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Lower Antelope Canyon / Rock Waves + Lights Magic Adventure

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Rock Waves + Lights Magic Adventure
Lower Antelope Canyon 
Navajo Tribal / The USA

  Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 8


Golden Waves

 icon-globe The Rock Waves + Lights Magic Adventure Will Make You Feel Not In The Earth.

Lower Antelope Canyon: People are amazed, impressed and not be able to stop taking photos there. The too mysterious artistic nature beauties make us even feel like are not in the Earth. It’s like somewhere amazing in a different planet.

I will show you some of the beautiful nature arts by photos here…

~ After Upper Antelope Canyon, we came down to Lower Antelope Canyon soon on the same day. Upon the sky, there has been sun lighting up the world, and heating up very strongly. We started to walk on desert to enter the canyon by the tour with sweating much. From the entrance we went down by steep stairs, and what we saw was the great wave rocks. The wave rocks + light magic show has began..

ABOUT: Antelope Canyon / History & Environment 


Gold Is At The Top

There are 2 places to visit as “Antelope Canyon”. One is Upper, and the other is Lower. Both of them are placed a few km away each other, and each of them has own uniq sight and beauties. People can go only by tours tho, there are a lot of visitors everyday.

 icon-link About Upper Antelope Canyon

In Upper Antelope Canyon, under amazing artistic rock wave walls, there are happens of SUN BEAM only when the sun is upon the canyon. The taking breath sight ma...ツ


Lower Antelope RED

Because of the amazingly beautiful sight, a lot of photographers and media productions had taken shots here as their works (magazines, music videos, films, advertisement and so on). So many travelers and tourists have been visiting and impressing by the cool view here. 

This place is also in Navajo Tribal Park, which means this is Navajo’s holly land as same as Monument Valley. (that’s the reason why visitors need to pay Navajo Tax as extra cost for entry) 

~ Both of Upper and Lower are amazing, indeed. But honestly, for me “Lower Antelope Canyon” is much better, cooler and more valuable, I had more fun! Walking on sand, rocks and climbing ladders, seeing the each amazing view, taking photos a lot… The all of the activities made me very excited and happy. I recommend “Lower” to people who can go either only one, this is really cool adventure + experience.

Lower Antelope Canyon / Wave Rocks + Lights Magic


According scientists, nature material “Water” and “Wave” made this uniq shape with spending for ages ago. The mysterious and beautiful arch rocks are popular for human now tho, there were many people had died here actually in the past…


Dark & Light

Long time ago, this place was Native American’s hidden holy place, but there were often got flash flood by rains. Even the rain was far away from this place, the massive water stream was often turned to be a flash flood, and ran into the area… After white people came into the land America, many climbers visited this place, and the flash flood dragged people into the water and took their lives. 


Going Up

Nowadays there are steel stairs and ladders at least, and it’s impossible to enter in it when there is a possibility of flash flood, so it’s very safer now. (the ladders & stairs are too steep for some people tho) 

In the photo, you can see some holes left beside of the ladder. The holes are used be used by climbers.


Purple Light

The sun light reflect on the surface of wave rocks complicatedly, and it makes mysterious color. Sometimes it’s gold, pink, purple and so on. The color is appeared only in a moment, so do not miss the moment.


Effected 1

~ Any place has some tragedy history with human, even there is very beautiful sight. like there is always “shadow + darkness” behind the “light + beauties”. Since I realized it, what I see by my eyes is bit more different and deeper.






Black & White

~ And it’s totally different what we see even when we walk at the same place. We are different since we were born, the nationality, racial, language, what we feel, how to think… also we are changing. Even what I see has been changed constantly for me just as I wrote. 


Golden In The Darkness

~ When we get negative things it’s hardly finding the positive sides, but in the darkness, there is always brightness too. 


In The Rocks


Nature Architecture


In The Between

The place is not only for you, not only for mine, but it’s ours.

~ There is a family from some Asia country, and stopped at every corner and took photos again and again (took times much), then all of the people after them had to stopped as they stopped. The people obviously were upset about it, but the family didn’t care about the others at all. The place is really amazing, and I understand the family too, but it’s still necessary to think about others.

IMGP4364Pink Waves

~ It was so nice to come here when it is sunny. When we came back to the parking we realized that our car was stuck into sand and couldn’t leave from there even I pushed the car strongly and Kosuke stepped on accelerator for a while... Under the strong sun light luckily 2 cool strangers helped us to push the car together, then we finally escaped tin the end. (I felt how stronger human power is when we are together..!) Thanx a lot guys. 

Now we are going to the most famous place of Grand Circle “Grand Canyon”. There was no time to rest, we’ve left Antelope Canyon, and headed the new direction before getting dark with night.

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