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Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, America / The EPIC View & Lake Powell

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The EPIC View
Horseshoe Bend
Arizona, The USA

 icon-road Grand Circle Road Trip / Part. 6

Horseshoe Bend 1

Horseshoe Bend

 icon-camera Horseshoe Belt, there is the EPIC remarkable amazing view! as you see the photo.

Everyone visits at the point says “wow” for 100%. Even people are amazed by the photos of the view, I believe. It is well known for people who research about Grand Circle Road Trip, because it is near from such a famous places like Antelope, Grand Canyon and Monument ValleyThe long beautiful blue Colorado river just comes through beautiful peaceful big lake “Lake Powell”. If you plan to take Grand Circle Road Trip, you have to visit the spectacular nature art.

This article is written about Horseshoe Bend & Lake Powell (access, map, information & photos).

 icon-map-marker Horseshoe Belt, Arizona, America

It is easy to access, just need to park at the parking, and walking for 15 ~ 20 minutes on sand & rock way from the parking area. It was bit longer than people expected, but not so hard. You need to bring water for hydration at least.

~ This is what I wanted to see.. yes this is it! Finally, I came here. As people who read my past article Horseshoe Canyon Unit know how I wanted to come here. The great sight took my breath away. The sunlight, wind, sand, river, rocks,,, the everything what I felt was precious, luck and appreciation.

Horseshoe Bend / The EPIC view

Horseshoe Bend Natural Color Ver
 icon-camera-retro A lot of professional land scape photographers
have been working here, and showed us the amazing photos, told us how great is. In the early morning, noon, sunset, night,,, the face (sight) would be changed in a day depending the time. The each face is beautiful in different way. Find & meet your favorite one.
 icon-exclamation-triangle Be careful when you look over the great view. The hight is higher than 1000m, the wind is strong, and the rocks can be easy broken..! and No fence for protecting you. Actually many people have been died here every year… 

~The view was something much more than I expected. “Amazing”…
Before the sun is going down, we could achieve to come here even we were so tired. The reason is so simple, there was “no time to waste”. It can be said to anything, every time and everyday of our ordinary lives tho, in our ordinary days we often forget how important our time is. In traveling we can see clearly “how the time is limited”, so we always think and take actions for the good travel (life). 

The People
Once while you had fun for staring & feeling the view. It would be fun to take photos! Many people take selfie photos by themselves too. Once again please be careful to take photo at the edge!  

IMGP4092 (1)

Horseshoe Bend / Effected 1
 ~ About Photo Effected: The effected version is looked pretty too, right? Some people say what effected photos are “not good, because it is not natural.” Yes maybe that is right, it’s not the “true” color as we see by our eyes, BUT!… It is BEAUTIFUL. The feeling to the beauties are “true”, and it is the most important as photography. Most of photographers are not just recorders of the sight, they are also Artists. 
Horseshoe Bend 2Horseshoe Bend /Effected 2
~ At least, OF COURSE “editing” is necessary to do as photographers. I edit all of the photos that I have showed you through my blog. Basically a photo as just be taken a camera has already not true color (different), you know. so we photographers need to edit the photo to make it be closer to how they see it & how they want people to see it. Maybe even I can say that not edited photos are “corner-cutting”. 


Kosuke At The Edge
It’s looked he can be fallen, but there is one more step under (behind) his feet. 

The Other Angle

IMGP4103 On The Way Of Horseshoe Bend

 ~ We left the place before the real darkness will be surrounded us. We will need to be some camp site, make a tent there and cook dinner & eat… AH! The time in a day is so short, it has gone so fast. I’m gonna be an old guy so soon.

About More: Horseshoe Bend / By Trip Advisor

Lake Powell / Beautiful Peaceful Blue 


Lake Powell 1

 icon-picture-o Lake Powell is very peaceful and beautiful place with clear blue water & sky. The water comes from Colorado river, and goes to Horseshoe Bend ~ Grand Canyon. Many people who love water activities (sailing, kayaking and so on) come here, and spend good times. 

 icon-home There is a camp site in the park. (Entry fee for an each car + Camping fee). From Lake Powell, it is easy to access to Horseshoe Bend, so most of the people who stay there visit Horseshoe Bend too.

Lake Powell Camp Site

 icon-map-marker 36.997442, -111.494929


Night Is Coming At Power Plant

~ We headed to a north camp-site nearby tho, we were not sure the exact place. We only had a rough map. (A kind lady told and pointed it for us) hmm… Keeping life with not sure a place to stay everyday is super hard…

After a while, we realized that the camp site is in a park at Lake Powell. “Oh will we pay again for the entry? ahh shit…shit.” (always we face problems of money and time.) The stress has definitely been getting bigger step by step. BUT the gate booth was opened and no body was there… We took it as “go ahead as free”.  Well, I think I should not mention this but for backpackers “most of the National Parks’ gates are opened and no stuffs in the night.”


Lake Powell 2

~ In the morning, it was cold air tho so nice sunny! also for some reason a guy gave us some apples at the camp site. (didn’t happen of Snow White tragedy haha) It should be good day. It should be.


Lake Powell 3

~ The sight was sure great, peaceful and beautiful. But honestly we saw super amazing view, spectacular sight too much before we came here thorough our road trip. We did not spend time here much, we just took some photos and left here. bye bye Lake Powell.

Glen Canyon Dam / Human Work In The Great Nature


Glen Canyon Dam

 icon-anchor There Is A Big Dam, at nearby the entrance of Lake Powell. You might want to see it when you have some time. There is a visitor center next by the dam also, so it will be good place to get some information around the area too. The visitor center also explains how human built the huge dam in the great nature.

 icon-map-marker Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Arizona, America


Power Plant In The Nature

~ The new day has begun. We go to next direction “Antelope Canyon”. The end of road trip was closer little by little. Keeping traveling is really hard, but we have been amazed in each days. We kept going with holding many thoughts, memories and stress were mixed together complicatedly one. 

About More: Lake Powell / By Trip Advisor

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