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Horseshoe Canyon Unit, Utah, America / Wilderness Hiking Real Adventure

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American Wilderness Hiking
Horseshoe Canyon Unit
Utah, America

icon-road Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 1


A Traveler In The USA Wilderness

 icon-eye Horseshoe Canyon Unit: This place is only for real travelers and hikers.

Horseshoe Canyon Unit,there is not much people really, and no “famous” things for sightseeing. You will be in the great American nature what you will feel the Earth. The high blue sky, horizon, wild animals, dry air, beautiful sunset, full of stars… etc. What will you think? and feel? when you are in the real wilderness alone.

 icon-map-marker MAP: better to search “horseshoe canyon unit” on Google map.

It is not easy to get there. You need to drive in the dust, dart and rocky roads for 2 ~ 3 hours. (no signboard on the long way..!) I recommend you have a suitable car for it, also camping stuffs for stay one night if you plan to go until the end of trails. Usually people are arrived at the entrance in the day time, and have a camp there, then next morning they try to go to the trails, and come back to the entrance before the sun is going down.

~ I and Kosuke left Yellowstone National Park. For staying one night, we came back to Salt Lake City where we started our travel. Next day we went into “Grand Circle”, which means we finally started “Grand Circle Road Trip”. The first direction was “Horseshoe Canyon Unit” where we eventually came because of my misunderstanding! (it was a wrong place where I wanted to go) tho, the place was one of the best place in the road trip…

Salt Lake City / Developed City By Mormons


Mormons Church

This city was developed by “Mormons” in the hard environment (desert) to live long time ago. At the time, there were fighting & war with other religion people, which means definitely had a tough time for the citizens, but they have a strong faith and kept living strongly. Nowadays, it is one of the big cities in America, and had Olympic Winter Game in 2002.

~ We went into the inside to see how the things are going on (it is free to enter everyday),,, the inside was big space and cleaned well, and there were many mormons guides, mormons, and tourists. In the underground floor, there was an exhibition to explain the story of  “Jesus Christ”. What I remember impressively are some little kids were learning about Mormon themselves well and young ladies Mormons guide’s bright? smiles. What I most remember is a small girl (5 years old?) who was in a young family was yelling “oh Jesus! Jesus!!” with jumping, happily and excitedly when she was seeing a big statue Jesus. (like a little girl found Mickey Mouse in Disney Land)

It was very shocking and interesting for me.

Somewhere On The Road / On The Way To Horseshoe Canyon Unit


A Ruin House 1

It may sounds strange, but on the way to Horseshoe Canyon Unit was the most excited and fun time. Please have fun and taste the moment even on the way.

~ We had stayed at a place of couch-surfing’s host “Kendrick” in a city that is not far from Salt Lake City. We were surprised how big his house is, and felt warm how nice person he is… On the next morning, we headed to “Horseshoe Canyon Unit”. 


A Ruin House 2

~ We saw many ruin houses on the way. Most of them were broken hard, of course no body in inside, and told us something nostalgic…


Checking The Ruin House


Chocolate Lake

~ There was not concrete road on the way… The road was sandy & rocky that make our car go so slow and carefully. The sight was so good one, we stopped sometimes when we wanted to take photos.


America Wilderness

~ The sky was so blue and high, and the sunlight was strong and made us sweat much. We could see the horizon over 360℃. In the dry air, We felt This sight is what we imagined of America wilderness. We just kept driving on the long long dirt road.


A Lost Car

~ For some reason, there was a lost military car. Why? Who did this car leave here alone? It seems the car has been there for more than a few years.


A Traveler In The USA Wilderness

~ We had been driving for more than 2 hours on the dirt… The google map said we were going on the right direction tho, the way was too long and we did not see any signboard for “Horseshoe Canyon Unit”.”what if the way is not for the place…?” I was getting very worried about it step by step. I said “sorry” about 10 times to Kosuke for just in case.


Rising Snake

~ We’ve seen some snakes, rabbits, ravens, and many cactus… We felt we were in the world that is very very far away from Japan where we born and grew up.


Horseshoe Canyon Unit / The Real Hiking & Traveling


Horseshoe Canyon

You suddenly will be the entrance of the trails of “Horseshoe Canyon Unit”. You maybe will meet other real travelers or hikers. There is a map for the trail and a small box that you need to write your name and time of enter the Canyon, and the time of leave. There should be a volunteer ranger who is well known about the canyon, it always better to listen to his or her advise. They are there for people’s safe adventure.

~ We finally were arrived at the entrance… I was very relief when I saw the entrance, some travelers and cars. The time has already been 4 o’clock. A volunteer ranger guy told us that “it is impossible to achieve to the end of trails on the day, because people need to spend more than 6 hours for go & back”. The other travelers said they will stay at the entrance by camping, and will try to go the trails on the next early morning. We were thinking with eating some breads, a can of tuna and peaces of raw cabbage… We decided to go until we can go, and come back to the entrance before the sun is going down. The reason why is very simple. “There is not much time…”.


A Hiker

~ We packed a lot of water & bananas into our backpacks. I packed also heavy camera’s stuff for take photos of the sight. We had only a few hours for walking the canyon. We walked on the great rocks & sand ground.

We saw many big poops on the sand way. We were wondering what the animal is. (Maybe goat or deer) and what should we do if the animal come to us for attacking…


Rock Walls

~ The nature shape is mystery, sometimes(often?) it looks like someone made it.


Rock Art

When you walk for 1 hour and half, you are going to see the “Rock Art” on the rock wall. Do not touch it, it is very historical valuable one. Just see, feel and take photos of the art. You will feel something special when you imagined the art was made by someone “ages ago”..!

~ This one was definitely made by someone. Long long time ago, the first nation ( native indian) people had been living around this area, and created this art on the rock. It’s really wow thing to see, and feel. The curiosity was coming up from myself constantly. “How ages ago? and who did it?”

One of the arts is looks like a cup of “MacDonald Ice Shake”… Ages ago, there has been already MacDonald? (jokes… haha)


The night is coming soon

~ After watching Rock Art, there was a mad way (a dried river like) nearby, and suddenly we got mosquitoes attack..! There were 20 ~ 30 mosquitoes to each of us. Toooo much mosquitoes, we ran away from them, and decided to going back from at the point.


Sunset At Horseshoe Canyon

~ I was very disappointed and frustrated of myself, because I could not see what I really wanted there. That was “Horseshoe Bend”… I felt the sunset said “come here again”. On the way to back, the sky turned to be completely dark. There were full of stars in the sky. That was very beautiful, indeed…

On the day, we slept at a cheap motel what we found at a small city in the dark.


I didn’t realize at the moment tho, after 1 week or so I will know that “Horseshoe Bend” is not in Horseshoe Canyon Unit! “Horseshoe Bend” is far away from this place, so we were trying to see “the sight” what we will never be able to see at the place. haha But I’m sure that we had a real adventure at Horseshoe Canyon Unit.

 icon-rocket For More Info: Horseshoe Canyon Unit / By Trip Advisor

  icon-road Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 2 is coming soon..!

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