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Kelowna, BC / finding job & house / winery and Okanagan lake sightseeing

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Kelowna, BC, Canada / working holiday visa


After leaving Alaska,

…I took an airplane to Kelowna, BC, Canada to find some job for money and experiences… yeah I thought “maybe it’s time to work as working holiday visa.” with checking my wallet.

Kelowna, this was the place that I planed to stay for one year when I was in Tokyo, because I’ve heard the people are very nice, good weather with good fruits and wine, and there are many local wineries. ALSO “Kelowna” means “grizzly” in Indian word, and I felt something special for the place…


I changed my mind, I headed to Vancouver first for staying to see the things going on, then the whole plan has changed by meeting new things, people and information..!

Anyway, I feel like “Finally” to come to Kelowna when I was arrived at the airport in mid night. I was struggled to find job in Kelowna, took many actions, and then I decided to move to other place again. This is the record of my short Kelowna travel.

Backpack missing at airport / Everything bad happens to me


Not welcome happened a lot…!

  icon-plane When I was arrived the airport in Kelowna, it was started with missing backpack. This happen was the first time for my life feeling absolutely not happy. I wrote my contact information on a paper as a following the belonging missing guide. I stepped out with only cameras and laptop with worrying about my backpack. There was cold rain outside, and dark of course…

Positively the nice host father “Fabian” for 1 week homestay picked me up from the airport. He looks a warm person, around 30 years old, with beard face. He told me what made me be negative bit more.

He said “NO public transportations running (because of strike) for these days, and no one knows when it will be worked again. and this rain will be continued for a few days”


  • Missing backpack
  • constantly rain outside
  • no public transportations…

“…hmm shit..”

the word was passed from my lips.

What can I do here with this situation?

In such a difficult situation, but for some reason, I also felt like “okay, it just happen, and it should be fine. every little things gonna be alright” like Bob Marley’s song.

(AND in the end it was all fine)

Sightseeing downtown area of Kelowna

First Day


Positive side and Negative side of Kelowna

The rain was stopped thankfully and unexpectedly!

So first, I wanted to know that I will like this city or not. I took a road bike to the downtown to see the things going on with my camera.

~ It took for 1 hour to be in downtown by bike, but DUDE! how wide and long road without a car in North American Continent. It was almost cycling sports!


Positive Side

I felt the whole city was peaceful, slow, and something warm.

Many old kind friendly people said me “Hi” anywhere, which made me have very nice impression of this city.


Negative Side

Surprisedly, there were many Japanese restaurants!

I’ve heard there were not so many Japanese people living, and I kinda wanted to be in the situation to practice my English skills more. So it sounds awkward but it disappointed me actually.


Not much special things to see

In downtown lunch time, it should be busy time of the day tho, there were not so many people. There are not much special things to see really, there were just some shops, stores, cafes and some restaurants. A small city.



 This is the famous UMA “Ogopogo” for Okanagon lake. It is living in Okanagon lake… many people mentioned that they saw “it” since long time ago. This statue is stood at a small park in downtown, and this is the one of the most famous spot to take a photo. Now you can imagine how not much things to see here. haha


Okanagon Lake was so beautiful indeed!



Okanagan Lake is the heart of Kelowna.

and because of this big lake, this area’s land is very rich for fruits and wine. The a lot of water make the great environment for growing fruits stuff up! Also in the summer time, people go swim and chilling at the beaches.

 icon-list-alt Conclusion 

Positive Nice people, slow life, a beautiful lake, good fruits & wine
Negative Not much things to see(=not much job opportunities), Not only English environment anymore


Job hunting / Finding houses, share house, host family for rent

From Second Day (~ for 1 week)


I started to find a job and an accommodation.

I mostly was in my room, and faced to my laptop, and asked Mr. Google a lot.

I would share the website what I used!



The Okanagan's largest classified ad listings online or in print. Kelowna classified ads, Penticton classified ads, Vernon classified ads, Westside classified a...ツ

As local people told me this site was the most popular for Kelowna.


This website is the biggest one as classified website.


One of the biggest one as classified website.


  icon-mail-forward I actually could not find a job what I want to do. The job opportunities were also limited very much. If I was not picky I am sure I could get some job there too tho, I was still did not know what I wanted to do as job…



The Okanagan's largest classified ad listings online or in print. Kelowna classified ads, Penticton classified ads, Vernon classified ads, Westside classified a...ツ

As local people told me this site was the most popular for Kelowna.


This website is the biggest one as classified website.


One of the biggest one as classified website.



For finding local house that you can stay with local people. I used a few times before. Almost same as homestay. You just need to pay on online by card. There is Discount Coupon!


Book homestay accommodation in a local person's home for an authentic travel experience. Discover your destination with the help of your host family and experie...ツ

For finding host family, I used a few time before. The guest need to pay for booking to “” and need to the family directly for the rent.


  icon-mail-forward I found a nice host family, not expensive rent and the people were seems very nice! I actually did not find them from these website that mentioned above. I found the host family information on a board at a cafe at a university. SO if you cannot find any place you should go to university to have a look the boards.


Leaving Kelowna by greyhound bus, headed to Vancouver


I’ve stayed in Kelowna shortly and felt a good place to stay, but I decided to leave Kelowna, and go back to Vancouver.

There are a few reasons…

  1. I could find a good host family, but could not find a job what I wanted to do in Kelowna. In Vancouver, there are more job opportunities.
  2. Actually I found a very interesting job that was “supporting filming job at a studio”, but I had never have the experience and skills so far. Vancouver has famous film schools, productions and studios. I wanted to see them by my eyes, and feel the atmosphere.
  3. No public transportations = I needed to ride a bike for 1 hours just to go to downtown.

Yeah,, I could stay at the warm nice host family place that I found, and just have some work and having fun, good times and chilling…

…but that was not what I wanted at the time.

I wanted to do something what I want to do eagerly.

I believe,

AS working holiday the most important thing is always need to ask to myself what I want to do.


Actually, I do not like Vancouver much…

Well because I had been in Vancouver for 1 month before, and city is always the similar around the world. People & cars are busy. Many drugs & alcohol addicted people. Expensive to live. Also sadly I felt racial discrimination clearly. hmm…

but I went to Vancouver again.

To see professional film works, and to see myself by being the atmosphere.


About Kelowna

Kelowna is a really nice place. Especially great in the summer time I can imagine that! and many local people told me that too. In the summer time, there would be a lot of good job opportunities at wineries, more activities, swimming at the lake and more. So summer is the best time to visit Kelowna. People were really kind and helpful, that is one of the best impressions of this city.


Oh By the way, I got my missing backpack after a few days since I lost it!