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Mesa Verde, Colorado, America / The Reason Why Ancient Village Is In Cliff

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The Reason Why Ancient Village Is In Cliff
Mesa Verde National Park
Colorado, America

 icon-road Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 3


House Of Many Windows

 icon-eye Ancient Village In The Cliff Mysteriously.

Mesa Verde National Park, There are ancient villages in cliffs (built over 600 years ago). Some of them is under big rocks, and some of them is in rock walls. This uniq historical place is registered as world heritage by UNESCO. This is the visiting report with photos, information & maps! The mystery historical sight will make you be interested of the history, the people and history. This place is something different compare as the other national parks, it is deeply good to visit.

 icon-map-marker : Mesa Verde National Park, Colorad, America 

~ Arches National Park was amazing, indeed.. I and Kosuke were impressed the huge nature art museum. Next day we came to Mesa Verde National Park in the morning. Since I had watched someone’s video of USA road trip that showed me this national park on youtube one day, I really wanted to come here. However, we will know that we can go into the ancient villages “only” when we take tours …

Spruce Tree House / A Village Under The Cliff


Spruce Tree House

It’s called Spruce Tree House“. There are some village to see, and this is the place that people have to visit. As you can see the houses (village) are under the big cliff rocks mysteriously. There is a free museum “Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum” that you can learn about the villages next by “spruce tree house”. It will be better to know some knowledges and studies for bit deeper understanding of it.

 icon-map-marker MAP: Spruce Tree House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, America.

If you join a tour for “spruce tree house”, you can be inside of the village. 

  • Also can book at the visitor center desk in the national park, and at some visitor center in nearby cities (for example: Cortez).


Cliff Roof

 icon-question-circle The Reason Why The Village Is In The Cliff:

At the time, the environment was super hard to live for human in this area. It is still hard to live there, in the summer extremely strong sunlight make there very hot, and in the winter it’s very cold with strong wind and snow. A lot of people had been died every year…


At The Time

One day, they realized what “in the cliff they could protect themselves in the tough environment.” It’s hard to access into the cliff, but there was big enough space to live. They had started to make their village in the cliffs using full of their brain, tools, people, and energy. It did not matter if the person is a woman, child or old, all of them needed to work for it, for stay alive. It was a very challenging one.



Finally, they made their village in the cliffs, their new life, history and culture have began. In the summer, it had shade that could keep people away from the strong sunlight, so it was always cool and comfortable. In the winter, it made people avoiding from snow & wind that can kill people, also kept warm air in the cliffs. 

~ I really wanted to be in the inside of the village, but it was too late, when we visited at the desk of visitor center the staff told us “there was no tours that we could join in on the day”. “Next time…” yes maybe I will have “next time” one day in the future… After 1 hour or so we saw the village, and then I suddenly forgot about the shit feeling, I was just viewing it for a while… I had visited great national parks, for example Yellowstone, Horseshoe Canyon, and Arches, and they made me “WOW!” with great impression & shock, but this place “Spruce Tree House” was something different. It made me be impressed silently, deeply, strongly, spiritually and the feeling was getting bigger step by step as I imagined the people’s “lives” here.

Spruce Canyon Trail / Spirit Of Historical Romantic Adventure


View From The Hill

It’s not just a good view trail when you imagine and think about “the people”.

Next by “Spruce Tree House”, there is a trail Spruce Canyon Trail. You can walk on the cliff that is covered villages, and will see the great view. A lot of hills with cliffs are stood there as the same as ages ago when the first nation found this place. Ages ago, “the young people” of the village often climbed the cliffs for bushes for fire with taking risks. You will see little thousands of depressions that a person can grab for climbing. 

“Spruce Canyon Trail” is a long trail, it takes your time. There is a small loop trail in the part of “Spruce Canyon Trail”. It would be better to take the small loop when you want to see all the points in Mesa Verde National Park.


Sky & Cliff With A Small Door

~ We started to walk the trail without any information, so we didn’t know how long the trail is… At the beginning, we asked a family that came from the other side “Hello, how many minutes did you spend to come over here?”. The father said “40 minutes”. However, after 40 minutes or so, we realized that we were still even at the point of 1/4 of the trail. We sweated much, and walked a lot, also Kosuke was wearing sandals accidentally! lol I hate to do “giving up” but no choice to do it. We started to going back to the same way. 


The View 1


The View 2


A Mescal

~ The view is great, also the nature citizens are so nice too. (plants, animals, birds, lizards.. etc)


A Flower


A Small Lizard


A Bigger Lizard

IMGP3827 copy

A Green Lizard


A Green Lizard On The Rock

Cliff Palace / Ancient Rock Apartment 

IMGP3842 copy

Cliff Palace 1

One of the big villages, Cliff Palacewill show you the ancient architecture. The steps, windows, rooms and walls, all of them are made by rocks. The skills and buildings are amazing as the ages. You also can be walking in the inside of village only when you join a tour. (same as Spruce Tree House)


Cliff Palace 2

~ The other village in the other cliff,,, the sight made me think human is amazing and strong. They developed skills to stay alive longer by agriculture, architecture, cooking… etc. They were always staying together, and helped each other as a big real family even there is no blood connections between them.


Cliff Palace 3


Shape Angle

~ Nowadays we live in 21st century with much developed skills and technology. The speed of developing so fast, and we can do so many things easily what ancient people never be able to do. It’s super convenience world now, but we live separately, keep private strongly. It seems there is no sense of a big family each other especially in developed countries.

House Of Many Windows / Hidden House In The Cliff


House Of Many Windows

There is a house with windows at the cliff. It is in the cliff (rocks), and it’s little bit hard to find them. When you are carefully to observe the surface of cliff at “Cliff Canyon”, you will find them. This is the place what make you be able to feel the history, romance and spiritual, so please taste the moment when you are viewing them.

 icon-map-marker : It’s better to ask at the visiter center “the spot for House Of Many Windows”. I’m sorry that I’m not sure the correct spot to view it. What I remember is it’s at “Cliff Canyon” a few minutes away from “Cliff Palace”. I wish your luck to find them.

IMGP3859 copy

House Of Many Windows View

~ The time to close of Mesa Verde National Park was coming in 1 hour or so, we were kinda rush to see the things. Then we suddenly saw (found) the house in the cliff. We were stopped our movement, and just viewing it for a while with feel the spirit.


One Window In The Cliff

~ I wonder the life in the cliff. The people were living it, coming back from working there as their “home”. If I was living there, how would I feel to being part of the people… I guess what I most like to do is “knowing the completely different lives. Imagining, feeling of the lives, and trying to being part of the “lives”. This place was super interesting for doing it. It’s so good deeply, indeed.

I and Kosuke left this great national park, and headed to new place at the sunset time. Traveling is hard, but it’s also so valuable, it can make my life “rich”.

 icon-rocket For More Info: Mesa Verde National Park / Trip Advisor

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