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Guanajuato Mexico Travel Advisory With Photography / Colorful Pretty City

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Guanajuato Monumento al Pipila
Night Beautiful Colorful View From Observatory



The view from the observatory “Monumento al Pipilais very beautiful and colorful. As any travel magazines for Guanajuato show the place as a great place to go. 

People can go up there by walking stairs or a cable car. It doesn’t cost much for cable car, and can save your times and power.

 icon-bullhorn Be careful! if you go wrong way to up to the top, there are robberies.


Townscape 1

I took a walk to the top of of the observatory. It was still bright and felt want to walk. Trying to go up by google map on my iphone.


Townscape 2

Then the ways are step by step narrow and narrow,, there are less people too.

“Did I mistake the way?” when I started to think about it, there were 5 guys sitting on the side of way with drinking. They actually had scary faces like gangs. “Ops, it’s not a good situation”. I said “Hola!” to them for ice-breaks like. Then one of them told me unexpectedly and gently like “You should not come here, it’s too dangerous for travelers. Robberies will take your all belongings.”

I appreciated them for the local advices, and turned back to the way as I believed them. My heart was drumming harder. (then I found the route going up to the observatory)


The View

Finally when I arrived at the top with sweating, the sight was still bright, and yes the view is great after the long stairs. I waited for the night view until it’s got dark.


Night View

When it’s dark enough, the sight face turned to be fancy color. In the daylight is beautiful, but in the night is more beautiful honestly. I took a deep breath, and took photos.


Night Cathedral




Human Lights

The temperature is getting lower, and I started to feel cold. The wind brow into my sweating T-shirt “well it’s time to go back”. I used cable car to going down (luckily it was the last one for the day)

In my bed in the hostel, I felt so good being in the beautiful fancy colorful different world. However, I started to feel great pain on my stomach. “What’s the hell going on my stomach?” (I didn’t expect what I would go to a hospital in the next place haha)

Thanx for reading.


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