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Kingston Marshlands Convention Area – relaxing in nature for your sprit

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As I wrote on the previous article, Kingston is historical, interesting and peaceful city in Canada.

for a very short term, and the capital city was turned to be Ottawa, not so far from Kingston tho. The only big one reason why was, Kingston was too near to bor...ツ

I will focus on “peaceful”, there is a place that I totally was relaxed, felt peace and cleaned my spirit in Kingston.

Usually tourists don’t go there, it is not famous, and there are not something special, what I did was JUST walking slowly, breathing deeply, taking photos, sitting on grasses, watching wild animals, without thinking,, only that, enough to made me feel good & peace. 🙂

The place was something special for me, maybe.

One awesome local guy “Jamie” who was host for me staying in Kingston as couch-surfing told me the place as one of his recommendations. Thanx, Jamie!

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 icon-leaf Marshlands Convention Area

 icon-map-marker How To Get There?

 icon-leaf Marshlands Convention Area

The place is called “Marshlands Convention Area”.

It is not far from downtown, if you take just 1 bus, you will be there in 30 mins or so. Usually people and me go to spots for sightseeing, but this time I choose to go there, becuase I just needed some taking rest for my travels, and I felt I was right to be there. 🙂

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I headed there by public bus,,

Luckily on the day, there was a concert by a big band & local heroes for Kingston “The Tragically Hip”. So the public transportation was free!


When I am arrived there, and walked for 20 mins or so, as you see many leaves tunnels welcomed me. 🙂


There was just me under the a lot of trees in huge area…



I did not meet people there, very quiet.

What I’ve heard was sounds of woodpecker’s working, birds singing and squeals’ running.

I have heard that there are many kinds of wild animals, such as squeals, rabbits, wolves, deers, coyotes and so on. If you are lucky you will meet one of them. 🙂

A squeal “ah! a human found me!”





Other pretty way!


I just keep going straight on the way..



And I came to train trails..

It remembers me the film “Stand By Me”. haha


A squeal “Thank you for coming, see you soon.”


 icon-map-marker How To Get There?

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