. To see the sight of real native things with Spanish architecture is one of the coolest things to do in Mexico City.


Dug Up 1

You can walk around the dug up big native remains.

You need to leave your water bottle at the entrance, so take some hydration before you start to historic walk. When it’s sunny in Mexico the sunlight is super strong.


Dug Up 2



In the remains walking road, you will see a museum which has dug up native things.

There are much exhibitions to see. In inside is much cooler as temperature than outside, take your time and have fun to see & feel the cool things.





IMGP4873Native Art


A Huge Guy

After Words



 icon-book Human history is always horrible but is very interesting

I felt something much stronger here than Teotihuacan remains in my heart. The reason why was I could imagine the history easier. Also the contrast of Spanish beautiful architecture and native things under the ground was super interesting for me.

Whenever, wherever people always fight each other, and they do not stop. cannot stop. That’s the human being. I was hoping to know something important for human and as for my life through Mexican traveling.

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