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Las Vegas Shiny Hotels, Casinos & Strips / Next Travel For Mexico

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Hotels, Casinos & Strips
Las Vegas
Nevada The USA

  Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 11


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 icon-building Las Vegas:

Suddenly people see the super bright shiny big city “Las Vegas” from their wildness trip or a window of airplane. There are many exclusive hotels, casinos, bars, events and so on. A lot of people come into the city to have fun for their great memorial nights.

~ We’ve been driving for such a long distance. We’ve been traveling and camping in the wildness for our Grand Circle Trip for about 10 days. Our final destination was the big shiny city “Las Vegas”. The huge gap from the wildness and the super bright city light made me be shocked very much. “Too bright things, too many party people, being alone, kicking out, last minutes tickets…” what I made decision for my travel was..!

About Las Vegas History / Mafia grew the city?



Mafia grew Las Vegas?

Las Vegas was born about 200 years ago, in Nevada. The reason why is people found a big oasis at around the area in desert at the time. Then in 1905, as human built railway + train, Las Vegas was used as water supplier town for trains. In 1931, when the world got “the great depression”, Nevada made gambling legal for its profit. Then Benjamin Siegel who is mafia from New York City came into California for new business in 1937. People called him Bugsy. He succeeded in Hollywood first. As a dam and military facilities were built at around Las Vegas, the city was growing up step by step, and then the mafia Bugsy came into Las Vegas with his new business idea. He built a huge hotel with a casino, pool, golf ground, horse riding ground and so on.

The big hotel was named Flamingo, as this one was built unfortunately he was killed by his bosses because he spent too much money for building it also he was suspected to stole some money. After he died the hotel’s economy was growing up highly. Many people came there, and had fun. The city was bigger and bigger by mafia’s great entertainment hotels. However in 1970, the mafias had gone by Howard Robard Hughes who was a real millionaire. He changed the law with the government to make difficult to have business for mafias, but good for big companies. The reason why he did it was he hated mafia.

Nowadays, Las Vegas is a big neon city which has still a lot of entreatments casino hotels. Many people came into the city for having fun of gambling, shows, strip clubs, drinks and so on from around the world.

Hotels, Casinos and Transportation / Las Vegas


Circus Circus

Hotels & Casinos: In Las Vegas, almost all the exclusive hotels have casinos in inside. Some of them have more like a theme park, pool, bar, restaurant, shop, and so on. It looks too expensive to stay there tho, it actually affordable price to stay. The reason why is the hotels’ main profits are from their “casinos”. At some of the casinos, they will ask you “dress cord” such as shirts, long pants, and shores, so it will be nicer to check the dress cord before you go into some casinos which you want to go. 

I booked this hotel “Circus Circus Hotel Casino”, because the price was not so expensive really on the internet. Also I can get the experience for staying at an exclusive hotel. However at the reception they charged us more than the internet said. (like each person $20 more) They said the price is “window fee” and it happens to all of the hotels in Las Vegas. The entrance is shiny huge space with many people who are from many nationalities. The room was OK, just a usual hotel… I was still shocked for $20 which I did not expect. It’s hard to keep being just paying and reducing savings, but no gain & salary…



Transportations: There are buses for public transportations, but it’s not so good one, because it takes much times. Most of the people use rental cars or taxi. These days Uber is one of the good options too, because it’s bit cheaper than taxi and very easy & convenient.

What I most remember when we returned our rental car at the airport was the staff lady of rental car, she did not check anything and worked very halfhearted. “It’s always hard to work for a job that is not we want to do”… Anyway we did not have our great convenient transportation “car” anymore, which means we need to go back to our hotel by ourselves some how. We checked the public transportations, it takes a long time like for 3 hours! and taxi or Uber is much quicker but it’s expensive for us… “What should we use..?”

Then I got an idea! it was kinda “hitch-hiking”. It’ll be free and quick. Well I know in the USA, most of the area is not allowed to do hitch-hiking, so I tried to “talk” to some people who are getting cars at the renal car area for a ride. Luckily the person who I talked was a kind Japanese guy who cannot speak English much. I translated for him at the reception, and he gave us a lift for city center. 

Night Walk In The Shiny Casino City


Small Paris

People might think Las Vegas = Casinos. Yes there are many great casinos and many people come into the city to play. Also there are many bars, strip clubs, clubs, restaurants, theme parks, events, parties, shows and so on. Even just walking in the bright city is fun and interesting.

We thanked him for the ride, and got off the car. When we started to walk in the city the sky was dark tho, all around was super bright. The sight was completely different from where I had been. Many people gave us many advertisement cards of strip and sex service with naked ladies pictures. In casinos some people win, and some people lose. As they win or lose, they scream out with their emotion and movement. The night walk was actually too bright, too many party people and too noisy for me who was camping in the wildness for these days.. “Dude I’m getting sick bit..”


Sky In The Ceil

Any buildings have expensive interior, and many people were impressed and having fun very much. Yes for me too, the sight was “wow” I was impressed too, but something wrong in this situation… Through my traveling I’ve been seeing many poor people on the streets in Vancouver, and learnt tough situation for Native American people. Some of the people seemed even forgot to cry because they cried too much in their past. But “here” in this city people get drunk, have a party, show, gamble and screamed out. The huge difference made me be confused for my human nature and it was hard to have fun like the people did.



Flamingo! This one is the hotel Bugsy built! This is the place of beginning of big neon city Las Vegas.

I came from Tokyo. In the city centre of Tokyo is bright and crazy too, but here is more than that..! I wonder how bright here is watching from space, and how much money move in a day.

IMGP4687City Light

We thought we should eat some at a restaurant, but any of them are super exclusive for us. Eventually we entered into a huge shopping mall, and ate some fast food. There are many kinds of foods, and my travel partner Kosuke ate some Greek food, and I choose Mexican one “tacos”, because for some reason I suddenly remembered about Mexican party in Milwaukee with my great friends in the past. There were many shows, events, and casinos outside of my hotel room, but I kept thinking back of my traveling, human nature, and this city. Then I slept as I always do. (I even did not play once at a casino in Las Vegas..!)

Next early morning, Kosuke left by Uber from our room. “See you in Japan” we said. I returned to the room without him. I slept little bit more again. I felt bit happiness for being alone and freedom at the moment… However when I woke up I was emotional and lonely for not having him anymore. “I’m alone again… and I’m sorry if I made you upset because of me…”

The End Of Grand Circle Road Trip / Next Travel

IMG_4952 copy

I Am A Travler

My travel was keeping going. I packed the many belongings as much as I could, and the wight of things was much heavier than before. “Shit it’s so heavy..” The good thing for the morning was I could find a host of couch-surfing (It’s a community: staying as free with local people) which I often used in the past travel in Canada. The host seems a very nice person as the comments from other travelers who stayed his place before. I tired to be at his place by public bus with very heavy many belongings under the strong sun light. “I have a place to stay for today” the fact cheered me up for a long walking again. When I was on the bus, a stranger guy stared me for a while and said me “good luck, traveler.” I wondered why he said so, but I was happy to hear that for some reason. Before I arrive at his place, I realized that I spent so much time for arriving, and I felt something very bad. And the intuition was right, when I was wondering around his place the host seemed was just leaving his house. Then as soon as he knew that I am the one who was “late” for arriving his face was turned to red, opened his eyes bigger & wider and said loud some swearwords to me “I HATE THE BULLS***!”..etc and refused me to stay his place. He’s gone to somewhere quickly. I stood on the street with heavy bags alone. I was shocked of the incredible man’s madness..!! how come so? Probably he was in something bad situation tho… Anyway, I lost the place to stay for today… where should I go now? I asked myself under strong sun light alone with many heavy bags.


Mexican Party In Milwaukee 

I sat on the street. I drunk water and bit the cheapest big bread at a super market. I was remembering and thinking about many things.. “Las Vegas… is too bright, too many things and party people, everything is expensive, I don’t like to be in this city.. being alone, tacos, the Mexican party, kicking out..” Then I remembered there is “last minutes tickets” which is much cheaper flight tickets and if you were lucky able to get one sometimes. And I started to think like Yeah maybe I should go to Mexico for my next traveling. (well I always wanted to go there and I felt NOW is the time.)

Those all things made me heading to the airport soon. I felt everything was the sigh for going to Mexico, I’m sure there will be something important for me.


Las Vegas

At the airport, I knew I cannot go back to city centre of Las Vegas anymore, I have to go ahead. I asked the some airlines companies. “Do you have last minutes ticket for today or tomorrow to Mexico?”. Almost of them told me “Search on online”. I searched at the airport, but I could not find any… Then luckily an airline’s lady stuff told me “there is only one last minutes ticket to Mexico City, and it will fly in a few hours!” If I take the flight, I will be in Mexico City at around 4 AM tomorrow. I was thinking for a few minutes, then I answered her

“YES, I’ll take it, please”. 

 icon-rocket Thank you for reading my article.

This is the end of my Grand Circle Road Trip. If you were interested go to the past articles too. From next article, Mexican Adventure will be coming. See you soon.

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